Kiara’s K!ller Is Exposed. Till Love Do Us Part 6 May 2022, Friday Pt2: Episode 246


The Episode started with Riddhima coughing and distracting Vansh. He asked her to come to the hall, he has to tell her something. Dadi and everyone came. Dadi asked what happened. Vansh said we will get all the phones checked. Aryan asked why. Vansh said somebody killed your girlfriend and burnt her tattoo, I am sure that her tattoo’s pic is clicked, he knew the tattoo’s importance, I just want to know about the pic.

Dadi said Vansh is saying right. He gave his phone to Dadi to check. Dadi said yo and my pic is so beautiful. She recalled Vyom’s words. She said there is nothing in this. Aryan said your turn is next. Riddhima recalled clicking the tattoo pic. Dadi checked her phone. Riddhima recalled hearing Vansh’s words and deleting the tattoo’s pic. Dadi said it has nothing.

Aryan asked did you check well. Dadi said yes. Riddhima said check others’ phone as well. Dadi checked Aryan’s phone but didn’t find anything. She asked for Ishani’s phone. Dadi saw the tattoo’s pic on her phone. She said your phone has a tattoo’s pic.

Ishani asked what, I swear I don’t know anything. Vansh asked her to tell the truth. Ishani said I don’t have anything to do with this, I am not involved. He asked who is involved then. She said Aryan did this, he killed his girlfriend and everyone became shocked. She said he had killed Kiara and sent the pic on my phone to frame me. Aryan said I didn’t do anything. Riddhima said I got the candy from your room, what was the need to kill her.

Aryan said shut up, I didn’t kill anyone. She asked him to tell the truth. Anupriya asked how can we blame each other. Vansh stopped them and shouted shut up…. He checked the pic and said this pic was sent to Ishani, we will know it, it’s an unknown number. He asked Aryan to tell the truth or he will trace the number. Aryan said okay fine, I will tell the truth, I didn’t kill Kiara, I came back to my room, Kiara was half dead already, she wanted to tell me something, I panicked, I thought Riddhima was trying to frame me.

Riddhima asked why did you think so. He said you , if you can threaten her, then you can do anything. She said I wanted to know the truth. Vansh said I believe Aryan is saying the truth, Kiara was allergic to peanut butter, if Aryan killed her, why would he take her to his room, both the things don’t match, I would have helped you if you came to me. Aryan said don’t act, you just worry for Riddhima. Vansh said don’t bring tension in our relations, stop the nonsense.

It’s night, Riddhima came to the room. She asked Vansh are you fine, I can understand, what you are going through. He said no, you would have kept yourself out of the family matter. She asked why, am I not part of this family. He said I feel bad for you. She said I feel bad when someone hurts you, I can’t tolerate it. He said since childhood, life has given me many sorrow, I have tolerated it, I can’t tolerate one thing, cheat, when you lie to me, I feel so hurt, just talk to me and she looked at him.

She held his hand, kissed it and left. She saw the bouquets for her with the same message on the note. She worried and burnt the paper. She said someone is blackmailing me, don’t know who is Kiara’s killer and this blackmailer. Vansh said someone who would benefit from Kiara’s death, who doesn’t want the connection of the tattoo and black box to get known, who is he.

Riddhima said one who knows everything about black box. Vansh said it maybe Riddhima also, she tried to steal the black box. Riddhima said what’s the meaning to record her voice and play later. Angre said the killer had played that recorded message. Vansh said he didn’t kill Kiara, he is giving us fear that he can enter the VR mansion and kill anyone.

Angre said I have checked the CCTV footage, there is no outsider coming in. Riddhima said he has come from the secret passage. Vansh asked why didn’t he keep the firetorch in Anupriya’s room. Riddhima asked is Anupriya helping someone. Vansh said it’s an outsider, get rid of the baby. Aryan said Ishani, hear my truth.

She said thanks, now I know it, what you do with one who help you. She pushed him and he said it’s hurting me, I was stuck, I thought Vansh and Riddhima will frame me again, that pic was important for us, just to stay safe, I sent the pic to your phone, Vansh did this drama to check phones, I was shocked too, you know just you are my support system, try to understand.

She clapped and asked where is the pic now, we lost the pic, we don’t know the connection between black box and the tattoo. He asked have you forgiven me, we have all the time to find the connection, I am curious to know who killed Kiara. She said if I come to think of it, even I go blank, who can it be.

Siya checked Kiara’s body. She recalled telling Vyom about Kiara’s tattoo in an audio note. Vyom asked her to do him a favor, get Kiara on the terrace, don’t forget, open the secret door entry for me. She replied okay done. Siya went to Kiara and said I have a surprise gift for you, it’s on the terrace. Kiara said I will go and see. Siya said go at 8 pm. Kiara said thanks, I love the secret games. Siya said I didn’t know this will happen if I sent you to the terrace, please forgive me Kiara.

Vansh asked Riddhima did she get any other proof. She said I thought we are working separately. He said I think we are one team. She said it’s one case and two teams. He said I know you are very smart, I will give a tip, I have checked the entire house. She said maybe I find out what you missed.

He said I was helping you, you still suspect me, sorry to disturb you. She asked did you see Anupriya. He said I thought we are in different teams, I am sure you will find her, all the best. She thanked him and smiled.

Riddhima said I had come to take the firetorch by which Kiara’s tattoo was burnt, Anupriya said it’s with you and Dadi worried. Vansh received the bouquet. Riddhima worried and run to him.

Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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