Ridhima Is Back Home. What Happened To The Baby? Till Love Do Us Part 8 April 2022, Friday Pt2: Episode 208


The Episode started with Anupriya fixing her wig and someone came there. She became tensed and said oh it’s you, Riddhima has fallen weak, her relation with Vansh will not get saved. He signed thumbs up. Riddhima came and shouted Vansh. Vansh hugged her and said thank God, you have come home and everyone came. Vansh asked is our baby fine, please tell me that the baby is still in this world.

Riddhima shouted stop this nonsense and pushed him away and everyone looked on. She said which baby are you talking about, how dare you call it your son, when you got it aborted yourself. Aryan asked what nonsense, how can you talk to Vansh like this. She said it’s Vansh and my matter, no one has a right to talk in between, Vansh you didn’t wish to become the baby’s father, you were waiting for me to come and say congrats, you aren’t becoming a father.

She said congrats, this has happened, whatever you want happens, why did you force me to go to the abortion center, why. She said Dadi, Vansh had sent me to the abortion center, he was ready to kill me. Vansh asked what rubbish is this, will I get you kidnapped and try to abort my baby. She said I never thought you can do this, but this has happened to me, I have undergone this situation, I have seen your signature on the consent letter, you permitted for my abortion, congrats, your mission is complete, you aren’t becoming a father, you won’t have any responsibility.

Chanchal smiled. He said stop it, you are making stories, you took this decision to abort this baby and now you are blaming me. They both argued and shouted and Kabir looked on. Chanchal, Aryan and Anupriya smiled. Riddhima said you have won, a mother has lost, you killed my baby, you didn’t wish to become a dad, you will never become a dad now, congrats and went to her room. Chanchal said our plan got successful.

Riddhima recalled Rudra’s words and the attacks on her. She said it wasn’t your signatures, I remember your signatures well, someone else did this, I know Vansh, you weren’t behind this abortion, you can never do this Vansh, you can’t become enemy of any innocent child, sorry, I had to blame you, but this was important, don’t know why I feel that the person is still keeping an eye on us, we had to make him believe that he is succeeding, he will attack on me again.

Anupriya said it’s the first step of our plan, Vansh and Riddhima can have their relation connected again, we have to end this chapter forever, we have to remove Riddhima from Vansh’s life, I am sure that if we work hard, then their love story won’t proceed and the person signed. Riddhima said I will punish that person in his own language, till then I have to keep this distance with Vansh, I know it’s not going to be easy, but I have to hide this from you, our baby is fine by Bappa’s grace. She cried and said our baby is absolutely fine, until that person comes in front, things will be same in front of us, the person who tried to kill my baby and husband, I will punish that person.

She waited for Vansh. She said he is much hurt, I just hope he is fine. Vansh came drunk and stopped her. He said I am celebrating. She asked him not to drink more. He said I have to drink, the night is still not over, why are you standing away, this is the moment to celebrate, you also have a drink and she pushed him away. He said I am doing what you told me, why, I didn’t express the happiness to become a father because of my fear.

I was afraid that someone may harm my baby, you tell me, how can I hurt my father, you gave me happiness, I wasn’t angry, I have won over my fear for the baby’s sake, you have snatched the reason for my victory, you think the baby was just yours, you decided to abort it, you wanted to see me as the world’s best father, you snatched my right to become a father, you have hurt me a lot. She cried.

She said please listen to me, our baby… She then saw a shadow at the window. She thinks I can’t risk our baby, I can’t tell you anything till I catch that person, sorry. She said you got late in winning over your fear, I am more hurt than you and fell on the bed and she made him sleep. She said I don’t know how, you defeated your fears, I am glad, I know when you will know that our baby is alive, the news will be the best one, when you are with me, then none can touch our baby, I will bring out that person in front of everyone soon.

Riddhima thinks she will have to find out who that person is soon. She used a trick and managed to catch that person…Read more

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