Timeless Love 28 May 2023 Update On Sunday

Timeless Love was updated on Starlife on Sunday, May 28, 2023, and Vidhi saw Dev kneeling in front of Amy. She says I’m cheerful and tells that she needs warm water. He invites her to come and promises to assist you. She claims that someone requested that you leave for the restroom. While they are strolling, the porcelain bowl breaks because of his elbow. Vidhi becomes anxious and informs him that it was worth 9500 rupees.

She says Chachi will end my life and asks what did you do Uncle ji. He apologizes. She claims that Chachi will make 636 of my pieces. She twists down to pick the pieces and harms her hand. He gives her cloth to tie on her hand. She says our haldi is good, but it seems pricey. Amy enters and contacts Dev. Dev informs Vidhi that it is broken and asks her not to pick it up.

He says he will get new bowl for her. Vidhi claims that it originated in Chandni Chowk. Amy laughs and hears. Dev gives her a ring, asks her to meet him in his office in two days, promises her money, and asks her to return the ring then. She says it was 9500. Dev greets his mother when he descends. His mother wants to know what happened and if he’s okay. He responds with “yes” and asks her to relax.

Instead of 15000 rupees, Ria gives Chachi 9500 rupees. Vidhi comes there and says Chachi, bowl was broken. Chachi becomes enraged and requests Vidhi accompany her home. Chachi says I shouldn’t have brought you here. Vidhi attempts to show Dev to Chachi, yet she takes her. Amy checks Dev out. Devin feels uneasy.

Their stress will increase because Chachi brought Vidhi along, according to Vidhi’s sister. Chachi comes there with Vidhi, and grumbles to Vidhi’s dad that she had a deficiency of 16000 Rs.

She says she had broken bowl worth 9500 and my 5500 was sliced because of her. Vidhi claims that her uncle broke it and gave her this ring, which is only 15000. Chachi ignores her and demands that her father swear on Seema and return her money within two days. He curses him. She leaves.

Dev hears from Amy that they will be named best couple. With the girls, she dances. She is scolded by Vidhi’s father, who asks, “Why do you make me scolded by people?”

Vidhi goes to her ring after crying. Seema goes behind her. She is accurate when she asserts that you do not consume even two drops less milk from the cow. She inquires if she arrives empty-handed. Vidhi’s father is concerned about her marriage and future. Vidhi claims that I broke the bowl, so uncle ji gave me this ring. Seema says you brought the cow fertilizer and says it isn’t worth 9500.

They approach the mother and inquire. She says even a spoon can’t be made from this. They go to Vidhi’s dad. Vidhi’s father examines the ring while wearing specs. He informs them that it is worth 40 lakhs and commands them to close the windows and doors. Hears and faints his wife.

Worker requests that Dev’s mom rest. His mom tells that until devi puja is finished at Chitra’s home, I can’t rest. When Dev arrives, he inquires about how everything went.

His mother tells him that he has done a good job of serving, and she wants him to get married. The friend of Dev and his wife are delighted. His mom asks dev where could the ring be? He says I provided for somebody for certain days. He gets a call and lets his mom know that Durga Puja occurred in Chitra’s home. His mom says now I can rest.

Dev’s companion spouse tells that one thing was unusual, and says Amy Mausi was the feature of the marriage. His friend inquires as to why you have given 40 lakh rupees and why you have not called me to pay the money. ring. Dev claims that he gave her the ring out of concern regarding the kiosk. He and his friend wager that she won’t come back. Dev claims that she will return him the ring because I observed her honesty.

Vidhi’s father tells her that she won’t be able to sleep at night and asks her to come back in the morning. They imagine that the individual who gave it, probably won’t get rest in night and may be strolling in the house anxiously. Dev is seen resting calmly in his room.

Vidhi’s dad yells where could the ring be? Vidhi’s mom says it is in your grasp. He requests that she return it toward the beginning of the day, when he sees somebody’s appearance outside.

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