Shocking! Vansh K!lled Vyom’s Wife & Kid. Till Love Do Us Part 6 May 2022, Monday Pt1: Episode 284


The Episode started with Riddhima saying I want to know about that doll, this saree, what’s the secret hidden, why are you torturing yourself, Vyom you are so dangerous, you know how to play with people’s lives, you kept them trapped, I won’t let them die, stop these fake tears, tell me, where did you hide this woman and the kid and he laughed. She asked have you gone mad, tell me. He said come with me, I will tell you where that woman and that kid is.

She said leave me, my hand is hurt. He said I will introduce pain to you, look at that tree. She asked what. He said my four year kid Pihu, Madhuri and Pihu are sleeping, don’t shout, they will wake up, think if I got a loving wife and have a daughter, will I kill them, no, Pihu and his mum stayed here under that tree, I don’t disturb them, they are perfect there.

She asked what are you saying. He said this was my world, which is now inside this soil, Pihu’s birthday was after four days, she asked me to get a musical box, I got it for her, she was in a hurry, so she left, or maybe someone sent her, you asked about this saree and bangles, it belongs to Madhuri, she had worn this when I met her for the first time and also when I met her for the last time. Riddhima asked what.

Vyom said the tear of Laila is a curse, that prince Akeel was after the diamond, I partnered with my friends to stand against Prince Akeel, Vansh was my old friend, we did business for many days, then we parted ways, but prince is still after that diamond, I got that diamond before Vansh, you know how egoistic he is, Madhuri didn’t like it, we were part of this world, she wanted me to leave this crime world, just like you want for Vansh, Vansh didn’t like me getting the diamond, I didn’t give him the diamond, Madhuri asked me to promise that I will come before moon sighting, everything was fine, the bell rang, the door opened, I wasn’t there in front, it was Vansh, your Vansh, he forcibly entered the house.

She said no. He said you have to hear a lot, he asked them about the diamond, why would I get the diamond home, your Vansh like a brutal animal threatened them for the diamond. She said it’s a lie. He said it’s all the truth, Madhuri got the candles for Pihu’s birthday, Vansh took those candles and burnt my world, when I got home, everything was on fire, I just got their ashes, I have buried the ashes under this tree, Vansh burnt my entire house, I couldn’t even see my wife and daughter.

She said no, I don’t trust you, it’s a lie. He said all this is true, this belongs to Madhuri, this doll is for Pihu, Vansh killed my wife and daughter. She shouted Vansh can never do this, I know Vansh, I trust him, he can never do this, how dare you blame him, you lied to get my sympathy. He said I don’t need your sympathy, go and ask him, if he didn’t do this, he is a monster. She shouted and they argued. She said his heart has love in it.

He said call him, how will he come, bloody coward, truth won’t change if you shout, call him. She said fine, I will prove you wrong in front of Vansh, he is going to meet me tomorrow. He said you will prove me wrong, just you, me and Vansh, no one else. She said I will prove it, all this is nonsense, you will know the place and time tomorrow. She left and he smiled.

In the morning, Riddhima waited for Vansh. She said Vyom is lying and she cried. She said this shouldn’t be true. He asked the baby not to worry, his dad can never do this, the blame will be proved wrong. She asked Vansh to come in front of her. She then got a note with a rose. She said I trust you. Angre came to Riddhima and asked what happened, why did you call me. She asked about the story of the tear of Laila. Angre said I told you.

She asked really, was it that story, please tell me, what’s the connection between Vansh and tear of Laila, answer my question, did Vansh try to get the tear of Laila some years back. He said yes. She asked why, Vansh wanted to take his empire ahead. He said yes. She asked did he need to murder someone for it. He said don’t tell me that you went to meet Vyom, he is trapping you, I asked you to stay away, he is dangerous. She asked why does Vyom think that Vansh killed his family for the tear of Laila.

She said I went to his room, Vyom was beating himself, I didn’t find him lying, I think he is saying the truth. He said you think it’s all planned, he cried and told this emotional story, you think Vansh can kill someone’s wife and kid, it’s Vyom’s planning, he wants you to doubt Vansh, so that he can use you to get the tear of Laila. She thinks what’s happening, I have to find out.

Riddhima said Vansh asked me to come here. Vyom pointed a gun at her and shouted Vansh, come out, else I will kill her, come and save her. She asked him to wait, Vansh will be coming. She closed eyes and said I love you Vansh. Vansh came and shot at Vyom to stop him. She then turned and saw Vansh…Read more

Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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