Vansh Reveals The Truth. Till Love Do Us Part Wednesday, 17 November 2021: Episode 40-41


Till Love Do Us Part Wednesday, 17 November 2021 Episode started with Vansh asking who is there. He took the anklet and got thinking. He went to the secret door, he said it’s locked, how did this anklet come here. He went to see the lady. Vansh saw her running away. He said you came back. He threw a bottle on the ground and she jumped over the glass pieces and run. He shouted come in front. He saw her and she disappeared. He said how can she come back, how is it possible. He fell down drunk. Riddhima came to him. She thinks he will admit it today. She recalled getting dressed as that lady. She said I will make Vansh admit the truth, I don’t know who you are, but I have no way to reach the truth, I am going in your avatar, you and Ragini’s truth will come out, Vansh will go to jail, I promise. Riddhima said you loved me and even then you killed me. Vansh said you cheated me. She asked how did you kill me, tell me. He said you cheated me. She asked what a lie. He turned to look at her and she worried. He said Riddhima and felt dizzy. She run away, he turned to see and said maybe I was dreaming. She run to her room. Someone was spying on her. She said I felt like someone was here, was it Vansh. Someone placed the black cloth on her face and pushed her. She asked who is it. She became shocked seeing Vansh.

He asked what did you think, your husband is a big idiot, when you think you can fool me so easily, respect Vansh, what did you think you can fool me if I am drunk, you will wear these clothes and I won’t recognize you, no, I get more conscious when I am drunk, and more dangerous. He showed the anklet with blood mark on it. He recalled getting the anklet with blood on it. He said no, it can’t be her and said some shlok. He got much angry with her. He asked how can blood come out of a soul, tell me, how did this anklet get the blood, tell me Riddhima and she cried.

She recalled stepping on the glass piece. Vansh asked why did you do this. Riddhima said I wanted to know the truth. He asked how dare you come here and touch this painting. He asked where is the painting. She asked where did it go, it was here, I don’t know. He said don’t you dare, the painting has been here for years, where is it? She said I don’t know. He said no one tried to touch the clothes and jewellery, you made a big mistake, you thought I will admit my crime if you do this. He recalled her words. He held her neck and asked why did you do this. Riddhima said I wanted to know the truth about Ragini. He said I already told you about her. She pushed him and coughed. She said you told the incomplete truth, I have lost, you won’t win all the time, you can’t get saved, someone will get you punished for the crimes, Ragini’s murder, her dad and this lady, you did the same. He said I am saying it for the last time, I didn’t kill Ragini and Sate, that old man isn’t her dad, and I didn’t even kill this lady. She said you are lying, you killed all of them, why don’t you admit your crimes, I feel you have hidden the painting. He shouted enough. She said I will bring out the truth, who is this lady, tell me, why did you keep her statue. He placed a knife at her neck and she became scared.

She said you kill everyone who stands against you, right, it’s better you admit your crimes, you killed this lady, right. He got angry and stabbed her and she closed eyes. He got the knife stuck there. He went back and cried. Riddhima looked at him. He asked how can any son kill her mum. She thinks it Vansh’s mum. She recalled Anupriya and thinks Anupriya isn’t Vansh’s mum.

Precap: Vansh looked for the painting. Dadi scolded Riddhima. Vansh shouted seeing the painting burning. He asked Angre to throw out Riddhima.


Till Love Do Us Part Wednesday, 17 November 2021 Episode started with Riddhima asking is Anupriya not your mum. Everyone came and looked on. Vansh said this is my mum, Mrs. Uma Raisinghania, she gave birth to me, then cheated and left me without any reason, she didn’t tell me, she left me all alone, but mum is mum, how can I kill my mum. He cried a lot. Riddhima cried and said Vansh, sorry. He said don’t, you won’t understand my feelings, family, relations, you are an orphan and he left. Aryan thinks now a fire has ignited, this fire won’t cool down. Riddhima recalled Vansh’s words. Vansh said my mum’s painting was her last sign, who did this.

Dadi said I told you that these 5 days are tough for Vansh, you have freshened his wounds, that painting was his mum’s last sign, we have to find it. He checked the rooms. Dadi said Vansh used to risk his life to keep the painting safe, it was like his mum’s temple, you broke his temple, Vansh didn’t cross limits and never became a devil, but now, because of you, maybe he will cross all his limits, you have awakened the inner devil in him. Vansh asked where shall I find it, no… Dadi asked are you able to feel his pain, he has lost his life’s most precious thing today,while speaking she felt dizzy. Anupriya said it’s just because of you, I had warned you, you didn’t agree, you were dying to know everything and scolded Riddhima. Aryan and Chanchal looked on. Anupriya asked her to get the painting, no excuse, fix the mistake. Riddhima said punish me, but trust me, I didn’t steal the painting. Vansh said you will get the punishment. He came to Riddhima and said there is one hour to sunrise, Bappa’s aarti is about to happen, you have time till aarti ends, get the painting, then you can safely leave from here else….

He said we can’t stay together now, you have to go. He placed the one hour timer and left. Riddhima said I made a big mistake, I have to talk to Vansh again and went to her room. She saw Vansh lying on the ground and shivering. She got water for him but he threw the glass, stood up and scolded her. She said calm down, I am sorry, I know what you are going through, I am an orphan, and know the value of mum and family, I just.. He said enough and pushed her out of the door. He said go and look for the painting. She said what did I do, he maybe a bad person but I can’t make a son away from mum’s memories, who took that painting, the person wants to frame me, who can it be. A person wearing black gloves was seen.

Riddhima came to Aryan’s room and looked for the painting. She asked where did you hide the painting, you want to frame me, I know you dislike Vansh and want to hurt him. He said yes, I wanted this, but I am not so bad to steal his mum’s painting, you are scaring me. She said I will tell Vansh and everyone that you sent me to the mystery room and told me about the key. He said okay, go and tell everyone, who will believe this nonsense, they will think you are doing this to save yourself, you can’t do anything. She thinks he didn’t steal the painting, I just have 30mins left and she left. She went to the mystery room. She said the painting is nowhere, it can’t be with Aryan, I checked all the rooms. Someone came there and got the glove stuck in the nail. Riddhima turned and asked who are you.

Riddhima made a plan to the catch masked guy. Someone replaced the coconut. Riddhima and Vansh went for puja and Riddhima took the dangerous coconut.


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