Vansh Is On The Way To VR Mansion. Till Love Do Us Part 7 February 2022, Monday Pt1: Episode 124



The Episode started with Riddhima touching Dadi’s feet. She said I am getting that lookalike home, there is no way to stop Kabir and Anupriya, I will tell you the truth, you will be annoyed, I will accept the punishment, I wish that I succeed in this battle to save my family and she left. She came to Vihaan and placed the bag down. He said you got the advance payment before time. She said it’s 48 lakhs, I will get 2lakhs soon. Vihaan said I told you 50 lakhs, 50 is 50 and 48 is 48, there is a difference. She asked do you know it was tough for me to arrange this 48 lakhs, you don’t see how much I need you. He said I can see, so I am saying, I can’t go completely, what shall I do, shall I leave one eye or hand, it will be tough. She took Vansh’s watch and recalled him.

He said it’s touchy, you gave me your husband’s watch. She said I will get this watch back when I give you the money, our deal is final, we shall sign the contract now. He said I have conditions. She asked what. He said we are going to become husband and wife. She said just on papers. He said it should be from both sides, I am straight forward. Kabir came there. He recalled Aryan saying I have seen Riddhima going out, like she is going on some mission. Kabir said I will not leave you Riddhima and got his gun. Riddhima opened the door and the gun fell from his hand. She asked what are you doing here, this gun….

He said I came to catch you red-handed, where is that person who is giving you ideas to stand against me. She asked are you not ashamed to blame your would be wife. He said don’t lie to me, I know there is someone here, you came to meet, tell me who is the second player. They heard some sound and went to see. He pointed the gun at Vihaan. Vihaan was in disguise as an poor old man. He got flour over his face and did a drama. Flashback showed Riddhima seeing Kabir on the cctv.

She said no, the plan will fail if Kabir sees you. Vihaan said be normal and open the door, I will handle it. Vihaan asked who is he, he has a pistol, why, is there any danger here. Kabir placed the gun away. She said no, he is Kabir. He said I will give you shagun coin also. She said he was the orphanage manager at some time, I came to invite him for the marriage and take blessings, but he is refusing to come. Vihaan gave them shagun coins. He said you have grown up, so you forgot what I taught, you should touch feet and take elders’ blessings. Riddhima and Kabir touched his feet. Vihaan said Kabir, have lunch and go. Kabir looked around.

He said not today, I have much work, next time, seeing your age, this house interiors are of today’s taste. Vihaan said I am tired of telling the guests, my grandson did this, not me, he comes here some times, it’s good, right. Kabir said right, fine, Riddhima come soon before mahurat, it’s our marriage today. Riddhima said fine, no one can change fate, what’s destined to happen will happen and Kabir left. Vihaan removed the glasses. Riddhima shuts the door and came back to Vihaan. Vihaan said so how did you like my performance.

She said you can’t make me do anything, why did you ask me to touch your feet. He said it’s fine, it was to stay in character, what’s the problem, you are going to be my wife. She said just on papers. He said yes, but enemy came inside the house, so I had to cross limits, it’s important to sign contract and he sat cutting fruits. He said this salt is pink, but people call it black, it means its different inside and outside, like you, you are promising Kabir and you are making me your husband here, I can see many colours, did you cheat Vansh also. He saw her hand and said you are wearing Vansh’s mangalsutra even now. She recalled Vansh’s words while he taunted her.

She scolded him. She said I will not keep any contract if you do this. He said this is my contract copy, I have made one ready for you. She read 20000rs to attend puja and so on. She asked what nonsense is this, he joked and she slipped. He held her in his arms and they had an eyelock. She recalled Vansh and her similar moments. She said I have to think of something else if you take an advantage of my helplessness. He said you should thank me, your eyes are pretty, it doesn’t mean you will scare me, the contract terms fit good on you.

She read, if there is any argument, you have to say sorry, if there is any fight, you have to cook what I like, you can’t say no thrice. She asked what is this nonsense. He said actually, there is another danger, I didn’t add it’s payment, Riddhima, Kabir is a cop, he keeps a gun, it’s risky to fight him, add the money separately, this is my professional rate card, personal is different, rates are subject to change. She said I can’t do this, I am serious. He sat and said you have two mins, think well and answer, else take your money and leave, I will put 25% cancellation charges also, your time starts now.

Anupriya said imprint Kabir’s name behind the mangalsutra. The man said your family is regular customer, it will be done, I gave the best price to Riddhima. She asked what price. Vihaan asked what did you think, yes or no. Riddhima said you know I have no option to say no. Vihaan taunted her. Anupriya said fine, thanks. Kabir asked what happened. She said I just spoke to the jeweller, Riddhima has sold her entire jewellery for 48 lakhs, she got the money in the morning. He said she is playing a big game and he recalled her words.

Riddhima said you don’t need to know why I am doing this, just focus on the work, sign on the contract and he signed the contract and she also signed. He said nice job, congratulations partner. She thinks I am getting another poison to cut a poison, Bappa help me and they shook hands. She said just 3 hours are left, reach there at the right time, there should be no mistake and she left. She thinks the plan I thought should be successful. He said am I right or am I right…..

Riddhima called Vihaan and told him only 2 hours to go for marriage. She asked him to come fast. He told her he will be there on time. She asked him to hurry and hanged up. Kabir then entered Vihaan’s place with a gun. Vihaan opened the door and found Kabir outside…Read more