There Is A Big Trouble. Till Love Do Us Part Monday, 8 November 2021: Episode 27-28


Till Love Do Us Part Monday, 8 November 2021 Episode started with Vansh asking will we both be comfortable on this sofa. Riddhima said it’s not a normal marriage, I can’t share the bed with you. He went towards her. He said you are forgetting that I am Vansh Raisinghania and she pushed him away. She said your rules and force will work on others, not me. He asked what force, I was just taking this sheets, I don’t have a habit to make my bed, so thanks, I also don’t share my bed with any stranger and he left.

She occupied the bed. Vansh said thorough gentleman, you see and she went to sleep. She turned away and he slept. She thinks this night is every girl’s dream, I am with someone for the one whom I loved, what’s there for me, just a lot of pain. Kabir was upset. Sid came and said sorry Sir, I know you are going through a lot of pain, you couldn’t save her, you lost her. Kabir said no, I don’t believe this marriage, it’s just a part of mission, she is doing what I told her. Riddhima said Vansh will get punished for his mistake, I dreamt of my marriage, I promised Kabir, Vansh will be under arrest soon.

it’s morning, Riddhima took a bath and came. She dried her hair. She thinks it will be a new start and got ready. Vansh woke up and came to help her. She said I will manage, what are you doing. He stepped away. He said I will be with you like a shadow and left. She said I think I got Shera, I would have been with Kabir now, but your end is close. Riddhima prayed. Dadi asked Vansh won’t he take the elders’ blessings. Riddhima looked at him. They took Dadi’s blessings. Anupriya said mom’s blessing means blessing of the entire house. Dadi asked Vansh to make Riddhima wear the ancestral bangle. Riddhima said it’s not needed. Dadi said it’s our rituals. Vansh made her the wear bangles. Dadi said it’s your first day, it’s Janmashtami, I have made butter for Kanha. Riddhima said it looked like you like this festival a lot. Dadi said a lot, I wish to have bhajan and Rasleela, but it doesn’t happen these days, you will make kheer for Kanha and Vansh, right. Riddhima said I haven’t made kheer before, I won’t be able to do it.

Anupriya said you have become bahu of this house, why must you get scared of little things, come. Dadi asked her to take Riddhima to the kitchen. Anupriya said I may never give you a place of my bahu, but I trust Vansh’s decision, I can’t tolerate anyone breaking his trust, D’souza will help you. Ishani asked Riddhima to make kheer alone. Riddhima said sure. Ishani became rude. Mrs. D’souza was dragged by a rope and brought to Vansh. Anupriya said let Riddhima fulfill the rasam. Riddhima started making kheer. She heard Vansh shouting. She placed the gas stove on and left. Vansh scolded Mrs. D’souza for going to the backyard, he didn’t give permission to anyone. She apologized and cried. She said I did the mistake unknowingly. He said how dare you break my trust, you did many favors for me, else I would have killed you, I can give you a chance to live, but not a place to live here, get out. She said forgive me, I don’t want to go. Riddhima said Vansh please. Vansh shouted don’t….. and she thinks what’s in the backyard.

Vansh said there are many secrets hidden in VR mansion. Riddhima went to backyard. He saw a statue and saw VR ring in her hand. She thinks what’s her secret.


The Episode started with Dadi stopping Angre from taking Mrs. D’souza. Vansh said she made a mistake. She said I know she did a mistake, she is apologetic, don’t fire her. Vansh said fine, I will give her a chance on your saying, else I can’t tolerate the one who cheats me. Mrs. D’souza thanked Dadi for saving her. The smoke alarm rang. Riddhima thinks did I leave the gas on and she run. Ishani smiled and recalled igniting the stove. She thinks I have made your morning not so good. Riddhima placed the burnt vessel aside. Anupriya scolded her. Ishani said you wanted a good omen, you wanted your bahu to make kheer, now look at what she is doing. Riddhima asked Dadi to give her some time, she will make sweets. She quickly made sweets and kept bhog. Dadi smiled. Riddhima took the sweets to Vansh. She asked him to taste it, the sweetdish lessens bitterness of the heart also. Vansh tasted the sweets. He liked it and said not bad. Dadi smiled and said this is called real bahu, the day was spoiling, but she managed it by her smartness. Vansh said I have an important meeting, I have to go and he left.

Riddhima went to clean the kitchen. Mrs. D’souza said I will clean it. Riddhima saw her hand was hurt and dressed it for her. She said sorry for whatever happened with you, I couldn’t do anything for you. Mrs. D’souza said I raised Vansh, I did a mistake, he gave me such a big punishment, it’s not justice. Riddhima said sorry on his behalf, what’s in the backyard, that there is such a big punishment. Mrs. D’souza said no one is permitted to go there, please and she left. Riddhima said something big would be hiding there, maybe the past is hiding something that can send him to jail. Vansh said I can double the money, but I want this deal, think it’s done from my side, very soon I will know who is the culprit in this house. Riddhima thinks of going to backyard. Aryan asked why are you so scared. She asked him to mind his own business.

He said it’s a tough job to handle Vansh, if you want help, don’t hesitate, I would be glad to help. She said I am your Bhabhi, if I need help, I can tell Vansh, thank you. Vansh said Riddhima won’t be saved if she is wrong, I will not doubt her without any proof, she will make some mistake soon, I will trap her, it won’t be seen to her. Riddhima went to the backyard. Riddhima stepped in the rope and was hurt. She removed her sandals and went ahead. She followed the footsteps. Riddhima said I am sure Vansh will take more time in the meeting. She reached some place. She got hurt. She said what secret is hidden here. He said she won’t be finding the secrets, if she does, then she will be caught. Riddhima said I have to hurry up.

Her dupatta got stucked and said Vansh…. sorry Vansh I lost my way, I came here by mistake, sorry. She turned and didn’t see anyone. She went ahead and saw a girl’s statue. She said whose statue is this, it’s not from Vansh’s family, who is this girl. She saw the ring with VR initials. She said there should be something else here. Her dupatta got stuck. She tried to free it and turned. She was shocked seeing Vansh holding her dupatta. Vansh asked what are you doing here, Mrs. D’souza told you about the statue. She said no, she didn’t say, why would she say. He said don’t play with me, Riddhima, why do you feel that I am not keeping an eye on you. She said whatever happened with Mrs. D’Souza, she won’t dare to break your trust. He said interesting, people learn from other’s mistakes, why did you make this mistake. She said I was looking around the house and reached here. He angrily threw a knife and said my aim isn’t so bad, but I can’t punish you without getting my answers, you have seen Mrs. D’Souza getting fired and you dared to come here, why…. She became scared.

Riddhima asked everyone about the statue. Ishani warned her. Vansh made Riddhima wear the VR ring and said whoever wears this ring is special for me. Riddhima looked at him.


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