Kabir & Ridhima Escapes. Till Love Do Us Part Thursday, 4 November 2021: Episode 23-24


Till Love Do Us Part Thursday, 4 November 2021

The Episode started with Riddhima saying nothing should happen to Kabir. Ishani knocked the door. She didn’t see Riddhima in the room. She said lovely, Vansh got saved from the middle class trash, everyone should know this good news. Dadi asked why didn’t you get Riddhima. Ishani said I had a doubt before, now it’s confirmed, she has run away. Vansh and everyone became shocked. Dadi said this can’t happen. Siya asked did you check the room well. Ishani said don’t doubt my eyes. Chanchal said I had seen her going to Siya’s room. Siya said my bedroom is not that side. Aryan said I will go and see. Vansh became angry. Dadi asked him not to get up.

Riddhima heard the gun shot and cried. Anupriya/Maa said I felt something is wrong, she was trying to run away. Vansh said Riddhima…. Riddhima thinks of Kabir. Angre shot a caterer’s staff guy. The guy said I don’t know anything, please leave me. Angre thinks who is the real enemy. Riddhima said I have to go to Kabir. Kabir came to her and shuts the door. He recalled seeing Angre and going away. He asked what are you doing here.

Riddhima hugged him and cried. He asked what happened. She asked are you fine. He said yes I am fine, Angre was coming this way and I hid, he caught someone else. She asked did you get Shera, it was there. He says it wasn’t there. She says it’s important for us to leave, Vansh will kill us. He said I don’t care, Vansh’s destruction is important than my life, it’s time to face him now. Vansh removed his pagdi and got up angrily. He threw the pagdi and left. Riddhima said no, he is dangerous, he will kill you, you will get such chance again. Kabir hit the table and the vase tumbled. Vansh heard the sound. Kabir said I will see whatever happens. Riddhima said please and held the vase. Angre came and said boss, we caught the wrong man. Vansh asked and Riddhima? Angre said we didn’t get her anywhere and Vansh left. Riddhima said please come with me and they left.

Vansh came to the family. Dadi asked did you get her, don’t know what happened, how she left. Vansh said no question can dare to leave without answering me, if Chanchal has seen her sometime back, then it means she is inside the house. Maa said she was looking for a chance to leave. Vansh said not even a person’s soul can leave this house without my permission and he left. Riddhima and Kabir hid from Aryan. Vansh went upstairs. He said I don’t know if the enemy disappeared you or you are my enemy, it will be good for you that both my doubts are wrong. He looked for clues. Vansh went out with a gun in his hand. He said you can’t run away Riddhima. Kabir thinks of his aim. Riddhima asked him to come. Her dupatta got stuck ans Kabir helped her. They hid from Vansh. Kabir asked Riddima to go. Chanchal taunted about Riddhima. Dadi asked her to think about it. They heard a sound. Vansh said you can’t go Riddhima. Dadi called everyone. Vansh came and saw Riddhima. Aryan and Angre get her to the mandap. Dadi smiled and asked where did you go, say something. Riddhima recalled Kabir saying I won’t die by Vansh’s hands or run like a coward, this death is my medal, I will kill myself. Riddhima became shocked. He said I am a soldier of law, soldier returns after dying or killing, I couldn’t do my duty. She said we will find another way, stop this madness and he shot.

Kabir asked Riddhima to marry Vansh. Vansh married Riddhima and pointed a gun at her.

Till Love Do Us Part Episode 24

Episode started with Riddhima recalling scolding Kabir. Riddhima said you hate Vansh as much as you love me, when I heard the gun shot, I thought I lost you, you got killed, that one second, I died along with you. She said you can’t snatch my life. Kabir closed his eyes.

Riddhima said I slipped. Vansh thinks Riddhima is hiding something. Dadi stopped Vansh and said we will talk later. Vansh and Riddhima sat in the mandap. They did the rituals. Flashback showed Riddhima stopping Kabir. She said your death will be his victory, we will win.

Kabir asked how will we win, what do we have, we couldn’t get a proof against Vansh, we have nothing, there is no way, I have put my everything at stake, my life, my love, just for my duty, and even then I couldn’t do my duty, I have lost.

She said no Kabir, I am responsible for this defeat, I am sorry, but we won’t lose, I promise, I will fight, I will do anything, I will give my life if needed, but I can’t see you losing, we are connected by heart and breath. Pandit said this marriage has connected you for seven births, stand up for the rounds.

Vansh looked at Riddhima. Flashback showed Riddhima asking Kabir to think of some option. Kabir asked what if I ask you something that is worse than death. She asked him to ask and see. Dadi asked Riddhima to get up.

Riddhima got up. Vansh and Riddhima exchanged garlands and took the rounds. Pandit told their promises. Flashback showed Kabir saying it’s easy to die by poison, but live with poison, can you pay this price for my love, can you marry Vansh for my motive. Riddhima became shocked. She recalled their relation. Vansh asked Riddhima to walk ahead.

He said I think something is important than marriage for you, that’s why you are lost. She said no, nothing is important than marriage and she walked ahead. Flashback showed Kabir saying I didn’t give you anything than pain, I am asking such a price by which I will also die slowly, can you give this price, tell me.

Riddhima said I was ready to give my life, you could have asked my life and happiness, but you asked me to live a life worse than death, I am ready to pay the price. Vansh made her wear mangalsutra. Flashback showed Kabir crying. Riddhima said I love you and can do anything for you. Vansh filled sindoor in her maang.

Flashback showed Riddhima asking Kabir to leave from the mansion and walk away to get freedom, don’t say anything, else I can’t do this.

He picked the gun and left. Her dupatta got stucked to his coat. She looked at him. He got hurt by the nails. She worried seeing his blood. She did the aid to his wound and he left. She went back to the mansion. Vansh looked at Riddhima.

Riddhima cried a lot and said why Kabir… Vansh said you are crying on this night, why. He pointed a gun at her and she became scared.


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