Vansh Fails Kabir’s Plans. Till Love Do Us Part 7 February 2022, Monday Pt2: Episode 125


Till Love Do Us Part 4 February 2022, Friday Pt2 Episode started with Riddhima coming to her room and seeing Kabir. He asked why are you shocked, this room will be mine too in some time. She said it will be yours after marriage, now it’s just mine. He said I got a gift for you, your bridal dress, it’s made specially for you and me, I got it before also, but that time…. you will become Kabir’s Riddhima in some time.

She thinks keep dreaming Kabir, you don’t know what I thought, your bad motives will fail. She said I will not wear this red colour for you, red colour is of love, I just love Vansh. He said it was bought with Vansh’s money, so Vansh is involved, it’s okay. She got a white colour dress. She said I have chosen my dress, white colour is for separation. He said fine, as you like, reality won’t change, you will become my wife, just few years, have some patience.

He turned and thinks how did she become so confident, something is wrong. He went and saw the white decorations near the mandap. He asked Aryan what’s happening here, a marriage is going to happen, not any funeral mourning, where is the pandit. He scolded Aryan and asked him to fix it. He pushed Aryan and left. Aryan became angry, Ishani came, gave her hand to Aryan and he got up. She said you have seen the result of supporting a wrong man, he isn’t Vansh, we also had fights, but Vansh never insulted you.

his intention was to protect you and the family, Kabir can never take his place, he will always crush you under his feet, you have to tolerate it as a servant, remember this and she left. Aryan said Kabir should have not done this, I couldn’t answer you, but till when, I will get a chance and then I will settle scores. Riddhima thinks I hope Vihaan comes on time. Ishani came there with a jewellery and placed it down. She made Riddhima wear the bangles. Riddhima said it’s fine, if you don’t want to.

Ishani said let me do my work, I respect elders’ order, I have to do this rasam for a greedy girl like you. Riddhima thinks I wish I could tell you, no one can take Vansh’s place in my heart. Ishani hurts her hand. She said sorry, you have hurt us a lot, I wish I could return you that pain, everyone who loves Vansh wants to hurt you, congrats for the marriage, she threw the jewellery and left. Riddhima said I will tolerate everything, once Vihaan stops the marriage, everything will be fine. Riddhima called Vihaan.

She said did he take the money and run away? and he answered the call. She asked where are you. He asked aren’t you weird, shall I not pack my stuff, did you get a panic attack. She said it’s just two hours now. He said I will be there on time. She said Vansh, your killer’s end is close now. Kabir came to Vihaan’s house and said I have to find out Riddhima’s plan today and he looked inside. Vihaan thinks this cctv is useless here, who will come here, it doesn’t matter now.

Kabir got inside. He said so this is Riddhima’s plan. He said not bad Riddhima, smart, but sad, it’s your bad luck that you are dealing with a smarter person, I will end your masterplan here. Riddhima said your big plan will end now, Kabir. She tied the mangalsutra to her hand. Anupriya came and said that got waste, it’s time to wear a new one and she showed Kabir’s name on mangalsutra. She said Vansh is gone, leave him, wear this new mangalsutra. Riddhima scolded her and they argued.

Riddhima said there is much time. Anupriya asked what miracle will happen in 2 hours and she left. Riddhima said miracle will happen, a big one and she cried. Dadi was upset while she got ready. Kabir then came to her. He said I have come to take your blessings and she blessed him. He asked what gift will you give me on my marriage. She asked what do you want. He said Vansh’s Saafa/pagdi/turban. He said I got my mum here, I got my Dadi and big family, I thought to handle this family, Vansh used to manage this house. Dadi cried.

Kabir said I am trying to take his place, I am not greedy, I think if I wear Vansh’s Saafa today, I will have his blessings and wishes, it will give me strength to take up Riddhima’s responsibility. Dadi asked how shall I give it, it’s his sign, you get any other Saafa. He said I know you all have his memories, but I came after he left, I don’t have his memory, I thought this Saafa would be with me as his sign, if you tie that Saafa to me.

then I will feel that Vansh trusts me, that I will do everything for this family, you will give me this honour, right, please Dadi,she nodded and he smiled. She got it and made him wear it. He thanked her and hugged her. He thinks your everything is becoming mine, I got your respect on my head today.

Dadi said I miss you Vansh, my heart is sinking, I feel someone wants to snatch you from me, Kabir took your Saafa as well, I wish you were with me in front of me. Riddhima looked on and cried. She went and snatched Vansh’s Saafa from Kabir. She said you can’t get this, you have some humanity, you have hurt Dadi so much, she is already broken, you wanted me to marry you, you threatened me, why are you breaking them emotionally.

He snatched it back and said what about things that’s snatched from me, I will strike every way, physical, emotional, moral, I have to become king of this house, I don’t have to think of anything, just who wins matters, who was Vansh, the master of the house, it’s my place now, everyone will be roaming around me, you look very pretty, just one hour left, you will be my wife. He smiled and left.

She said Vihaan said he will come here before 7pm. She called him. She said why isn’t he answering, he would have called me if he got late, something is wrong. Anupriya stopped her and said you know the result of running away, come Mrs. Kabir, you won’t go out today, come and she took Riddhima to the room. She recalled making Kabir wear the pearl beads. He said just some time, then I will be in Vansh’s place here, there will be a new pic, it will be my face in Vansh’s place. She said yes, everything is going as per the plan, I wish no one’s bad sight catches this sight. He asked her to get the bride to the mandap.

He said Riddhima shouldn’t go out, I will tell you why and Anupriya left. Riddhima smiled and called Vihaan. Meher called her. Meher asked what happened. Riddhima told her everything. Meher then encouraged her. She said losing isn’t an option for you, Kabir has trapped you, it doesn’t guarantee his win, you have to fight till the last moment, you can’t lose, remember how Vansh fought till the last moment, you have to do the same to save your family. Riddhima said I will fight with courage, thanks Meher, just 20 mins left, fight can’t be won by tears.

Riddhima went to check Vihaan’s place and said did Kabir do anything or Vihaan run away. She said I told you, I will give my life but not marry you. She took the poison bottle in her hand. Vihaan came and said Vansh is back and Riddhima smiled….Read more

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