Ridhima To Reveal Kabir’s Face. Till Love Love Do Us Part 25 January 2022, Tuesday Pt1: Episode 111


The Episode started with Ragini coughing. Riddhima thinks what’s happening to Ragini. She said Ragini, I will take you to the hospital and she took her. Siya called Vansh. Kabir got up and said I have to catch Ragini. Vansh answered the call. Siya asked where are you. He asked are you fine, why are you crying. Siya said I got to know everything, the truth of our mum’s murderer. He asked what, tell me the name, who is it. Siya said Vansh but Anupriya took the phone. Vansh shouted Siya… He said her phone is switched off, her life is in danger, I have to go home.

Siya said Vansh will not leave you, save yourself and let me go. Anupriya said you want to go, why didn’t you say it before, go and Siya run. Ragini said I don’t have much time. Riddhima said no, we will go to the hospital, you can make your life’s new start. Ragini said tell Vansh that he/she is dangerous, I know his mum’s murderer, tell him, Anu…. Kabir pointed the gun and shot her. Kabir said I have completed mum’s work, now it’s time for my next strike and he left.

Riddhima asked Ragini to open her eyes, nothing will happen to her. She recalled Vansh and her words. Siya runs. Anupriya threw the marbles and made her fall. She said you should be careful and walk, Siya, you don’t know how much I hate you. Siya said Vansh will not leave you. Vansh called Aryan and Rudra. He said everyone has gone to the temple, whom shall I call now. He called Anupriya and said I am coming home, just check in Siya’s room, is Siya fine. Siya called out Vansh.

Anupriya disconnected and said it’s bad manners to talk in between. Siya locked the door. Anupriya heard the car sound and said oh no, Vansh has come. Riddhima said why did I think Vansh is a devil, his mum’s murderer won by my foolishness, everything is over, Ragini was saying that Vansh is in danger, that murderer is after Vansh, I won’t let anything happen to Vansh. She saw the tyres punctured. She said I won’t let anything happen to Vansh and she run. Mishra got her purse from the car and Siya shouted to Vansh.

Anupriya saw Vansh coming and she went to Siya and injected something on her neck. Vansh got down the car and saw Siya. Anupriya asked what happened Siya. Vansh run to Siya. Riddhima was on the way. Vansh said Siya who did this, I will take you to the hospital. Siya pointed to Anupriya and said Ri… Anupriya said Riddhima did all this, do you want to say this. Vansh said no, what are you saying, open your eyes. He called and asked them to call an ambulance. Anupriya thinks she will die before the ambulance comes. She asked Siya not to lose courage, nothing will happen to her. The recording played. Anurpiya said Siya’s phone is on, some recording is playing, it’s Riddhima’s voice, so this is her real face. He said no mom, she can’t do this. He got a video.

He saw Riddhima taking Ragini from that place. He said how can she do this. He thinks she showed that she understands my pain, how can she do this, she was the reason for my pain, is this her truth, the Ambulance came. Vansh asked Siya to get up. Riddhima came home and saw darkness. She saw Vansh and Riddhima written by the lit candles. She said Vansh did this, it means he is fine and she smiled. Vansh came and said I am here. She said Vansh, he moved away and the wind blew. His name candles blow off. She shouted Vansh and her dream ended. She thinks why am I getting such thoughts, no I won’t let anything happen to Vansh.

Vansh thinks Riddhima you cheated me, I can’t forgive you. He said we will also go to the hospital. Kabir came and Anupriya smiled. Vansh said I have no time for drama, I have to go to the hospital. Kabir said no, you can’t go anywhere, you will reach the police lockup. Anupriya asked what nonsense. Kabir said this is real life, I know I am standing at the right place, you are under arrest, Vansh. Vansh said whatever. Kabir showed the arrest warrant. He said I have come prepared. Vansh asked on what basis. Kabir said for Ragini’s murder. He said I have the picture. Vansh saw the picture and his watch.

He recalled Riddhima taking his watch to repair it. He thinks Riddhima took my watch, how was it found near Ragini’s body, she kidnapped Ragini, no she can’t do this. Kabir said you killed an innocent girl in a poisonous gas chamber, you didn’t let her run, no crime is perfect, you left proof behind, your name is printed on this watch, I have a footage, you are seen threatening Ragini. Vansh asked who shot this. Kabir said I will tell you, come on Vansh, you tried to kill her, she had escaped, but finally you killed her, Ragini’s murderer, these evidences and you, it’s an open and shut case.

you would like to ask me who gave the evidences to police, you better ask this to your wife and Vansh was shocked. He asked did Riddhima give you the footage. Kabir said I don’t need to lie. Vansh thinks Riddhima cheated me. Riddhima thinks I am coming Vansh. Kabir thinks cheat is winning over love. Vansh thinks Riddhima planted this watch near Ragini’s body, she was a spy. He recalled Riddhima’s words. He thinks Siya knew her real face and Riddhima did this to her, her love and trust, everything was a lie, a cheat.

Vansh and Kabir had a fight. Kabir said you like to get shot on your heart, I will fulfill your wish. Vansh said enemies don’t have courage to harm me. Riddhima came there. Vansh said your cheat has killed me, I will die in your love and he fell down the cliff. Riddhima shouted Vansh……Read more

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