Vansh Makes Ridhima’s Statue. Till Love Do Us Part Thursday, 25 November 2021 Pt1: Episode 50


Till Love Do Us Part Thursday, 25 November 2021 Pt1 Episode started with Riddhima saying I will face death and win to get a life, I will go from this mansion, but with the proof. She dag the ground. She said Sunny told me, was his info wrong, what was that sound. Someone looked on. She got a diary. She read Ragini and said it means it’s her personal diary, she was here. Everyone looked at her. She thinks why is everyone looking at me like this, do they know that I got Ragini’s diary. Chanchal taunted her. Vansh said so it’s decided, you all are going for an outing.

She thinks is this his plan. She said I am not fine, can I stay back. He said why not, I can’t take that risk, after all I have to care for you, you won’t go, I will be here to take care of you, she looked at him and Dadi smiled. She thinks it will be risky to stay with him in the house. Ishani said sorry, I don’t want to go. Vansh said I know you won’t like to go, this outing is for you, go, you will like it.

Siya said Vansh and Riddhimaa will get a private time together. Dadi said we will go and do the packing. Chanchal said it’s our first outing after lockdown. Aryan said you would be confused about the story behind the holiday, you will be alone with Vansh, wish you all the best and he left. Riddhima looked at Vansh. He signalled to shoot her. She was tensed and bumped into Dadi.

Dadi said you should be happy that Vansh is giving you a second chance, try to make everything fine, think that, fate is also giving you a second chance and Riddhima left. Ishani said Vansh doesn’t care for my feelings, Sunny was my life, Vansh wants me to go to the farmhouse and enjoy, he wants to be with Riddhima at home, can’t he see my pain. Aryan said just think, Vansh and Riddhima alone in the house, you know Vansh well, recall when did he do this and why.


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