Till Love Do Us Part 9 June 2022, Thursday Pt2: Episode 291


The Episode started with Vyom coming to Sara’s room and checking it and he got a gun in her bag. He said lets see from where did she come. He then got a call. The man said that girl’s name is Sara. Vyom said she said her name is Gayatri, what’s her work. The man said she is a professional killer, she is clever, she has committed many murders and hasn’t been caught, she takes much money for a single case. Vyom said I have the gun and also much money, I knew it, she has something special. Sara came and choked him with a wire/rope. He then got a cutter from his pocket, and cut the wire. He caught her neck and said I heard right about you. She hit him and they fought. He asked her to take it easy and fainted her. He said so weak, well done Vyom…

Aryan said it’s a bad news, it’s a loss of 50 crores, I told you that they are not reliable, we should not make advance payment, boss talk to Riddhima once. Vansh said stay in your limits, it’s Riddhima and my matter and he coughed. Riddhima came and asked are you fine, what happened, I will get water. He said no, thanks and he left. She asked is he fine. Angre said yes, but his mood isn’t good, he isn’t doing any work well, you talk to him please. She asked what shall I do. He said do something. She said I need your help, it’s our marriage anniversary, I am thinking of giving him a surprise, he shouldn’t know and he asked her not to worry.

Sara gained consciousness and Vyom said surprise. He said you shot me with this gun. She said I won’t waste the bullet on you, understood you lobby manager. He said you don’t know me, my name is… She said Vyom Rajgir. He said you are a genius, how do you know my name. She said it’s important to know people like you, we have to know the names of the target and the hiring person. He said it’s a pleasure knowing you, tell me, I don’t fit in these categories, then why me. She asked him to free her hands and he freed her. He asked why did you shoot at me. She said shot at Vansh but then you came in between, your bad luck, not mine, sorry. He asked sorry. She said I am not sorry that I shot at you, sorry that I missed the shot. He said answer me, on whose saying did you shoot Vansh. She said we don’t say it in our profession. He said you know I can kill you right here. She said it will be your loss, you also want the same, you aren’t in my target, enjoy your life, go to the reception, Vyom, you may leave and he left.

Dadi asked what happened now. Aryan said Vansh and Riddhima don’t stay in the same room, I had seen Vansh going to the backyard last night. She asked why. He asked why are you worried, I don’t know about that and Vansh came. Dadi signalled Aryan to go. She asked Vansh about his fight with Riddhima, what happened. Vansh said leave it to me, I will handle it. She said she is giving you some tension, if she didn’t carry the heir of our family, then I would have asked you to leave her, tell me, why did you go to that room last night. He asked how do you… She said I am your Dadi, I know everything, I know why you like loneliness. He said yes, sometimes, I recall the old days and find peace. He said time stops at that place. She asked him to get rid of the bad thoughts, I will send kada for you, take care and she left.

Ishani and Angre enjoyed cycling. They were racing and asked her to come faster. She called him out and she fell down. Vyom came and greeted them. She said you… what are you doing here. He said I am making natural fertilizers, I was thinking to dump the dead bodies of the people who double cross me. She asked are you crazy. He said no, your husband is crazy, he should have thought before double crossing me, I could have killed him, but you will get sad, I am thinking to kill you, I will punish your husband, you will die and he will cry forever. She said I am not scared of you and he scared her. She said you can’t kill me. She shouted Angre and Vyom left.

Angre came to Ishani and asked what are you doing here. She said Vyom was going to shoot me and Angre became angry. She said he is too dangerous, why did I come here and left with Angre. Riddhima came to Vansh’s room and placed a rose down for him. Vansh came and she hid. He got the kada and asked Riddhima to come out. He scolded her but she was just signing to him. He asked her to stop signing. She then asked shall I talk and he said speak. She said you said you don’t want to hear me out, I got this kada for you. He said I won’t have it. She said I will tell Dadi. He said I will have it and she talked to the baby but he stopped her and they fell on the bed. He moved away and asked her to leave. She said I slept outside your room, I was in my bed in the morning. He asked so? She said nothing, I was thinking, how did I go to my room, did anyone lift me but he said get out Riddhima.

Vansh went to meet Riddhima. He then lifted her and brought her to his room.

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