Shocking As Vansh Introduce Ahana As His Wife. Till Love Do Us Part 9 March 2022, Wednesday Pt1: Episode 163


The Episode started with Riddhima asking the manager to show the footage. She checked the footage and asked how is it possible and she recalled Vansh. She said, said you were lying and she argued with them. She called out Vansh. She said I know you are lying, I will find Vansh. The Manager asked her to go after clearing the dues. He said you had come here alone, you have to go after clearing the dues.

She said don’t forget my name, I am Riddhima Rai Singhania, keep this bangles, it’s price is much more than the bill. She thinks about going to Mumbai and find out. Kabir thinks, Riddhima thinks all the problems ended by making me out of the house, Riddhima doesn’t know what turns will come in the story and stabbed her pic. He said, my mum was insulted, you will be proud, knowing my plan. Riddhima looked for Vansh. She said this can’t happen, Vansh maybe in trouble, Mata Rani please protect him.

She cried and looked for him. A car speeds towards her, she fell aside and got hurt. She felt cold. She prayed and said I wish I reach home some how. She tried to take a lift. Driver said you are hurt, you have to go to the hospital fast. She said I want to go home, it’s fine. He said I will shift the things, give me some time. She said I will adjust back side, it’s fine and he gave her a shawl. She covered herself and sat in the truck. She prayed that Vansh is fine.

Vansh addressed a press conference at home. He said I had called you all here to tell something related to my persaidnal life, I want to introduce my family member to you, it’s a close relation, I want to introduce my wife Mrs. Vansh Rai Singhania. Someone came and looked on. The reporter asked when did you marry, why didn’t you tell anyone, who is that lucky girl. Vansh said I will introduce her now. Kabir asked won’t you introduce your brother first, I mean your step brother and he walked to Vansh. Angre stopped him and said we don’t want any drama, please leave.

Vansh stopped Angre. Kabir said I told you, I will return to your life and this house, it’s about your image and respect. He introduced himself as Kabir Rai Singhania. He said Vansh’s dad had two marriages, he married my mum Anupriya, he adopted me, her child from her first marriage, God bless him, he gave me half of his property, these are the will papers, Vansh can verify, I wanted to tell you all that we are together, happy and united as a family. Vansh and Kabir smiled and posed.

Kabir said lets get seated there. The reporter said we met your brother, we are waiting to see your wife. Vansh said of course. The reporter asked why didn’t you introduce her before. Vansh said interesting, very interesting question and Riddhima came home. Vansh said the world was dealing with Covid 19, I didn’t gather the crowd at that time, when things are getting fine, I thought to introduce her. Riddhima saw the decorations and said I have to tell everything to Dadi, someone was playing a game with us. Vansh saw her at the door.

She thinks, what’s Vansh doing here. Vansh said please welcome my wife, Mrs. Vansh Rai Singhania. She dressed her hair and smiled…. He turned and called Ahana and everyone was shocked. Vansh held her hand and Kabir was also shocked. Everyone clapped. Kabir thinks what’s this new drama, Ahana double crossed me, where is Riddhima, how did Ahana become Mrs. Vansh Rai Singhania.

Ishani said I always wanted my Bhabhi’s standard to match with my brother, I am so proud and Ahana thanked her. The reporter asked Vansh about his love story. Vansh smiled. Riddhima shouts lie… Kabir and everyone look at her. Riddhima came to Vansh. She said it’s a lie, I am Vansh’s wife, I am Mrs. Vansh Rai Singhania, his legal wife.

She asked what’s all this. Vansh asked what nonsense, I don’t know you. She asked am I speaking nonsense or are you speaking nonsense, we were staying here for many months, we married, what are you saying, we went to visit Kuldevi temple, the weather was bad, so we stayed at the resort, you left me there, what’s this drama, tell me, why are you doing this.

Riddhima asked how can Ahana be your wife, I am your wife. Vansh said I am angry that a stranger is claiming to be my wife and Ishani threw Riddhima away. Vansh said this isn’t your house, you have to go away from here. They became shocked hearing Siya calling out Riddhima…Read more

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Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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