The Pendrive. Till Love Do Us Part Tuesday, 2 November 2021: Episode 20


Till Love D Us Part Tuesday, 2 November 2021 Episode started with Vansh saying I will change the bandage. Riddhima sat and removed Shera from the bandage. She hid Shera inside the haldi bowl. Vansh applied the ointment to her and did the aid. Maa took the haldi bowl. Riddhima kept an eye on the bowl. She thanked Vansh. She saw four bowls kept together and thinks in which bowl is Shera hidden, Shera is the only way to get rid of this marriage, I have to get Shera, I won’t marry Vansh.

She sat for the haldi and she became tensed. Maa applied haldi to her and gifted her a necklace. Ishani said it’s real, not fake, it’s worth lakhs. Vansh said the thief will make some mistake and we will reach Shera. Chanchal said you look good in designer clothes, you look very pretty. She applied the haldi. Vansh and Angre saw Aryan on a call and Aryan left anf they followed him.

Chanchal gave the shagun. Dadi said Chanchal has a treasure hidden and doesn’t give anything to anyone. Ishani said I won’t apply haldi. Dadi asked her to come. Ishani applied the haldi. Three bowls became empty. Riddhima thinks now everyone will get Shera. Siya said I will apply the haldi now. Riddhima applied haldi to Siya. Maa asked what are you doing.

Riddhima thinks Shera isn’t in this bowl, where did it go. Riddhima said you wanted to apply haldi to me, learn how to apply haldi and he laughed. She thinks where did Shera go, how can this happen. Aryan said it will be done till evening. He saw a shadow and ended the call. Vansh stopped him to question him but Aryan tried to avoid. Vansh asked him to answer his question. He warned Aryan.

Aryan said my heart isn’t scared of threatening, relax, chill, I have no plan to rebel against you and he left. Vansh told something to Angre. Riddhima said where did Shera go, I was so close to getting evidence, how will I find Shera. She recalled everyone who applied the haldi to her. She said maybe Chanchal got it, no this can’t happen, I have to reach Shera before Vansh. Chanchal cleaned Shera and smiled.

She thinks it’s gold. Riddhima wrnt and saw Chanchal. Chanchal said I will add another gold piece to my collection and Riddhima hid. Chanchal kept it the locker and left. Vansh came and asked Riddhima what is she doing. Riddhima said I had some work with Chanchal. Vansh said you won’t get the marriage gift from me, there is a good news, I am not marrying you tomorrow. She asked what.

He said the plan changed, the marriage will happen today in some hours. She said this can’t happen, I can’t marry you, what’s the need to change the plan.

He said I am so desperate for the first time, I want to give you a new identity, Mrs. Riddhima Vansh Raisinghania, I can’t wait for more, Dadi said mahurat is in some hours, I thought to give you the good news to you, shall we go, Chanchal isn’t in her room, we will ask Maa to make the necessary arrangements for you.

Riddhima thinks of Kabir. She thinks what shall I do to inform Kabir about the marriage happening today. Kabir saw Vansh and Riddhima’s marriage news. He became shocked. He said I have to get Riddhima back. Mishra asked how will you do this, it’s like dying to enter Vansh’s mansion without forces. Kabir asked what shall I do, Riddhima would be dying every moment, I have to take the risk and go there.

Siya asked Riddhima to get ready, mahurat is in some time. Kabir said time is less, what shall I do, Riddhima you are mine, Vansh can’t snatch you from me. Riddhima tried to call him. She gave the phone to Siya. She thinks Kabir take me from here, I can’t marry Vansh and she cried.

Riddhima said I am just for Kabir. Kabir came and met her. He said I won’t let this marriage happen and they smiled. Vansh sat in the mandap and waited for her.


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