Vansh To Shoot Ridhima. Till Love Do Us Part Friday, 5 November 2021: Episode 25-26


Till Love Do Us Part Friday, 5 November 2021 Episode started with Vansh seeing Riddhima. They got married. Riddhima greeted Dadi and took blessings. Dadi asked Riddhima is she happy with the marriage. Riddhima said marriage is a dream of every girl, when it becomes reality, then many times it’s unbelievable. Anupriya did their grahpravesh. Vansh and Riddhima walked in. Vansh called her out and Riddhima shut the door. She went upstairs. Dadi said let her go, she will be fine in the morning, she is tired of the rituals. Vansh looked on. Riddhima went to the washroom and cried. Kabir walked somewhere and cried. He shouted Riddhima and hit a tree in anger. Riddhima shouted why, Kabir. She washed her face and cleaned the sindoor. Kabir said sorry Riddhima.

Vansh became angry. Angre said I have checked all the caterers personally, the intruders succeeded in leaving the mansion, sorry, maybe they took Shera. Vansh said they have come to take Shera. Angre said trust me, I will not let our business details go out. Vansh said no need to call anyone and showed him Shera. Angre looked on. Vansh said Shera disappeared from home and I found it at home, it means that intruder was unsuccessful or it’s something else. Angre asked where did you get it. Vansh said when Riddhima was missing from her room, I went to her room. He checked Riddhima’s room and saw Shera kept on the shelf. Angre said it means Riddhima is the intruder, she wanted to take the proof and run out of the mansion. Vansh gave Shera to him and said keep it safe and he left.

Aryan said I told you, not to take Shera’s name, I have hidden it at the right place, you won’t be suspected now. Aryan recalled keeping Shera in Riddhima’s room. Siya asked Riddhima to wait in her room. She complimented Riddhima. Ishani taunted her. Riddhima went inside the room and cried. Vansh came and held her tear in his hand. He said tear in bride’s eyes on this night, for whom is this pain, you aren’t able to hide, you are an expert in hiding things, what else did you hide. Riddhima asked is it your habit or like to live in doubt. Vansh said I am helpless to doubt, it’s important to live, strangely, my doubt never got wrong till date, there is no place for third person in a marriage, it maybe a person, Lord, matter or a secret. Riddhima said you said it right, marriage happens between two normal people, we aren’t normal. Vansh said interesting.

Vansh said if a thorn hurts, it’s removed and thrown away, if you had a problem with the marriage, then why didn’t you run away, you had the change, why did you return, any special reason, any mission. She drew back and he went closer to her.

She became tensed. He moved away and said whatever the reason, truth is you are my wife, it’s said that a husband gives a special gift to his wife on the wedding night. He showed her a box and she saw a gun in it. He said gift should be such that it takes life, isn’t it perfect. He asked her to take it out. He took the gun and pointed it at her. She became scared and closed eyes, he pulled the trigger and said if you dare to cheat me, then shoot yourself with this gun before I get to know. He smiled.

Riddhima thinks, I will find it. Vansh got a call and left. She saw him and went to her room. Vansh asked where did you go. He asked her to put the trash in bin. She saw Shera broken into pieces. He asked where you looking for this?


The Episode started with Vansh saying I have given you a new life as my wife today, how can I snatch your life, I will explain to you, seven rounds and seven vows are for ordinary people, you said nothing is normal between us, this gun is the eighth promise for you, if you cheat me by mistake, then shoot yourself with this before I get to know about it and he smiled and said if I cheat you, then I will kill myself before you know it, deal. He asked her to open the second drawer, if she becomes scared, then how will she keep it. He said don’t worry, you will like the gift. He showed her a golden rose and said, you can live such a beautiful life if you understand the meaning of loyalty, I can forgive you if you kill me, but not if you kill my trust.

He placed the rose above the gun. He said now, the choice is yours, I believe that there are two extremes in life, guns and roses. She said time will tell that. He said time doesn’t decide what happens in my life, I decide it, like I have made you my wife, now life will be interesting. She said the ninth promise is mine, I will try my best to make your life interesting. He said I will wait for you to fulfill the promise, Mrs. Riddhima Vansh Raisinghania. She recalled her promise to Kabir, thinks now it’s my motive to ruin Vansh.

Angre asked are you fine boss, did she accept that she had stolen Shera. Vansh said she came back and married me, it doesn’t make any sense. Angre said you mean we are wrong to doubt Riddhima. Vansh took Shera from him. He said I think it’s someone else, who kept Shera in Riddhima’s room, so that I doubt her. Angre asked who and why. Riddhima looked for Shera. Chanchal said I would have bought jewellery by selling Shera, it was costly. Aryan asked her not to say that, anyone can know it. Chanchal said Vansh is selfish, your dad does a lot for the house and business, he doesn’t get respect, you should have taken advantage of Shera. He said you know Vansh as a nephew, I hid Shera at the right place. Riddhima heard him. He went to check at the door and she hid. She said so Aryan had seen it and hidden it, but where, Vansh’s study area. Aryan said Vansh will doubt Riddhima now, not you, remember one thing, if you take Shera’s name by mistake, then your tongue will be cut.

Vansh said he has played a smart move, Riddhima is new, he tried to make me doubt her. Angre asked shall I find out about Riddhima, it’s important that her truth comes out. Vansh said she is my wife now, don’t think of doing that with her. Vansh took a hammer and broke Shera into pieces. He said Riddhima is true or an illusion, I will find it. He called someone and said I have some work. Riddhima hid and heard him. Riddhima thinks he is busy, I have to go to the room and come back in the morning before he wakes up. She went to the room and saw Vansh. She said you here. He said I was outside, now I am here, its my house, you will need time to know the ways, be careful, you may be lost. He said strange, it’s our wedding night and bride wasn’t in the room, where did you go, did you want something, were you looking for something? He went close to her. She kept a cushion between them. He got a spider and said spiders are foolish, trap should be one that doesn’t get seen. He asked did you get what you were looking for? come on, sweetheart, why so much hard work, tell me what you were looking for. He asked her to just put this in the dustbin. She asked what is it. He gave her Shera’s pieces.

She became shocked and thinks it’s Shera’s pieces. He asked what happened, don’t you want to throw it, how is it useful to you, were you looking for it. She said I don’t know what is it, why would I look for it and she placed it into the trash. She took her pillow. He said it was very useful for me before it became a trash, then someone had stolen it, I found it with much difficulty and destroyed it, what do you think, who will try to steal my thing. Riddhima said it’s your house, you say that not even a soul can go out without your permission, how can anyone steal your thing and make a mistake. He said people makes mistakes and don’t know the price to pay for it, you started knowing me, interesting.

She made her bedding on the couch. He said we got married, still you are a puzzle for me. She said you made a big mistake, person marries one who he knows well. She said I married the one who I want to know, you know I like puzzles, I like you, I wanted to get you, my trap can’t be seen, no resignation or walkout now, you will stay here in this trap. She thinks I will trap you in the same trap and get you punished.

Vansh said I will always be with you like a shadow. Riddhima saw his anger. He shouted on a maid for going to the backyard.


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