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Timeless Love on Starlife Saturday, May 27, 2023: Vidhi calls his name as he waits in line in front of the Kalumal sweet shop. Since you’re in the line, the guard wants to know if you call him Chacha. She tells him that Kalu Chacha is my Chacha and that he is a friend of her father. He says you would have called me Daddy assuming you were last. She assists with the removal of the trolley. The woman requests that she head inside.

Vidhi believes that aarti must have begun because she believes she is getting late. Pandit ji is informed by Aarti’s parents that Vidhi went to get the bhog. Pandit ji states that Vidhi went and stated that it appears we must only use water. Vidhi’s mother informs them that they will make Maiyya out of jaggery and chana. Vidhi enters the sweet shop and declares her desire for bhog.

She is informed about the variety of bhogs by the salesperson, who then asks her when she will make her decision. Another deals fellow comes there and inquires as to whether she took the bhog. The salesman was unaware, so she says no. The deals fellow tells that she is Hari Prasad’s little girl, and tells that they take prasad from here. He tells the salesman that Kalu Chacha left this box for her and tells him to be careful because if Devimaa gets angry, he will never marry again.

Vidhi gives him cash and goes out. She gets there. Chachi reprimands her for carving out opportunity to bring prasad. She keeps the prasad in the sanctuary and deceives Pandit ji that she has brought the prasad. Her mom asks Vidhi where could she have been? Vidhi says there is a major wedding in the city and that is the reason all desserts are no more. She inquires whether our Indore contains any prince houses.

A person gets down from his vehicle and strolls inside his home. He asks Chitra to open the door when he knocks on the door. Ria tells her brother that her step-sister has been hurt when she arrives there. Dev requests that Chitra open the entryway. Chitra requests Bhai to ignore her.

He says that until I get here, I can’t leave you alone. He asks what is the issue? Chitra opens the entryway. Dev requests that she tell. She tells that she can’t do this marriage. He inquires as to why? if Vikram had uttered a word. Chitra claims that Vikram told her so much that she became envious that his Amy Mausi would look hot at the wedding. She compares herself to a Mausi, he inquires.

He inquires as to whether she is lovely like you and tells that she will have a shimmering gleam all over because of her joy. Chitra inquires whether you will resolve my issues even after I get married. He says OK, my sister will be my princess generally. Ria arrives there and declares, “I am a step servant,” and that she will always be a Princess. He says to Ria, “I care for you like Chitra does.” Ria says obviously not, and tells that she doesn’t have else would have given him a decoration. He inquires as to your reasoning. She says I feel this in each matter.

She says you should focus here because Manas is getting married. She says do you even realize that cosmetologist hasn’t come for my family members. He claims that I have reviewed and approved the list. She explains that there was a problem with them and that her relatives are doing nothing. I’ll call a beautician, according to Dev. Ria says I don’t trust this, the unparalleled Dev Raichand ji will call cosmetologist, and esteeming more youthful sibling’s significant other and her family members. She says she won’t say anything negative till 60 minutes.

Chachi requests that Vidhi’s father inform her that she has a relationship with Golden. She says individuals ridicule her. Dev claims to be Dev Raichand when he calls Chachi’s number. Chachi announces that the signal is absent and disconnects. Vidhi is asked to speak in English by her.

Chachi requests that Vidhi speak. Vidhi greets you. Dev claims to be Dev and asserts that you must have been informed of the large wedding. He tells her something. Vidhi responds, “Sure.” She informs Chachi that Dev contacted her and requested that she accompany him to his house in her uniform. The uniform is his. Chachi says my partner Madhu isn’t there and requests that Vidhi come. Vidhi says she will come and asks for half the money if you will. Chachi admonishes her and yells. There, everyone goes.

Vidhi’s mom asks what was the deal? Chachi says she got a salon request and she requested help, however she is requesting cash. Vidhi’s father has stated that he will not let her leave. He is emotionally manipulated by Chachi to send Vidhi. Vidhi’s mother claims that Vidhi ate nothing but tea and toast.

Chachi declares that she will visit the parlor and purchase the pricey bowls. She requests that Vidhi arrive in a uniform. Vidhi agrees. Toast and tea are her meals. She receives money and is asked to go in an automobile by her mother. She requests that she wear the studs and gives her hoops. Chachi arrives at Dev’s home and calls Vidhi. Vidhi says she has failed to remember the way, and may be close. In order to enter, Chachi asks her to take the name of the beauty salon. Vidhi requests that the auto driver take the right. She forgets her uniform when she gets to Dev’s house. She is asked about the card by the guard. She claims she came here to work.

He requests a uniform. She claims to have forgotten about it in the car. She calls Kaluchacha after seeing him. She is told to go by the guard. She is asked by Kaluchacha to let him know if she has any issues. Chachi informs the women that she comes from the beauty parlor. They mock her and label her stupid.

Chachi claims that she used to be a bomb. There is Vidhi. Chachi gets some information about her uniform. Vidhi informs her that she will work in secret and claims to have forgotten. For the pedicure, Chachi asks her to fill the pot with water. Dev is informed by servant that Mausi is calling. He exits. Vidhi lets somebody know that she needs high temp water. She leaves after receiving assistance.

Dev is taken aback when he meets Amy Mausi. She claims that life has surprised her with a lot of surprises, that she has altered her way of life, and that life has surprised me now. Dev says alright. Vidhi is searching for high temp water still. Amy wants to know how much you love your sister because she will be staying with me after she marries. He claims to be capable of anything.

She asks him to get down on his knees and if he doesn’t love his sister. She then, at that point, asks him to eliminate his sherwani and requests what reason are you facing a challenge. He removes the sherwani. For the sake of old times, some pain, and some happiness, she asks him to hold her hand. He clasps her hand in his. Amy chuckles. Vidhi enters the room when he hears her laughing. Dev stands up. Vidhi says I’m heartbroken, I need heated water.

Dev says I will help you. Vidhi apologizes, stating, “Someone sent me here.” Just at that point, the bowl breaks because of Dev. Vidhi weeps, claiming that it was worth 9500 rupees and that Chachi will kill me. She inquires, “Uncle Ji, what did you do?” Dev watches.

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