Ridhima Is Dying From Gunshot. Till Love Do Us Part 26 November 2021, Friday: Episode 51-52



The Episode started with Vansh meeting Sunny. He said the day I had seen Riddhima sending the signal with the torch, this master plan started, I knew there was something, she has some partner, so I called you. Flashback showed Vansh giving money to Sunny. He said I know you are dating Ishani just for money, keep this money so that you come into her life and leave forever, you will have to befriend Riddhima and tell her that the person she was sending the signal has sent you to help, she wants to know Ragini’s truth, make her believe that you have come to take her to the truth, I wanted Riddhima to know that the murder plan is working. Flashback showed Vansh saying she didn’t tell her partner’s name. Sunny said I tried hard, but she didn’t tell me. Vansh said that’s why, I made your murder plan so that she gets scared and tries to contact her partner. Sunny acted stabbed to death.

Angre said then I checked your pulse and declared you dead, why did you ask me to bury the red diary. Vansh said sometimes we have to put the enemy into an illusion that he is winning, it’s called the art of war, I wanted Riddhima to get that diary, then she will try to contact her partner, I know Riddhima isn’t alone in this plan, someone is behind it, who is it, it’s important to know, we have to catch them together, so that no one dares to do this again, Riddhima has sent the diary to a postal address, when her partner goes there to receive it, we will know him and then check mate. Sunny said wow and clapped. Vansh said enemy’s foolishness makes us win, Riddhima thinks that diary will get her evidence against me, but she doesn’t know we will reach the mastermind with that diary, Riddhima is just a pawn.

Anupriya asked everyone to hurry up. Siya said you seem to have a romantic schedule, click pics. Vansh said lot’s of pics, the day is beautiful, it’s the last day of your life. Riddhima coughed. Vansh said I mean, it will be a lovely day, slip of tongue. Ishani thinks you killed Sunny, you are still here, revenge will get fulfilled, Vansh will not leave you. Aryan thinks poor Riddhima. Riddhima thinks Kabir would have gotten my parcel. Kabir got the parcel. He got the diary and said it’s a jackpot. He said I knew Riddhima will pass in her mission, it’s a proof, she did our work. Mishra asked what. Riddhima worried. Dadi said you are getting a good chance to spend time together, you look sad. Vansh said don’t worry, I am here, I will end all her sorrow today, I will take care of her like the time stops, the morning doesn’t happen, Riddhima… take Dadi’s blessings, you will need it.

Dadi hugged Riddhima and said I have kept a gift for you on the table, check it and you will know all the truth. Riddhima thinks how so i tell you I am so scared. Dadi said Vansh, she is nervous, take care of her. Vansh said relax Dadi, there won’t be any problem, right Riddhima and everyone left. Vansh also left. Riddhima thinks Vansh has decided to kill me today.

Vansh shuts the main door. Riddhima thinks I hope Kabir got my message. She saw the note fallen near the couch. She cried and thinks it means Kabir didn’t get my message, he won’t come to save me, what will happen now. Kabir said this is a big proof against Vansh, he wanted to kill Ragini, yes and kissed the diary. He got the lemon smell. Mishra said maybe the paper is of lemon. Kabir thinks this diary isn’t like it appears, isn’t this a signal. He used lighter to get the hidden message. He was shocked reading, if you want to save the girl you sent, then reach VR mansion at 6pm. He said this diary isn’t the proof, it’s a trap laid by Vansh, Riddhima’s life is in danger. Vansh blindfolded Riddhima. She said I don’t like such jokes, please remove the blindfold. Vansh said there are many surprises, relax and he removed it.

She was shocked seeing her statue. Kabir was angry and said Vansh has fooled Riddhima and me. Mishra asked what are you saying. Kabir said Vansh planned this. He took the gun and bullets. He said Riddhima doesn’t know it, Vansh knows everything, he thinks he will hurt Riddhima, I won’t let this happen. Mishra stopped him. Kabir said I don’t care of the risk, I will fight death to get her out of the VR mansion, I can die or take Vansh’s life, nothing will happen to Riddhima, I am coming. Riddhima recalled Dadi’s words. Vansh said it’s perfect, now this statue has become part of this house, forever. Riddhima cried. He said it’s just like you, there is another surprise for you. He said, now I got to know why people say that beauty can take and give life. She recalled his words. She thinks did he decide to kill me.

Vansh stopped her nn Riddhima from leaving. He said I will send you in a grand way. Vansh and Riddhima danced. Kabir sneaked into the mansion. He aimed at Vansh but Riddhima was shot and Vansh became shocked.


Till Love Do Us Part Friday, 26 November 2021 episode started with Vansh asking Riddhima to get ready for the surprise. She thinks to run away before he crosses his limits. She went to the exit door. Vansh stopped her from stepping out. He asked what are you doing and shuts the door. He asked do you want to go without enjoying the evening with me, you can go but first live in the evening, let’s have a good talk, I promise to send you in a grand way. She said please let me go and cried. He said after all you promised me, you burnt my mum’s painting and promised me to never refuse to me if I ask something. She recalled.

He said I want you to spend the lovely evening with me, I promise you won’t regret, let’s make it more interesting. He took her and said it’s a special occasion, we should cut a cake. He scared her. He started preparing the cake. She thinks I have no way than to listen to his word and she assisted him. She was shocked seeing a knife in his hand. She imagined him stabbing her. He said maybe you should go and change your clothes, go and wear what I had told you. She said this is good. He took her and asked her to wear the dress now and left. She cried and said he will kill me today.

She went to the window. Vansh asked Angre to keep an eye on the gate, the guest will be coming. Angre said don’t worry. Vansh said if he is smart to read my message, then he will find some way to reach Riddhima, interesting. Kabir jumped inside the mansion. He thinks strange, there is no security, what is Vansh’s plan. Angre asked what’s the plan, do you really want to end Riddhima’s game. Vansh said no, I don’t want to kill her, it’s important to find the person hiding behind her. He played the piano. He said I will make them realize that it’s Riddhima’s last day, he will come to save her and get trapped. Angre nodded and said great, boss and left. Kabir injected Angre on his neck and he fainted. Someone was seen wearing the yellow gloves. Vansh came to call Riddhima. He looked for her, she came to him and he looked at her.

He said you look gorgeous, get ready for the special evening. He took her for the surprise. He showed the cake. He said we will start a new relation today, he played the music and they danced. Kabir came there and saw them. He said what is he doing, he said he will hurt Riddhima. Vansh thinks I have to bring that person out, I have to harm you now…… Read more



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