How Vyom & Granny K!lled Kiara. TillLove Do Us Part 9 May 2022, monday Pt2: Episode 248


The Episode started with Vansh saying we have to keep this safe. Angre asked why are you telling me. Vansh said just in case. He got a call and asked what. Riddhima was kneading the flour and Vansh came there. She asked him to look at her eye, something went in. He asked did you call me for a small thing. She said just see. He looked into her eye and she threw flour at him.

He asked are you a kid. She said sorry, did it go into your eye, show me your eye, sorry, your mood was spoiled, I thought to do this and cheer you up. She made him drink the cough syrup. He asked what’s wrong with you, you know I don’t take medicines. She said yes, that’s why I gave it this way. He asked what’s the need. She said a wife is caring for her husband, I can’t see you like this, fine I will not do this again, leave me. He kissed, hugged her and said sorry.

Vansh came to Vyom and said I think you are missing your french wines. Vyom asked how did you find this place. Vansh said I know everything and pointed a gun at Vyom and they argued. Vansh said I am the boss here, you are forgetting that I am Vansh, I can do anything to anyone who goes against me.

Vyom said arrogance make you lose the path, I have come to break your trust. Vansh said oh really, try and see. Vyom said you try to find Siya. Vansh asked where is she. Vyom said you know her skin is so soft. Vansh hits him in anger and shouted Siya. Vyom said she isn’t here. Vansh said tell me, where she is.

Vyom said I will be on the world’s crime map soon, one has to sacrifice everyone. He kicked Vansh and Vansh fell down. Vyom pointed gun at Vansh and threatened to kill him. Angre came there and said not so soon, put down the damn gun. Vyom said oh, Angre is angry. Vansh asked where is Siya. Vyom said I have swallowed her, if you kill me, she will also die along. He asked Angre to look at Vansh’s state, take him home, give him medicines.

Vansh said I don’t know what’s happening to me. Angre took Vansh with him. Vyom said you tried to trap me, you can never reach Kiara’s murderer, the truth is, you can never know the secret, just me, and the other person who stays in VR mansion knows this. Dadi dag a grave and recalled Vyom’s words. Flashback showed Kiara meeting Vyom. She said Siya said there is a surprise gift for me.

He said I am your surprise, come closer, you know we met before. She said I met you on the stairs that day. He said yes, we met before, try and recall, I was having a bowl of soup and came to you in the restaurant, do you remember the magical fountain, you chanted Om, you know what happened with me, I saw your lips and I was mesmerized, I have a plan for you, I will disappear you forever.

She asked what are you saying. He said I was playing a violin, I loved the way, I want to snatch the black box from you, I will disappear you, I couldn’t get the black box, I fell for you, I found out everything about you, I got your favorite food. He fed her the peanut butter milk,she then bit his hand and shouted for help.

Dadi heard her but he shuts Kiara’s mouth. He forced and fed the peanu milk. She said you are a monster, you know I am allergic to it. He said sit down. Dadi became shocked seeing this. Vyom said I am a lover boy, when I saw you here for the first time, I was so happy, I knew it that I will get my black box, are you feeling suffocated. She said call someone. He said you are getting a healthy death. She said I can’t breath. She shouted Vansh save me,he then recorded it and thanked her. Dadi asked what are you doing.

Vyom shouted just shut up. She said leave her, else I will tell Vansh. He said tell him what you did with his dad, he will catch your neck. Kiara then fell down. Vyom said life is a full circle, right, I forgot to give my introduction to Kiara, my name is Vyom, zero, circle, you also got trapped in this circle. Dadi said leave her, what are you doing with her.

Vyom said don’t be scared, you have lived in deaths, Vansh’s dad’s death, she is a stranger, why are you scared. Dadi said we do those things, but we don’t kill innocent people. He said I am doing this for you. He showed the tattoo on Kiara’s back. He said it’s not an ordinary tattoo, but a code, if Vansh opens the black box, your secrets will be out, Kiara is an ordinary courier girl, her work is to give info and leave, let me send her and burnt the firetorch. Dadi asked what will you do with this. He said I am doing this for you.

He took a pic of the tattoo and he burnt the tattoo. Dadi then became shocked. He asked Dadi to clean it and he left. Dadi blew off the firetorch and looked at Kiara lying there. She went to Anupriya’s room and placed the firetorch there. Kiara then got up and left. Dadi came back and saw her gone but later Kiara fell down again. Dadi then buried the firetorch.

Vansh and Riddhima had dinner and romanced, still he was coughing and she asked what happened. She shouted Angre. Doctor checked Vansh and said I think he is poisoned…Read more

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