Vansh K!lled His Mum? Till Love Do Us Part Tuesday, 16 November 2021: Episode 38-39


Till Love Do Us Part Tuesday, 16 November 2021 Episode 38 started with Riddhima and other shows’ leads doing Ganpati aarti. Riddhima prayed. She thinks I want to see Vansh’s real face and the light went off. Riddhima asked is this your sign Bappa. She went to light a candle. She saw some light coming. She thinks how is this light coming from the wall, is there no wall. She saw a keyhole. She said it means it’s a secret door. Ishani did the aarti and gave sweets to everyone. She came to Riddhima. She asked can I know the reason for your standing here. Riddhima said the lights went off, I thought the meter board was here. Ishani said it’s in the storeroom, Angre fixed it, you don’t know many things here, it will be good if you don’t try to know it, you have no relation to it, curiosity killed the cat. Vansh came. He took the sweets and left. Riddhima said I have to find this door’s key, thanks Bappa for showing me the way.

Riddhima went to Ragini’s statue and said how shall I apologize, your dad… because of me, please forgive me, I will never make such mistake again, I will find your real story and get justice, I know about the mystery door, I am sure it’s connected to you, I think I will get the key here. Someone came there while she was looking for the keys. She run and slipped. Aryan held her hand and she said you….

He said you may get saved from the family’s sight, but my eyes are on you, always, even during aarti time. She asked what. He said you think a lot, I know you know about that door. She said stop, I don’t need your help, I know you will be misbehaving again. He said don’t stick to the past, forget it, I don’t want any return gift for this help, think I am your well wisher, I can tell you about the keys, it’s in Vansh’s pocket. She asked how do I believe you, it maybe your plan. He said that hurts, I came to help you and you…. I want the truth to come out, trust me and she left. He said not bad, I told you, wait and watch. He recalled Vansh slapping him. He said now she will find the keys, the truth will come out and then…. He smiled.

Riddhima came to the room and Vansh is sleeping. She tried to get his wallet. He hd her hand but she got the key. Vansh woke up and turned to see her. She hid the key in her mouth. He asked didn’t you sleep, but she coughed. He asked what are you doing. She signalled him and he got water for her. She then placed the key in her hand. She drink water and thanked him. She said Dadi called you for puja, I came to call you, you held my hand in sleep. He said I don’t have proof, I feel something is hidden behind this innocent thing, I want to tell you, leave me alone for the next 5 days. She asked why this change, maybe for Ragini.

He asked her to talk as much as needed, do puja as Bahu, don’t question and he left. She thinks maybe he killed Ragini, he looked strange today, I wish I could tell Kabir about it, he would have felt proud, I will hand over proof against Vansh to Kabir tonight. It’s was night, she thinks Vansh went out and everyone is sleeping. She went and opened the door, she prayed and went inside. She said there is nothing here, what’s this secret. She fell down the stairs. Vansh came home and looked for her. He called her and said she isn’t answering. She stumbled and pulled a cloth. She saw a statue covered with red cloth and checked and thinks she isn’t Ragini, then who is she.

Vansh said whatever happened with you was right, one who cheats me have to face the consequences. Riddhima said I am taking your avatar, Vansh will tell me all the truth, about you and Ragini. She wore a white saree and runs, leaving behind the anklet. Vansh shouted who is there, come in front.


Till Love Do Us Part Tuesday, 12 November 2021 Episode started with Riddhima looking at the saree and jewellery. She saw a statue and thinks who is she, she isn’t Ragini. Vansh looked for her. Aryan said you are here, I thought you were in the secret room, who is there?” Vansh left. Aryan said it will be fun now, I will see what he does with Riddhima when he sees her. He saw the lady’s pic. Vansh looked for the keys in his wallet. Aryan looked at him. Vansh got the key. Aryan thinks how did he get the key back, Riddhima had stolen it. Vansh went to the secret room. Riddhima said did Vansh murdered this lady also. Vansh went to see. She heard a sound and run to hide. He picked up the key. Vansh came there and but didn’t see anyone. He saw the statue and said you are a cheater. He covered it with the red cloth.

Riddhima thinks she cheated him. He said I can’t tolerate that cheat. He saw the jewellery and said my wounds get deep by seeing this, your every sign hurts me a lot and he shuts the boxes. He said whatever happened with you was right, you know I can forgive anything but not cheat, this is the result of those who cheat me. Riddhima thinks Vansh feels this lady also cheated him, he killed her and made her statue,and he left. Aryan asked what happened, who was inside, I didn’t hear any fight or shout. Vansh asked with whom, fight with the walls? He warned Aryan and left.

Aryan thinks, how did this happen. Riddhima came out. Aryan asked if Vansh has the keys, how did you get another key. Riddhima recalled taking the key impression and keeping the real key back in Vansh’s wallet. Vansh said I am going for an important work. Riddhima hid the key and said I knew you can’t help me without any reason, it was your trap, I had locked the door so that I have a way to get saved. He said you are smart, but not enough to know the statue’s story. She taunted him and left. He said I will not give another chance. Riddhima heard glass breaking sound and knocked on the door.

She called out Vansh and went in. She fell in his arms. She saw the broken glass and asked do you want some help but he just left. She said does he regret his actions, what’s his pain, he killed Ragini and that lady, then he is hurting himself, I wish I could tell Kabir, but no, we got saved by difficulty and she prayed. Dadi narrated the Katha to the family. Riddhima heard the Katha. Dadi said we have to go and visit Ganpati in our neighborhood. She asked Riddhima to stay at home and take care of Vansh. Riddhima thinks I will make Vansh admit the truth, all the secrets will begin and she left to the secret door. Someone looked on. Vansh was drunk and played the piano. His hands was bleeding and continued drinking. Riddhima came there wearing the white saree and jewellery and she run. He asked who is there, you came back, come in front and he went to catch her. He thinks how can you come back, how is it possible.

Riddhima said Vansh will tell me the entire truth on his own today. She said you loved me a lot, even then you took my life. He said you cheated me. She run to her room.


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