Ridhima Saves Her Baby From Ab0rtion. Till Love Do Us Part 8 April 2022, Friday Pt1: Episode 207


The Episode started with Riddhima opening her eyes. She pushed the doctor and nurses and then placed a scalpel at the doctor’s neck. She said you can’t kill my baby and asked the nurse to open the door. She shuts the door and went out. Doctor asked the ward boy to catch her. Vansh said her phone isn’t reachable. He called the doctor and said if you abort Riddhima’s baby, I will not leave you.

Doctor asked what are you saying, she didn’t come here and what’s the matter of abortion. Vansh asked what, she didn’t go to regular doctor, where did she go. He called the city medical board. Riddhima got dizzy and lay on the stretcher. The ward boy said it’s a dead body, she would have run outside. Riddhima thanked Bappa and fainted.

Vansh asked are you sure. The man said yes, I have found out, there is no patient for abortion by Riddhima’s name, you are mistaken, or your wife went to a clinic which is not registered, really sorry, we can’t help you. The ward boy took the dead body to the cremation ground. Vansh stopped the car and said there is no way to reach her, why is she doing this, how to stop you, Riddhima and he sat crying.

He said my baby is getting away from me, I can’t forgive myself and you Riddhima, please don’t do this, you loved the baby a lot, don’t leave your happiness, don’t get this abortion done and prayed to Bappa. Riddhima was taken for the final rites. Pandit said send someone to light the pyre and a man went to light the pyre and burnt the pyre. Vansh heard the temple bells, he went there and prayed for Riddhima. He said please stop Riddhima, she is going to commit a big sin because of me. He got on his knees and climbed the stairs.

He burnt a diya on his palm. He said I did a sin to differentiate between Riddhima and the baby, tell me where Riddhima is, make her realize that she is doing wrong. Riddhima was still lying on the pyre. He said give me a chance to rectify my mistake. Riddhima then woke up from the pyre. Pandit asked what is happening. She asked what are you doing with me. She got down the pyre and run away. She saw the ward boys coming and ran the other way. Doctor said Riddhima has run from the clinic, ward boys had seen her near the cremation grounds, give me a chance, I will abort the baby, what, kill her?. The person said Riddhima shouldn’t be alive, you will get the fees.

Ward boy got the doctor’s call. He said we have run a lot after her, we got an order to kill her. He aimed the gun at Riddhima and shot but Riddhima got saved and ran ahead. The ward boy said she can’t run too far in this condition. Kabir placed the gun in front of Aryan. Chanchal asked are you mad, why did you think we can do this, we are family.

Kabir asked shall I laugh, did you crack a joke, I know you can go to any extent to kill Vansh’s baby, I know Riddhima won’t get the abortion done, think and tell me, you are sitting in front of a policeman. Chanchal asked how are you sure that we did this. Aryan asked why are you worried for Vansh and Riddhima’s baby, you also hate Vansh. Kabir pointed gun at him and said just answer me, who did this, tell the truth, else you will die a bad death and he left.

The ward boys argued and looked for Riddhima. Riddhima recalled Vansh’s words. She said I never imagined that you can do this, you have to answer me and pay a price for this and she left. Vansh then got a call and asked Angre to speak. Angre said our men went to all the nearby hospitals, we don’t know about Riddhima, did you find her. Vansh said no. He said we should go and see the unregistered clinics and Vansh left.

Vansh then came home. Angre said we couldn’t find Riddhima. Siya asked why would she do this. Dadi asked what will we do now. Vansh worried and went to his room, he opened the window and Riddhima and his pic fell down. He said I don’t know where are you, why did you take this decision, we will regret all life for this day, we would have been happy together, you didn’t wait, I wish you are fine, please come back to your Vansh and hugged the pic. Riddhima came home and shouted Vansh…

Vansh came running to Riddhima and told her to tell him that their baby is safe. She said what baby? How dare you to say our child? You killed him with your own hands. You won, congratulations. You didn’t want to become a father, now you will never become one. She walked off and he stood confused…Read more

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