Ridhima Finds Ragini’s Secret Grave. Till Love Do Us Part Tuesday, 23 November 2021: Episode 46-47


Till Love Do Us Part Tuesday, 23 November 2021 Episode started with Vansh saying you maybe the first girl who doesn’t like gifts or the person giving it and showed her the dress. He said I am sure my choice is not bad, don’t you like it. She said I like it. Flashback showed Sunny saying when Vansh showers love, it means there is a big reason behind, just play along. Vansh said I feel you will look very beautiful in this dress, I want to see you in this dress. She said okay. He said right now and she left. Ishani said no, I don’t want any gift, you thought you won’t inform me and go away, then convince me with a gift. Sunny said I know you, your mood got spoiled. He showed Sunny weds Ishani invite. She smiled and said it’s today. Sunny said we met on this date and she hugged him. She said so you had to give me this gift. He said I love you so much. She said I love you too, come, we will tell the family.

Aryan asked are you out of your mind, today, it’s about marriage. Dadi said marriage can’t be done in a rush. Ishani said I have to make this date important, Vansh has to agree to me. Riddhima wore the gifted dress and came. She asked is there any special occasion. Vansh said you will know it soon, there are more surprises for you and gave her the heart pillow. She recalled Kabir. She recalled Vansh burning it. She said it’s the same pillow which… He said I had burnt it in anger, so I have got exactly the same for you. She thinks something is wrong, he can never care for anyone, what’s happening. She took it. He said I imagined you while buying this dress, you look much more beautiful than I thought, there is just one thing less and he let her hair loose. He took her for a dance and they danced.He showed the surprises to her. He said there are many left, life should be full of surprises. Flashback showed Vansh giving beautiful moments to Ragini, she didn’t know that Vansh would kill her, it’s his way to do this. Riddhima thinks will this happen with me also, Vansh is going to kill me, no. Vansh asked where are you lost. She said nowhere.

He said some moments are beautiful, they should be captured, you look beautiful, I will take a pic, who knows, I get a chance again or not. She recalled Sunny’s words. Sunny said Vansh had taken Ragini’s pic to keep as her memory. Vansh clicked her pic. He said I will always keep this pic as memory. Riddhima thinks will he kill me, is he preparing for my murder. He asked what happened, actually, you just give a different pose, turn a little. He clicked her pic and said it’s very perfect, it should be framed and he left. She said no, he wants to kill me and she cried.

Vansh said sorry Ishani, I can’t agree. Ishani argued with him. She said just Siya is important for you, not me. He asked what nonsense is this. She asked do you know my favorite dessert. She asked Sunny not to talk between them. She asked her favorite colour. Vansh said yellow. She said it’s Siya’s favorite colour, I am not in your life, just Siya matters to you, I am nowhere, but for Sunny, I am his entire world, why don’t I marry him. Vansh made her wear the bridal dupatta. He said fine, I agree if you are happy, you will get married to Sunny today and Ishani smiled.

Riddhima called out Sunny and signalled him to come. Sunny went and asked why did you call me, I told you we will meet at night, if Vansh knows it, he won’t leave me. She said let me say, Vansh gave me many surprise gifts, he danced with me, he gave me a dress similar to Ragini’s, he took my pics as you told me, Vansh’s plan is clear, he will kill me, maybe he knows I am cheating him. Sunny said relax. She said I have to do something, I want your help. He said I am with you. She said hand over Ragini’s body to the police, the police will arrest Vansh, I will tell him also. He asked who. She said you know who I am talking about, help me, we have no time. He said you are right, Vansh is dangerous. They dag the grave and she said someone is coming, hide.


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