Kabir Disguises Himself To K!ll Ridhima. Till Love Do Us Part 6 December 2021, Monday pt1: Episode 60



Till Love Do Us Part 6 December 2021, Monday pt1 Angre asked Ishani if he should take the doctor’s appointment. She told him to stop showing fake care. She told him to bring her reports to her, but he couldn’t even do that. She vomited. He offered her water, but she refused saying she wants her letter. Ridhima came in and said here’s your report. She said it’s not hers. Ridhima said she called the lab.

It will be better for her to tell the truth to everyone that this is her report. Chanchal became happy hearing that. She went to give the good news to Aryna. Ishani cried. Ridhima asked her to stop crying. Ishani told her that she must be happy from inside. She asked if she told anyone. Ridhima said no. Just then Vansh was screaming Ishani’s name. Ishani called Ridhima a liar and went outside.

Everyone was gathered. Anupriya told Vansh that it’s not Ishani’s mistake, it’s her mistake. Maybe she didn’t raise her children properly. Vansh said Ishani is not a child. Ishani said it’s Ridhima’s fault. If she didn’t kill Sunny, then her child’s father would have been alive and she would have been married to him. They wouldn’t have been embarrassed, but instead would be happy. Vansh said Ridhima didn’t kill Sunny. No one will blame her without any proof. Dadi asked Ishani to think of what to do now. Ishani said this is 21st century, she can perform an abortion, give the child to an orphanage. Aryan spoke in favor of Ishani saying mistake is already done, but she has many options. Dadi asked him to shut up and told Ishani what kind of mother is she.

Why does she want to punish a child for the mistake that he never committed. Anupriya said whatever they want to do, they must do it fast. They should get Ishani married fast. She told Vansh to find a guy who was ready to accept Ishani with her child. Dadi said it’s very rare to find someone like that. Just then Ishani felt dizzy. Angre run to help her. Ridhima upon seeing that said there is one person and they know that person very well, Angre. Ishani asked Ridhima if she has gone crazy. Angre is their servant and she wants to make him part of the family. How can she trouble her even in such a condition. Vansh asked Ishani to control her tone, Ridhima is his wife and Angre is his employee, not a servant. He has his own private investigation company.

He agreed that Angre was the right match for Ishani. He asked Angre as a friend if he will marry Ishani. He told Vansh to ask Ishani rather that question . Dadi said Ishani is immature. If she was matured, then all this would have never happened. She asked him to tell them what he wants. He said he is ready to marry Ishani but he still told Vansh to ask Ishani once again, but Vansh said the decision is made and Ishani left furiously. Ridhima apologized to Vansh if he felt she crossed her limits and interfered in his family matters. He said her suggestion was right and thanked her as no one else would have thought about Angre. Dadi told Vansh that his mother might have done the same. She was glad that Ridhima accepted that family and she found solution for their problem. Vansh told Angre that he will always remain thankful to him for doing this. But it won’t be easy for him to handle Ishani. Angre said no need to thank me and he is sure with time, Ishani will understand.

Anupriya informed Kabir about the marriage and said she will be busy with preparations. Kabir smiled and said this is great. He can enter the house during the marriage functions and complete the next phase of his mission. He looked at Vansh’s photo and said no one can stop him now. He will do something that will shock Vansh.

The doorbell rang. Ridhima opened the door. A man introduced him as Devraj Singh Rathod, wedding planner. It’s Kabir who was in disguise. He said he got a call to plan Ishani’s marriage. Ridhima asked if they have met before, his voice sound seems familiar. He said the world is small. Anupriya came and said she called him. He’s a very famous wedding planner. Ridhima asked him to come in. She asked if he wants tea or coffee. He said coffee. After she leaves, Anupriya told him that she did what he wanted. She asked him what if someone will recognize him. He said if Ridhima, who is mad for Kabir, couldn’t recognize him, then forget others. To win against Vansh, he needs to take some risk. She asked what he intends to do. He said they are in the final stage of their mission. He wants to do something that no one can imagine.

Devraj briefed the family about his wedding plans. He asked Ridhima if he was planning her marriage, then would she have approved his plans? Marriage is very special for girls and they have big dreams. Ridhima recalled her marriage and was quiet. He continued briefing that all Ishani’s dreams will be fulfilled. Next 2 days are going to be memorable. Vansh came and asked who is he? He said the wedding planner. Vansh walked to him and asked who hired him. Anupriya said she did. Vansh asked him about his experience, office address, etc. He said, 503, 8th floor. Vansh said he thought all the 8th floor offices start with ‘8’. Devraj said his cabin is on the 8th floor, but both floors are his. Vansh continued questioning.

He asked whose marriage did he planned last. Devraj mentioned a name and said they must know him. Vansh called him to confirm. Anupriya became worried. The person mentioned Devraj’s name and said he’s brilliant. Devraj told Vansh that he is not used to working under someone’s doubts. He can leave if he wants. Vansh said it’s important for him to crosscheck. Everyone in his mansion should be trustworthy. Devraj said this game is all about trust. He doesn’t like to lose either, he has come here to win his client’s trust which he will definitely do. Vansh said he doesn’t have much time.

Devraj said definitely they don’t have time. Vansh asked where his team was. Devraj said his team is only him as he doesn’t trust anyone. Vansh said he just doesn’t trust someone by someone’s saying. He still has time to tell the truth, his eyes will always be on him and everyone left. Devraj told Anupriya that he knew Vansh will question him, so he was prepared and he bought that person too with whom Vansh talked on the phone.

Later, Devraj showed the jewelries to Dadi. Dadi said it’s perfect for Ridhima and asked her to try a bangle. Devraj said beautiful. Ridhima said she will go and call Ishani. Dadi asked her to select the jewelries. She will go and call Ishani as she must be angry too. Ridhima was unable to take off the bangle. Devraj said he will help her, but Vansh came and took Ridhima’s hand away saying he will help his wife. He told Devraj to finish the other work. Devraj and Anupriya watched them from a distance. Anupriya said she doesn’t understand what he’s trying to do. Devraj said he will create such situation that Ridhima and Vansh come closer. Vansh has kept Ragini’s secret in his heart.

To take out the truth, Ridhima must reach his heart first. Vansh must love her so much that he tells her his secrets blindly. Anupriya asked what if Ridhima really falls in Vansh’s love. Will she still help them? Devraj said that is why he’s here. He will do something that no one ever imagined. Vansh was not able to take out the bangle. He said he will need to turn the screw with his mouth. Ridhima looked at him while he was doing that and she screamed. He asked if she got hurt.

She said no. He asked if she was making the bridal clothes ready, she said yes. He said Dadi said the bridal clothes have some importance. She said like always, he doesn’t trust her. She’s not doing this to impress Dadi, she’s doing this for Dadi’s happiness and from her heart. She will do everything that Dadi tells her whether he trusts her or not and she left. He said she’s so strange. Until now she was fine and then suddenly started taunting him. Why she is always finding reasons to fight with him?

Dadi told Ishani that it’s a small ritual in which Ridhima will give shagun thaal to her. Ridhima came forward. Ishani threw away the shagun thaal and said she won’t take part in the rituals in which Ridhima is also taking part. She warned everyone not to make a servant part of their family. Now that the servant is making another servant part of their family. One day, the servants will rule them. Dadi raised her hand at Ishani, but Ridhima stopped her. Dadi said Ridhima did this because she told her.

She asked Ridhima to decorate the thaal again and give it to Ishani. Ishani took it forcefully. She gave it to Angre and asked him to do whatever he wants to do with it and left. Vansh told Angre that it is not easy to control Ishani’s anger, but whatever he’s doing is good for her. If anyone can control her anger, then it’s Angre only. Angre promised that he will fulfill all Ishani’s dreams and Vansh hugged him. Ridhima thinks Dadi is right that sometimes Vansh thinks from his heart. He never shared his pain. Vansh saw her looking at him. Devraj thinks they need to come closer now.

Ridhima was doing rangoli. Devraj watched her and messaged Anurpiya that he started his work, now her turn. Anupriya brought Vansh near the living room. Devraj loosened the jhoomer and said all the best Ridhima. Vansh was busy with his phone.

Vansh screamed Ridhima and run to save her. He jumped and managed to grab the jhoomer’s chain. He asked Ridhima where her mind was? What if he couldn’t grab the jhoomer’s chain. She asked what would have happened? She got hurt and he helped her. Later, Kabir undisguised himself in a room. Ridhima came there and was shocked seeing him……Read more