The Return Of Vansh Shocks Kabir. Till Love Do Us Part 9 February 2022, Wednesday Pt1: Episode 127


The Episode started with pandit asking Riddhima to make the groom wear garland. She thinks Vihaan didn’t come, it was my illusion. She made Kabir wear garlands and Dadi became sad. Kabir also made Riddhima wear garlands. He said I told you this marriage will happen, Mrs. Kabir. She thinks to die better than accepting this name. Pandit asked them to sit. Dadi thinks Vansh, I wish you were here, I can’t tolerate this. Pandit asked who is coming from the bride’s side for kanyadaan. Kabir asked Dadi to do it. Riddhima placed her hand in his hand. Dadi thinks I am doing kanyadaan of the girl who I got here as my bahu. She became sad and did the kanyadaan. Kabir said thanks Dadi. He said look Riddhima, Dadi loves Vansh a lot and handed you over to me, you are mine. Riddhima thinks Vihaan didn’t leave any option for me, I have to take this step.

Pandit said now groom will make bride wear mangalsutra. Riddhima recalled Vansh. Kabir checked the box and was shocked. He asked where is it. Pandit said ritual can’t happen without mangalsutra. Anupriya looked for it. Kabir scolded Riddhima. Riddhima turned and saw Ishani smiling. She thinks Ishani’s face shows that she did it, she has helped me. Ishani recalled going to Kabir’s room and taking the mangalsutra. She said I will see how this marriage happens. Angre asked Ishani did you do this.

Ishani said this marriage is an insult for Vansh, someone had to take a step and showed him the mangalsutra. He said good job, Ishani and she smiled. Chanchal said mangalsutra isn’t here. Kabir passed cash to the pandit. Pandit said it’s fine, if the groom makes the bride wear mangalsutra by this time tomorrow, then the marriage will be considered complete, you may stand for the rounds now but Riddhima didn’t get up. Kabir held her hand and he took the rounds. Pandit asked the bride to go ahead and Riddhima went ahead and thinks of her marriage with Vansh.

She looked at the door. Pandit said now it’s the last round. Riddhima thinks I won’t get married, there is one way to get away from this marriage, which will take me close to Vansh and she placed something in the havan kund. Kabir asked why is this smoke spreading, Aryan just checked it. He said Riddhima, even the Lord can’t stop this marriage, this devil will win. She said remember what I said, I will better die than marrying you. She thinks I have to go and Vihaan entered the door. He asked what’s happening, this marriage can’t happen and everyone tried to see who he was.

Vihaan came in front and the smoke subsided. They all became shocked seeing him and Riddhima smiled. Dadi also sat shocked. Riddhima left breaking the gathbandhan. She run and hugged Vihaan. Vihaan also hugged her. Dadi said my Vansh has come and Kabir got back to Anupriya. Riddhima said Vansh, what’s this way, marriage is happening here, you didn’t answer my call and everyone looked on. Vihaan said Inspector Kabir, Vansh Rai Singhania has come back to his province, won’t you welcome me. He went to the mandap and touched Dadi’s feet.

Dadi said the Lord has heard my prayers, my faith has gotten doubled now, I have no complains, because you are back. Vihaan said you did so many havans, you have to get rewarded for it. Anupriya said how can this happen, he has come back by cheating death, Kabir we are gone, what will we do now. Kabir said relax, we will talk later, I don’t think he is Vansh, he fell 1000 feet down, it’s not possible that he came back, he isn’t Vansh. Ishani said stop. Riddhima thinks Ishani maybe doubting that he isn’t Vansh.

Vihaan stopped her and said sorry Ishani. Ishani said you know what we went through, your death news had broken me. He said I promise, I will return much happiness to you. She said promise us, you won’t leave us and go, I love you and she hugged him. He asked how is the little prince or princess, did you take care. She said a lot, now you have come, so I can be a bit careless. He asked how is Siya. She said she has come home, but she is still in coma. He said fine, I will handle everything now. He asked Angre do i need to say sorry to you, aren’t you happy seeing me. Angre said I am very happy.

Vihaan said I am seeing fake smile on your face, as you have seen some ghost, I am alive. Chanchal said I am happy, there is some difference, you don’t have a beard. He said the hospital staff did this during the treatment, look changed, but Vansh is the same. Riddhima thinks he is handling everyone well. Anupriya said you are fine, I can’t believe this, I had mannat for you. She tied a thread to his hand. She asked what happened after the accident. Vihaan said I fell into the jungle, I fell on some bushes, the villager saw me and got me down the tree.

Flashback showed Riddhima saying, tell them that a villager took you for treatment, tell that you were unconscious and no one could know about you, you got conscious today and decided to surprise the family. Vihaan said I thought to come and surprise, but I didn’t know my life’s biggest surprise is waiting for me, I couldn’t think that you will meet me here. Kabir said it’s strange, you fell down the cliff, but there is no mark on the body. Riddhima thinks Kabir won’t come in his words easily.

Vihaan said many wounds healed with time, but this one is still hurting and he showed the bandage on his hand. He said this will also heal, wounds on heart give pain for life. Anupriya thinks does he know my cheat. Vihaan asked what’s my biggest enemy doing in this house. She said actually…

Ishani said Anupriya got her son, Kabir is her son. Vihaan asked the same kid who was lost before the marriage, I think he was kidnapped and Anupriya nodded. Vihaan said it’s strange that a lost child finds his mum when he grows up. Chanchal said it’s a miracle, you got saved, kidnapper parcelled Kabir’s childhood clothes on your Tervi, he may have realized his mistake. Anupriya said yes, he had sent those things. Vihaan said Kabir came home on the same day, then miracle upon miracle, everyone would have accepted him as true. Chanchal said Riddhima permitted him to stay here, it was her decision and Vihaan went to Riddhima.

Vihaan said Riddhima you have cheated me, you knew Kabir is my biggest enemy, even then you were marrying him. She asked what’s this drama, why are you not doing what I say. Vansh said stay away, I decided to not stay in this relation, I want a divorce and she became shocked…Read more

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