Vyom Suspects Sara. Till Love Do Us Part 8 June 2022, Wednesday Pt2: Episode 289


The Episode started with Vansh playing basketball and thinking of Riddhima’s words. He thinks I am not scared of anyone. Dadi came and found him angry. She said did he get to know the truth of the black box. She asked what happened, why do you look disturbed. She asked him to say it, what is it, he used not to hide anything from her before. He said when any dear one hurts, then the heart becomes a stone.

Dadi thinks thank God, he didn’t see the black box, he is angry at Riddhima. She said if any dear person hurts me, then think that person isn’t ours. He said be it love and hate, I do it intensely. She said love is useless, you will get ruined by love, take care, what shall I say and he left.

Siya then called Vyom. She said he isn’t at home. She called Vyom again and he disconnected the call. She saw Vyom and said how does Sardar ji have his phone. She went to see him and Vyom called her back. She asked are you Vyom. He said yes. She hugged and said I qm so happy to see you, I won’t tell anyone, you can tell me. He said there is a reason, I can’t reveal my identity, go from here. Siya said I love you so much. He asked her to go and she left smiling.

Riddhima and Vansh were sitting away in the cafe and he was looking at her. He got hurt by the rose thorn and Riddhima became worried. Angre said your finger is bleeding. Vansh said sometimes, a thorn’s prick looks better than roses. He then asked about the sniper. Angre said we didn’t get to know. Sara then came to Riddhima and threatened her. Riddhima said don’t do anything to Vansh and Sara asked Riddhima to watch the trailer. Riddhima asked what is she doing. Sara took an injection and went to Vansh. Riddhima shouted Gayatri. Sara then stopped and Vansh turned to see.

Vansh asked her to have fun with her friend and he left. Sara asked did you guys have any fight, I don’t care about it. Riddhima said I remember my promise, you will get everything, but you won’t do anything to Vansh and Sara left. Vyom looked on and thinks very interesting, what’s cooking behind Vansh’s back. Riddhima then went to Vyom and asked him to turn towards her. He said tell me, how may I help you. She said you are too weird, you are the new manager here, have you seen Angre, I can’t find him anywhere. He said angry ji was around. He said his name is Angre, did you see him.

He said he is there, see and she went to Angre. She then asked for his help. He said you should have called me, I would have come. She said I have a friend, her husband tortures her, she wants to change her identity. He said yes, Thapa can help in this, he can make a new identity for her, sorry, I can’t give his number, anyway I can’t give you info without Vansh’s permission, I will inform him. She said she is scared, she doesn’t want her identity to get known.

He said sorry. She said I love Vansh a lot, I will never leave him, fights go on in between husband and wife. He said good, I am sorry and she left. Vyom then came to Sara. He said I am the new manager here, Harinder Pal Singh. She said I dislike when anyone tries to come close to me. She asked him to be careful and she left. He then took pics of her. He asked the man to get her entire info, she is some Gayatri and she looked on. Angre came to the room and asked where are you Ishani. She was taking a shower. She then asked him to come in and she started romancing him.

He said I have work. She said no work is important in front of a wife’s love. He said yes, you are right. Riddhima then came to get his phone. Ishani asked what’s happening between Vansh and Riddhima. Angre said nothing, just some little fight. Ishani said I will get drinks. Riddhima thinks sorry Angre, this was important. Ishani saw her and scolded her. Ishani and Riddhima then started arguing. Ishani said Vansh isn’t talking to you, you need a man to speak out your nonsense. Riddhima said you have a cheap thinking.

I don’t find it important to explain anything to you, stop overreacting. Ishani asked tell me, what is it. Riddhima said he is like my brother, have you gone mad. Ishani said he is not your brother, tell me why did you come. Riddhima said you keep thinking, I have other works to do and she went to see Vansh. She acted to get a foot sprain and asked him to help her. He said last time, don’t think I am helping you just for the sake of baby, take care of yourself. She said I didn’t learn to live without you.

Vansh saw Riddhima sleeping on the corridor and he took her to the room. She said don’t leave me and go. He said okay, I won’t go and he recalled their moments.

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