Ridhima Get’s Kidnapped. Till Love Do Us Part 7 April 2022, Thursday Pt2: Episode 206


The Episode started with Anupriya coming home. Siya asked from where are you coming. Anupriya said I thought to give the useless items to the junk buyer, so I had gone there. Dadi said you did good. Anupriya massaged Dadi’s legs. Dadi said her hands really have magic. Dadi asked Aryan from where are you coming. Aryan said I went to meet my friend.

Siya asked why is there mud on your clothes, you are sweating, it seems like your friend made you work like a coolie. He said no, we were doing yoga. Dadi asked him to have fruits. Dadi asked Chanchal why are you wearing gloves. Chanchal said it’s Rudra’s gloves, I feel he is with me and looked at sees Aryan. Dadi asked where is Riddhima.

Chanchal and Aryan said Riddhima would be at home. Dadi said I didn’t say that she has gone out. She asked Siya to take the fruits for Riddhima. Riddhima was taken in the van and she prayed. The van then broke down. The men saw the punctured tyre. The men said we will take help if any car passes and they became shocked seeing Vansh. The man said we are kidnapping Vansh’s wife, just stay quiet. Vansh said tyre got punctured, I will help you. The man said we don’t have tool box. Vansh said I will help you. The men stop him from looking inside the van and they got the stepney.

Vansh said Riddhima would be worrying, it’s late, I will call her. He called her and her phone rang. He thinks it’s Riddhima’s ringtone, he went to see but didn’t see her. He said I will go home and talk to her. The men changed the tyre while Riddhima struggled. The men then thanked Vansh. Vansh said it’s okay and left. Riddhima got freed. She came out of the fridge and called out Vansh and Vansh stopped the car. He got down and looked behind.

The men hit on her head and took her back. Someone left a note in Riddhima’s room. Siya came and called her out. She got a note, read it and was shocked. She shouted Dadi and everyone came. They all read the note and were shocked. Aryan asked how dare you Riddhima, how can you think of it.

Anupriya said she asked me for a home remedy for this, I said it’s a sin but she didn’t listen, she took this step. Kabir thinks impossible, Riddhima can never do this. The doctor said I will do the work, I want your boss’s confirmation. Chanchal and Aryan were seen asking for the work to be done. Doctor asked the ward boy to take Riddhima inside. She asked the nurse to prepare for the abortion. Vansh came home with balloons. He called out Riddhima.

He asked Dadi where is Riddhima. He asked why are you all looking upset. Dadi hugged him and cried. Siya then gave him the letter. Vansh reads… sorry Vansh, I am helpless to take this step, I don’t think you can protect our baby, your name shouldn’t become a punishment for the baby, I have decided to abort the baby, if the baby is just mine, then the decision should be just mine. Vansh left the balloons and sat worried.

He said it means Riddhima has gone for abortion. Riddhima became conscious. She asked where am I, who are you, leave me. Doctor asked did you forget, we called you for the abortion. Riddhima shouted nothing will happen to my baby. The staff then caught her. Vansh asked how can she decide this. Doctor said sorry Riddhima, I can’t leave this work incomplete. She got an injection to make her unconscious. Riddhima struggled and made the injection fall. She said you all will go jail. The doctor said your family has done this.

Riddhima said show me the name of the person who is doing this. Doctor showed Vansh’s signs on the form. Vansh said Riddhima left the house, you all didn’t know, where is your focus. Chanchal said we are also in shock, she didn’t discuss with me, I understand it now, she has done this secretly since we would not let her take this step. Dadi said how would we let her do this.

Siya asked Vansh to find Riddhima, maybe she didn’t take the step, it’s your baby also. Aryan said I know Vansh didn’t want the family, don’t we have a right on the baby, we were excited for the baby, Riddhima didn’t think and took this disgusting decision, she would have asked you once, you had a right. Chanchal said please stop this, I feel this didn’t happen yet. Vansh said nothing will happen to my baby, Riddhima loves her baby a lot,he left and Kabir looked on. Doctor asked are you sure now, it’s Vansh’s decision that he doesn’t want the baby.

Riddhima lay shocked and the Doctor injected her. Riddhima then closed her eyes. Vansh was on the way. He said Riddhima would have gone through pain to decide this, I had forced her and recalled her words. He said she kept telling me that none can make her away from her baby, I made her so alone that she lost to me, she decided to abort the baby, no, I won’t let anything happen to our baby, Riddhima won’t abort the baby, our baby will come in this world.

Riddhima tricked the hospital staff and came out of the room. She then hid under a sheet on a hospital bed. Vansh was angry with himself as he was not able to find Riddhima. The hospital staff took Riddhima for funeral thinking it’s a dead body. Riddhima had fallen unconscious and she placed on the fire…Read more

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