Ridhima Finds Proof. Till Love Do Us Part Monday, 1st November 2021: Episode 18-19


Till Love Do Us Part Monday, 1st November 2021 Episode started with Riddhima asking the lady about the garbage dumping. The lady said it’s in the trashbin near the gate. Vansh said we have to get Shera, it’s important. Maa asked Riddhima where are you going, get ready for the mehendi rasam, Vansh doesn’t like things to get delayed. She said I am protective about my son, you are going to become his wife, act accordingly, right, if owner breaks rules, what example will be set for others, even I don’t have right to break his rules, understand how careful you have to be, my eyes will be on you always, until I know that you can keep my son happy. Riddhima thinks to find Shera. Kabir read the news and shouted no, Vansh is marrying Riddhima, it’s his plan, I have to get her. The guy stopped him and said it will risk Riddhima’s life. Kabir asked what shall I do, shall I get him married to her. He said I have to talk to Riddhima, Vansh won’t touch my Riddhima, this mission can’t have such a big price.

Riddhima thinks of Kabir. She asked Kabir to close his eyes. She showed K written on her hands with mehendi and he smiled. She said I wanted to get big K written. He said you are cute and mad also. She said yes, mad in your love, I can’t imagine anyone’s name on my hands. He said I can’t let this happen. She said not just you, but I also promised, now none’s mehendi will be applied to my hand. She burnt her hand with the hot iron and she cried. Vansh said who will be interested in Shera. Vansh selected his outfit. He said who can dare to enter my secret room. She came to Riddhima’s room. She kept the iron and hid her pendant.

He said you didn’t get ready, I thought girls like to get ready for their wedding, it’s your mehendi ceremony, what happened, is there something I can’t see. She said I don’t want time in getting ready. He asked why did you put your hand backside. She said just like that. He said show it to me. She showed her burnt hand. He asked her to sit. He got the first aid box and gave her. She applied the ointment and tied the bandage. He said I feel like you are enjoying your pain. She said love and pain are related, you need a heart filled with love to understand this deep thought. She asked him to leave, she has to get ready. He said what’s the meaning to burn the hand intentionally. Riddhima asked why would anyone do that, I was ironing and my hand got burnt. He said servants are there for work. Riddhima said I get peace in doing my work myself, be it ironing the clothes or handling my pain and he left.

Riddhima got ready. Everyone looked at her. Ishani said I am damn sure that she is feeling uncomfortable in the designer outfit. Vansh starred at Riddhima.Dadi asked her to sit. Siya said her hand got burnt. Maa said she was fine some time back, it will be inauspicious if mehendi isn’t applied. Dadi said it’s fine, we will apply on the left hand. She asked Chanchal to do the rasam. Riddhima got mehendi applied. She thinks I don’t know if Kabir knows this, but I am sure he is always with me. She talked to Chanchal. She hid a mehendi cone. She got the chit from it and read. Kabir wrote…. name will be of someone else, but it will have the colour of love. Riddhima smiled. Kabir recalled putting the note in the mehendi cone and sending it to Riddhima. Riddhima thinks Kabir will come soon and take me. Vansh saw Riddhima smiling. He thinks why is she suddenly smiling. Riddhima looked at the time. She thinks how to go there. Siya asked Riddhima to come for a dance. Riddhima danced with them. The chit fell down and flew towards Vansh. Riddhima became worried. Vansh saw the chit. She thinks I will be caught if he reads the message, what shall I do.

Vansh looked at Riddhima dancing. She run and went to the check the trash. Vansh came out. Riddhima saw him and rushed.

Till Love Do Us Part

The Episode started with Vansh looking at Riddhima. Angre searched for Shera. Aryan said I can’t believe that Vansh has fallen for this staff girl. Riddhima looked at the time and went out. She said you… Angre signalled Vansh and said I didn’t see Shera. Vansh asked who can take it, I think I know. Aryan asked the runaway bride. Riddhima said I wanted to have some fresh air. He said Vansh is keeping an eye on you, it’s impossible to run from here and he left. She pushed the trash bin and looked for Shera. Vansh came there. He saw the trash fallen and shouted on Mrs. D’souza. She said maybe a cat has done this. He saw the mehendi marks on the bin. He said someone with mehendi hands tried to look for something here. Angre came. Vansh said if my doubt on Riddhima is right, then bye bye Riddhima. He went inside and saw Riddhima dancing with the family. He asked everyone to show their mehendi, the picture will come good.

Everyone showed their hands. Vansh saw Riddhima’s mehendi spoiled and thinks my doubt was right, Riddhima was there at the garbage bin. Siya asked him to click the pic. Vansh became shocked seeing everyone’s mehendi spoiled. He clicked the pic and thinks how did everyone’s mehendi get spoiled. Riddhima recalled hearing Vansh talking to Angre. Riddhima went inside and asked Dadi to dance like her. She taught them the steps. Their mehendi spoiled during the dance. Riddhima thinks Vansh is very smart, this time I am also ready. She recalled seeing Vansh coming. She found Shera from the trash and left. Dadi said it’s fine if the mehendi got spoiled, there is colour in it, it means this relation will have love and trust always. Riddhima thinks you trust your power, I trust my love, I have Shera, now I am ready to ruin you. Dadi said Vansh will keep you very happy and love you. Riddhima thinks you have snatched Kabir’s right from me. Kabir looked at Riddhima’s pic and said Vansh has snatched my right, but can’t snatch you, this marriage can’t happen, I am coming to you. He asked Mishra to get the map of Vansh’s mansion. He said Vansh, you made a big and last mistake of your life by trying to snatch Riddhima from me.

Vansh doubted on Riddhima and his uncle’s family. Angre said I didn’t find anything. Vansh said focus on the right person, someone is lying to us. He threw the knife at the pic. Kabir said I will enter Vansh’s mansion and try to get evidence, so that I can free Riddhima. Mishra said it’s impossible. Kabir said nothing is important, I won’t let Riddhima marry that Vansh. Riddhima found Shera. She said this has proof against Vansh. She cried and said just one day more, there is haldi, sangeet and then marriage, I will fulfill my motive tomorrow, I will celebrate my victory with Kabir, Vansh will be punished.

It’s morning, Vansh came and scolded Riddhima. She became shocked and said I don’t know what Shera is. He asked her not to act smart. He got Shera and scolded her. She woke up from the dream. She saw Shera and hid it in her bandage. Ishani came and asked what are you doing. She said I should be scared to see you, you did a black magic to trap Vansh, Dadi is calling you. Riddhima came for the haldi. Dadi asked Riddhima to change her bandage. Riddhima said no, I will manage, after changing my clothes. Vansh said I will change the bandage and Riddhima became shocked.

Vansh asked Riddhima why does she always like to run, the marriage will happen in some hours. Riddhima thinks to leave and take Shera some how. She gave her hand to Vansh…


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