Ridhima Gets Proof From Angre. Till Love Do Us Part Friday, 12 November 2021: Episode 34-35



Till Love Do Us Part Friday, 12 November 2021 Episode 34 started with Angre missing to see Riddhima hiding under the table. He took the diary and a picture fell down. Riddhima thinks whose photo is it. Riddhima tried to take it but Angre stepped on her hand. She didn’t scream. He picked the pic and placed the diary back. She thinks is this Ragini’s pic. He tore the pic and burnt it and placed it into the bin and left. Riddhima took the burnt pic from the bin. She tried to join the photo pieces and she saw Ragini. She recalled the statue. She saw some number written on the photo’s backside. She went and called someone. She thinks to find about the number and someone answered.

She recalled Vansh’s words and thinks is this his plan. She trashed the pic and said no, I don’t have to think negative, maybe it’s not a trap and I am close to his
secret, I will have to take risk, I have to find out. She called again and said I am calling from VR mansion, my name is… The man said shut up, you people killed my daughter, I will not leave you, I will get justice for Ragini, I will send everyone to jail for her murder. She became shocked and asked are you Ragini’s dad?.
Vansh looked for her. She said I am on your side, I will get justice for her, I know wrong happened with her. The man cried. She asked him to stop crying. Vansh didn’t see her. Vansh went to the other landline. The man said I am ready to give you Ragini’s information to you. She said fine, I will call you tomorrow morning. She thinks someone picked the phone from second the line and placed the the phone down. She went and saw Vansh. He asked did you finish the talk. She asked what. She thinks was he there on the parallel line, did he hear me. He asked her to wipe off the sweat and gave her a handkerchief. She thanked him. She said I went to take Ramayana, I wasn’t getting sleep and wanted to read something good. He asked can I see it. She said sure. He checked and said Ramayana, you would have heard about Laxman Rekha. He poured water around her. He said whenever it’s crossed, destruction happens, take this warning as Laxman rekha, when some people forget it in foolishness, then the unexpected happens, destruction, don’t cross the limits, else your mistake can awaken the Raavan in me, don’t tell me that I didn’t do a husband’s duty and didn’t explain to you. He gave the Ramayana to her. Her mangalsutra broke and fell. He held it in his hand,made her wear it and he warned her.

Riddhima went to Mrs. D’souza and said I found out about Ragini’s dad, I spoke to him. Mrs. D’souza said I asked you to not get into this. Riddhima said I do care for people’s emotions, I have a right to know about Vansh, a father has a right to know about his daughter, it will be dangerous, I will do anything to find out about Ragini. Mrs. D’souza warned her. Riddhima said someone died and we can’t be silent by our fear, I will find out for the sake of Ragini and her dad, I want to know, will you help me if needed. Mrs. D’souza said you are risking your life for others, I will do anything for you. Riddhima thanked her. Mrs. D’souza said Vansh shouldn’t know about it. Riddhima asked can I trust you. Mrs. D’souza said you gave me respect, I won’t break your trust. Riddhima thanked her.

Mrs. D’souza went to Vansh. Vansh recalled asking Mrs. D’souza to find out Riddhima’s plan of action, gain Riddhima’s trust that she shares her secret. Vansh said I insulted you in front of everyone so that Riddhima believes that you hate me. Vansh asked what is Riddhima doing and why, does she have any agenda, is she the hidden enemy of this house.

Vansh said someone made a call from the landline, find that man. Riddhima asked the man to leave the city soon. She was shocked hearing the gun shot and Kabir came home.


Till Love Do Us Part Friday, 12 November 2021 Episode started with Mrs. D’souza telling Vansh that Riddhima wants to know about Ragini, she spoke to her dad, she said she wanted justice. Vansh said he isn’t Ragini’s dad, Riddhima is hiding behind the fog, I want you to be with her and show me her real face, there is some reason behind her passion, I want definite proof, I break law but the law statue inspires me a lot, it said just trust definite proof. Riddhima recalled Vansh’s words. He said I want to know why is Riddhima doing this and why, why did she become my wife, does she have any agenda or is she the hidden enemy. Riddhima said Sita’s one move ruined Raavan, same way I will bring your destruction. He said you have to go close to her so that she shares every matter with you, just follow the plan.

Riddhima saw Vansh playing
the game. She said he will play game and then exercise, till then I will call Ragini’s dad and get info. He stopped her and said a call was made from the landline when I asked not to, find out. She thinks how does he know. He said find out that man, he should be at my hideout. She said he was on call, I have to call Ragini’s dad and tell him before Angre reaches him. She looked for the landline. Mrs. D’souza said Vansh removed all the landlines. Riddhima said I need to call Ragini’s dad, tell me, how can I do it, I am worried for him, try and understand, you said you will help me, give me your phone. Mrs. D’souza said no. Riddhima said there is no time. Mrs. D’souza said don’t tell anyone. Riddhima thanked her and took the phone. She went to make a call. She made a video call. She spoke to Ragini’s dad. He said I have made all details ready, I will send the file. He sent the file. Riddhima said just leave the city, Vansh is trying to find you. He said someone is here, I will be back. She said no, don’t open the door. She heard a gun shot and saw the blood marks on the sofa. and became shocked. The file transfer stops. Riddhima said Vansh has killed Ragini’s dad, I told him that I will help him, he trusted me and cried. She called Kabir and said Ragini’s dad died because of me, I amm responsible for it.
She said Vansh is a devil, I have married a devil. Kabir said this marriage isn’t a marriage, it’s a deal, always remember one thing, you are there to get Vansh punished, that’s it, you have no relation with him, it’s not your mistake, Vansh is committing crimes, we will punish him, it’s possible when you don’t let yourself break down, remember how you went into his world to ruin him, become that Riddhima. She cried. He said I have a plan, just do what I tell you. She said Kabir, I came here for your sake, but I want to get this murderer punished. Riddhima saw Vansh with the gun. She became scared and held a vase. He placed the gun in the drawer. She thinks I have married a murderer. She recalled Kabir’s words to keep an eye on Vansh. Vansh asked where are you going.

She stopped. Mrs D’souza came there with the food trolley. Vansh said I know you didn’t eat, so I got it here, Dadi said that love increases when we dine together, we both need it a lot. She thinks how can anyone be so stone hearted. He asked her to sit and ate the food. She thinks he is eating peacefully after killing someone. She recalled Kabir’s words and drank water. She got up and slipped down because of oil. Vansh got up. She said don’t, I will manage. He said no, you will fall again, you are making a mistake. She said no person is perfect, anyone can make mistakes and taunted him.

He said maybe you are right, what about those who control time, their bad time never comes. She said I don’t need your help. He asked where is it hurting. She said where you held it. He twisted her foot to relieve her of the pain. He said your pain disappeared and she got up. He said these hands have magic, none knows what they do and when, you are a physiotherapist but I also know how to end pain, I have hidden a lot inside me. She saw the red mark on his hand and recalled the murder. She said you are right, I am your wife, I will bring your every talent out. He saw the red mark and said oh this, I got hurt, how did this stain stay,cleaned the mark and left. Dadi and Anupriya saw someone. Vansh asked what happened. Dadi pointed to someone. Kabir came home and Vansh looked at him.

Kabir came to arrest Vansh for Ragini’s dad’s murder. He asked Riddhima who is she. Vansh said she is my wife. Riddhima smiled seeing Vansh’s arrest.


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