Vyom K!lled Kiara- Vansh Learns The Truth. Till Love Do Us Part 9 May 2022, Monday Pt1: Episode 247


The Episode started with Riddhima coming to Anupriya. She said sorry to disturb you, did you see the firetorch. Anupriya said you took it. Riddhima said someone took it from Vansh’s office. Anupriya said I think it’s with Dadi in her room. Riddhima asked are you sure. Anupriya said yes, go to her. Riddhima said thanks, sorry and she left. Dadi checked the tattoo pic.

Riddhima came to her asked about the firetorch. Dadi asked why would it be here. Riddhima said Anupriya said you have it, Kiara’s tattoo was burnt by it. Dadi said yes, do you want to burn this house by it. Riddhima said it was important proof for Kiara’s murder, why did the killer keep it in another room.

Dadi said stop it, you think an outsider would do this, are you not ashamed to do this, you have snatched our peace, have some shame, you are doubting your own family, do anything, go out of this room. Riddhima said I am sorry, I didn’t wish to upset you. Dadi looked at the tattoo pic. Vansh received a bouquet. Riddhima recalled the note and run to Vansh. She took the note from the bouquet and tore it, she got hurt and Vansh cared for her hurt finger.

He asked why were you in a hurry to tear the card, what happened, I ordered this bouquet for you to make an apology, you should have seen sorry written on it. She said sorry. She asked what shall I do now, tell me. He said say sorry to the flowers. She smiled and said sorry. She hugged the flowers and they laughed. He said tell me, why did you tear the card. She said actually…

Angre came and told him something and Vansh left. She said what happened. Vansh greeted the inspector. Inspector said we got info that a murder happened here. Vansh said sorry to disappoint you, but there is no murder here, you all can go. Inspector said we won’t go without the search, I got the search warrant you can see and Vansh lets the police in. Angre rolled a carpet and took it and he saw the police. Constable said they might be hiding something in the carpet. Vansh said that murderer would be foolish to hide the proof here, the carpet was going for dry cleaning, be careful.

Riddhima fell down and Vansh asked what happened. She said it’s a sprain. He asked her to be careful, she has two responsibilities. She said wrong things come in the way. The Police checked the carpet but they didn’t get to see anything. Vansh asked can I attend to my wife if you are done. The Inspector said sorry for the trouble and the Police left. Vansh asked Anupriya to call a doctor. Riddhima said no need, Vansh’s touch has healed me.

Anupriya said fine, I will get water and Vansh stumbled. He said I just need to sit. She asked what happened, couldn’t you bear my weight, are you okay. He went to his office. She asked what happened, you got tired and sat down, you lifted two persons. He smiled and said it’s better to get double weights, I feel tired. She asked why. He said I think it’s exertion because of Kiara’s death.

She said you are sweating, tell me, are you feeling tensed, have water. He said I am fine. She said I will call a doctor. He said I am fine, it’s just some exertion. She said okay, where did Angre hide Kiara’s dead body. He said I am not well, you are thinking about the dead body. She said you said you are fine, I will call a doctor and pulled her onto his lap.

He said romance is good for ending tiredness, you know what I want. She smiled and he got a call. He said it’s Angre’s call and she got up. Angre said I have kept the dead body at Vyom’s house. Vansh asked where is the house owner. Angre said I don’t know. Vansh thinks Vyom thought I will not know it, I will see how he gets saved now.

Riddhima asked what’s the matter. He said just like that, business. She said it’s no use to ask you, any way, I will get juice for you and she left. He then drank water. Angre said Kiara, you tried to get killed, won’t you call the police, I will call. He called the police from her phone and played the recording. He said oops, you are killed, sorry. Vansh got the black box and entered the tattoo code. He said where do we put in this passcode. He checked the black box code. He said it’s seven digit code. He tried the combinations to have a 6 digit code.

He coughed a lot and Anupriya came there. She said come with me, Siya isn’t there and he went see Siya. He asked where is she. She said she left the house. He asked to where?. Riddima asked are you okay. Vansh read Siya’s letter and became shocked. He read Siya loves Vyom. Anupriya asked what will happen now, do something, get her home, Siya doesn’t know anything, Vyom is your friend, ask him to leave Siya.

Vansh said I would never let Siya go to Vyom, he is a dangerous man. Vansh coughed and said I will go and get Siya. Riddhima called Vyom and warned him to stay away from Siya. Vyom said threats are music to my ear, I have much love in me, Vansh had accused me of false murder, he had planted Kiara’s dead body in my house and accused me. She said I just know that it’s between you and Vansh, don’t trap Siya, if anything happens to her then…. Vyom said she is in love with me, I am in love with her, you don’t care for me, Siya came to me by her wish, she will go by my wish, try to find her, maybe you get lucky, he ended the call and laughed.

Vansh then coughed. Angre asked are you fine and gave water to Vansh. Vansh said fine, relax, come. He got the black box and entered the secret passage. He said these boxes have wealth of our family, this black box has details of all contacts and business, it should not go into the wrong hands, we have to care a lot.

Riddhima said I know you are stressed for Siya, she will come back soon. Vyom said just Siya and I know the secret of Kiara’s death. Vansh came to meet Vyom and pointed a gun at him.

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