Vansh K*lled His Wife. Till Love Do Us Part Wednesday, 10 November 2021: Episode 31-32


Till Love Do Us Part Wednesday, 10 November 2021 Episode started with Riddhima asking Aryan did Vansh kill Ragini. Anupriya said Ragini. Vansh stopped playing music. She said I know you are thinking about Ragini, Riddhima asked about her and didn’t let it stay a secret. Aryan asked Riddhima who will pay for it, the world is selfish. Riddhima said what can I expect from you, let it be. Aryan said you are giving up so easy, when the secret is big, then the price will be big too. Mrs. D’souza dropped tea on him and warned him. Aryan said the threat is on those who made a new relation with the devil and he left. Riddhima said tell me, did Aryan tell the truth? Is Vansh a big devil?’

Mrs. D’souza said don’t talk about it, it’s like inviting death. Riddhima asked did Vansh murder Ragini. Mrs. D’souza said if Vansh gets angry, he can go to the level of murder and she left. Riddhima thinks Vansh killed Ragini. Anupriya said why is Riddhima so curious? I will handle her. Vansh said I told her that Ragini was my fiancee, nothing else. She said no need to tell her anything, it’s better if this secret stays a secret. Riddhima thinks I should talk to Vansh. Anupriya warned her again.
She made her arrange roses. Riddhima got hurt. Anupriya said I also get hurt when you roam around and reach the places where you shouldn’t, you may get hurt by going to wrong places and removed the thorn. Anupriya asked her to forget about Ragini, she is past. She said a life partner makes life easy, not tough. I get hurt when Vansh gets a little scratch, I don’t want anyone to become the reason for his pain, it’s the last warning, stop troubling Vansh. Riddhima said I don’t want to hurt Vansh.” I saw a statue of an alive person and got curious. Anupriya said statues aren’t made for people who are alive, hope you mind your own business.

Riddhima went and said it means Aryan wasn’t lying. She looked at Vansh’s pic and said he is a murderer, I need to calm down and inform Kabir. She went to take the landline. She found it not working. Ishani asked whom do you want to talk so desperately. Riddhima said none of your business. Ishani said Vansh is your hubby, he may talk. She called out Vansh. Vansh came and asked what. Ishani said she is secretly calling someone, and doesn’t know what information she wants to give. Riddhima said it’s nothing like that. Ishani said you just look innocent, you are cunning. She said Vansh deserved someone better. Vansh asked Ishani to learn differentiating between his wife and servants, she has to respect his wife, fix the phone wire and just go. Ishani said don’t know why you can’t see it. She fixed the wire and left. Vansh said sorry Riddhima, Ishani gets rude sometimes, you had to make a call. Riddhima said it’s okay. He said tell me the number, I will dial and Ishani smiled.

Riddhima mentioned some number. Vansh dialed. Ishani thinks now her history will open. They heard the number doesn’t exist. Riddhima said I was calling my physiotherapy professor, maybe I forgot the number, it’s time for Siya’s therapy and she left. Ishani said liar, why aren’t you saying anything. Vansh said so that I will reach the truth, keep an eye on her. Ishani said you are just so unpredictable.

Riddhima said just the last exercise. Siya said sorry, I am tired. Riddhima thinks of contacting Kabir. Siya teased her. Riddhima asked can I use your phone to write a poetry. Siya said no phone calls. Riddhima took her phone. Siya asked her to read it to her. Riddhima typed the message for Kabir. Ishani looked on and said she is messaging someone, once she types the message, it will become a proof against her. She asked are you messaging your professor, I should see his right number. Siya said no, she is writing poetry for Vansh, it’s private. Kabir got the messages. He said I don’t entertain unknown numbers. He checked again. Ishani snatched the phone. She saw the poetry and read.

Kabir got the message from Riddhima. Riddhima recalled seeing Ishani and changing the message. She thinks did Kabir understood my message, did he reply. Mishra said someone sent you poetry. Kabir said it was Riddhima’s message, not poetry. He read and said it means Riddhima got a proof against Vansh, she wants to meet me at the place where we last met. Mishra said Riddhima is a great spy. Ishani said rubbish poetry. She gave her the phone and left. Kabir said she is taking much risk, she isn’t bound by duty, she got some big evidence, I am very curious, what will happen tomorrow.

Riddhima’s dupatta flew to Vansh and fell over his face. Vansh said it’s tough to understand someone for the first time, it won’t take long to solve you, I shall also meet your stranger friend today. He kept an eye on her.


The Episode started with Riddhima deleting the message. Siya gifted her a poetry book. Riddhima thanked her and left. She thinks I will go out on Hartalika Teej and meet Kabir, I will inform Kabir about Vansh, then I will get free from this cage. Her dupatta flew over Vansh’s face. He walked to her, she stopped him and said I am your wife, but you know what I feel, stop there. He said the misunderstanding was sweet, I came to give your dupatta, for the first time, I am finding it difficult to understand someone. She said you are also an open book, when one chapter ends, another chapter begins. He said the Lord gave us mind to use in life, do you want to end all of it right away. She said when you don’t doubt me and let me look into your heart, then I will give you
this right.


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