Kabir & Ridhima Caught. Till Love Do Us Part Thursday, 11 November 2021: Episode 32-33


Till Love Do Us Part Thursday, 11 November 2021.

He said the Lord gave us mind to use in life, do you want to end all of it right away. She said when you don’t doubt me and let me look into your heart, then I will give you
this right.
He said it’s fun when there is a puzzle, a code message, I cracked it and know who you are, physiotherapist, party planner or poet.
She thinks Ishani told him about the poetry. She said I am not a professional poet, my feelings got words. He said you have this talent. She said I deleted it. He said from phone, you would be knowing it, tell me. She recited the lines and Vansh clapped for her.

He said so romantic, who is that lucky person whom you gifted these words. She said nobody, I just wrote it. He said good, it was beautiful, sleep now, I have to end some important work and left. She said thank God, he didn’t understand the message in poetry. She saw Kabir’s pic on the ring and said I will wait for the morning. Vansh thinks I will wait for the morning. He recalled the poetry and said I will see who he is and why did she call him, all the secrets will be out. Riddhima and Kabir think of their meeting.

It’s morning, Riddhima got ready. Vansh came and said you fight at night and get ready as a bride in the morning, finally, you got to remember your duties. She said you can think anything. He thinks I know everything, you don’t know about coming in the hawk’s sight and falling as a prey. She said I have some work. He said you aren’t ready yet. He got the sindoor and took his ring. He said Dadi said a bride looks incomplete without sindoor. She stopped him and pushed him way but the sindoor still fell in her hairline.

He said Dadi also said that if the sindoor falls over the nose, then husband loves a wife a lot, it’s a husband’s right to fill sindoor, is there any problem with it? She cleaned the sindoor off her nose. She asked him to bring sincerity. He said I told you about Ragini. She said incomplete truth isn’t truth and she left. Riddhima greeted Dadi. Dadi asked her to taste the pickles spice. Riddhima said no, I can’t taste it, I have kept a Hartalika teej fast. Dadi said I forgot it, in our times, we used to celebrate it so well, this is your shagun from my side. She tied a thread to Riddhima’s hand and said you finish the work and come. Riddhima thanked her and thinks I will go to Kabir if this work ends soon. Dadi said I will ask the driver to drop you. Riddhima said no, I will walk. She helped Dadi. She said I believe that hands magic works in pickles than spices, same way devotion works more than the temple. Dadi said you talk lovely things, I am done with this, I will come along. Riddhima said no, you just worked a lot, you take rest, don’t worry. Dadi said I will ask Anupriya. Riddhima said I will come very soon. Ishani said I am free, I will keep an eye, I mean I will give company, it’s her first fast, it’s not good to go alone, who knows what happens. Riddhima said Siya woke up late, help her in taking the shower. Dadi said yes, go and help Siya and Ishani left.

Riddhima asked Dadi to go and rest. Dadi blessed her and she left. Vansh looked on and recalled Riddhima’s words. He said you are an interesting puzzle, it will be fun to solve you, trust me, it won’t take long. Kabir was disguised and waited near the tree. Vansh’s uncle came there and saw him. He asked who are you. Kabir said I am from the municipality to sanitize the area. Uncle told him about his new book. Kabir said the title is interesting, I will read the book. Riddhima said I will see Kabir after many days, I will pray that no one sees him. She looked for him and prayed. Vansh looked on and thinks waiting is the toughest work, I also have to meet your stranger friend today.

Kabir asked did you find anything. Riddhima said Vansh murdered Ragini. Vansh said there is something behind the tree. He went to ask Riddhima.


Episode started with Riddhima thinking Vansh is looking at me, I have to do the puja. She saw Kabir. He saw the sindoor, mangalsutra and bangles worn by her and she cried. He said Riddhima… Vansh looked at the time. Kabir asked why did you call me, did you find anything. She said there was a girl Ragini, Vansh’s ex fiancee. Vansh said she took 10 seconds to take one round of the tree. Kabir said it’s not a big thing. Riddhima said Ragini is special, her statue is kept in the backyard. Kabir said I recollect her name, she is the one who went missing. Riddhima said I will come. Vansh said this time, 15 seconds.

Riddhima said Vansh murdered Ragini, his mum confirmed it. Kabir asked are you sure, that’s great, anything else, we have to prove that Vansh killed
She asked how. Vansh said 25 seconds…. no, something is behind this tree and he left. Kabir said Vansh has a special habit, he records his memories, he would keep Ragini’s memories in his house or secret room, you have to find it, we need proof that he killed Ragini. Riddhima said it’s tough for me, I feel scared every time. He said I understand, you encouraged me, it’s a new start for us and she nodded. He said we need solid proof, else we can’t keep Vansh in jail, you made many sacrifices, everything will be waste. She left and saw Vansh.
Vansh asked what did you see behind the tree. Kabir heard him. Vansh went to see. She thinks Vansh will see Kabir but he didn’t see Kabir. Riddhima asked what did you see, did you get anyone, I am not hiding anyone. She taunted him and took a round. Vansh looked on and he left. He got the rose and looked around. Kabir came out of the dry leaves dumped there. Vansh came to Riddhima. He said Teej fast and all, interesting, I heard wives stay hungry today and doesn’t even drink water. She said you heard it right, this plate is for bhog. He said fast for husband’s long life, trying very hard, but I can’t believe it. She said you won’t believe when there is doubt in your heart, anyway I don’t need your trust certificate, I don’t play with people’s feelings and she left. Dadi asked Vansh what’s this way to talk to her, she has kept fast for him and he is doubting her intention.

She said respect other’s emotions, she is your wife, not an enemy. Vansh took water for Riddhima. He said trust doesn’t change, I got this water on Dadi’s saying, have it. She said I don’t need it. He asked her to have it. She said this fast will be a formality for you, you don’t have faith and respect for it, no need to do anything. He held her and said I respect Dadi’s words, I don’t care about fast rituals, I care for my Dadi, that’s why, you have to drink the water and gave her the water. He said it doesn’t mean that you won my faith, none can win it, not even you, never. She said I don’t want to win your faith, just tell me, how did Ragini win your trust, or you didn’t even trust her and he left. She said I kept this fast since I couldn’t lie to Dadi, my heart knows why I kept this fast, so that I go out and meet Kabir, why did Vansh break my fast, I know my life and fate are connected to Kabir, not anyone else. She recalled Kabir’s words and cried. She said maybe Dadi’s blessing helped me.

Vansh said that poem is a clear cut sign of calling someone, Riddhima went there, why didn’t anyone come to meet, or maybe I couldn’t see him. Angre came and said order me, Riddhima will say everything on her own. Vansh said she is my wife, so I am tolerating her, I will forget all relations when my patience ends. Angre got his diary. Vansh said it’s better if the secrets stay hidden, if Riddhima knows this then she will know about Ragini, hide this. Riddhima looked on and Angre left. Riddhima thinks Vansh wants to hide that memory book from me, I have to reach it soon. She saw Angre on a call and went to take the book. Angre turned and saw her.

Riddhima took Ragini’s pic and called a number. Vansh took the call and warned Riddhima strictly.


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