Sara Takes Vansh’s Life. Till Love Do Us Part 9 June 2022, Thursday Pt1: Episode 290


The Episode started with Riddhima calling Thapa and saying I am Vansh’s sister Ishani Rai Singhania and he asked her to speak. She asked him to make a forged documents for her friend but he said, I need to talk to Angre first. She said Angre is my husband, you don’t need to talk to him, just make the documents for my friend and Thapa agreed. She then asked him to send the documents to her in 2-3 days.

Vyom came and said your husband doesn’t love you, you are sacrificing your friend, it’s Kalyug. She asked him to not spy on her when talking or follow her, just do his work. He said you didn’t identify me, I am not Harinder Pal, but your friend, didn’t you identify me, your lovely zero, circle, Vyom and he became shocked.

He said welcome to my circle, I am also stressed, God bless you and she left. She thinks of what to do. Vansh went to meet someone. The person said come Vansh, I was waiting for you and Vyom followed Riddhima. He said we met after a long time, we shall talk, you know who is in this get up, Vyom, your death is around you, but you aren’t affected, why. She said I don’t have a time for your silly antics, I have much work. He said stop, you aren’t affected by Vansh’s biggest enemy. She said you should remove this hatred mask, try to bring out the pain, else this hatred and pain will become fire one day, it will finish you.

Vyom asked is Vansh starting to hate you. She said you will never understand, it’s not hatred, but love. He said don’t talk about these things, I will take revenge on Vansh. She said I pity you Vyom, if you wife and daughter were here and see you in this state, what would they think, thanks for saving my life, I won’t tell Vansh about you, don’t think I will be quiet for long, before Vansh learns about you, better you leave. He acted to be afraid and said please don’t tell Vansh, enjoy if you have come here. Vansh was talking to someone and smiled.

Riddhima woke up hearing the door knock. She saw Vansh shot in the chest and she became shocked. Sara came and said I told you I will kill your dearest husband, I killed him, I never break my promise. Riddhima said no, you can’t do this and woke up from the nightmare. She then went to see Vansh and saw Vansh wasn’t there and she waited for him. She said before he comes out from the washroom, I will make his room proper. She cleaned his room and said he will come running to me in some days.

She became shocked seeing Sara coming from the bathroom, wearing a towel. She asked what are you doing here in Vansh’s room. Sara said calm down, my room shower wasn’t working, so I asked Vansh if I could use his washroom, very sweet. Riddhima asked her to leave and placed a knife at her neck. Sara said it’s a fruit knife, you just remember that you have less time and she left.

Vyom was talking to his daughter and wife. He apologized to his daughter saying I promise, I will never get late, sorry Pihu, please come back. He cried and said you don’t know me and became angry. He said I am not weak, I am Vyom, zero, circle… Vansh came and saw Riddhima sleeping outside his room. He asked what are you doing here. She said I was waiting for you and he asked here? She then asked him to come. He took her to the room and made her sleep. She held his hand and asked where are you doing, come and sleep with me, I had searched for you everywhere. He said I am not going anywhere, sleep, I will not leave you and go. She asked him to promise and he said promise.

Riddhima cleaned the room and hid before Vansh came. He then asked her to come out and scolded her. She was talking to the baby and they fell on the bed and had a moment.

Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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