Timeless Love 29 May 2023 Update On Monday

Immortal Love on starlife Monday 29th May 2023 update, Somebody thumps on the entryway. Vidhi and her parents become anxious. They consider the location for the ring. Seema says they will keep it on the table, others will likewise feel that it is of Steel. The ring is hidden by Vidhi’s mother. Vidhi’s dad opens the entryway and sees his sibling. He asks if they intend to hit him when he sees them holding the broom, stick, and other objects.

They claim to have believed a thief had arrived. He says that Vidhi is a young girl and that Urmila kicked him out of the house. In order for him to return home, he requests that they return the money. He rests on the bed and tells that Urmila will call for him, as she can’t remain without him. Afterward, Seema takes the ring from under his cushion and goes with the family.

Halwa is made by Abhimanyu. Ria comes there. He claims that I have made Chitra’s favorite golden almond halwa, which she used to cry over, and that making it made me feel emotional. Ria destroys the topping decorations with a spoon. She says your Mother used to address me that the regard is in bahu’s grasp.

She asserts that the family’s reputation will be tarnished if anyone discovers that Raichand’s youngest son prepared halwa. Abhimanyu states, “I assumed you would be content.” She tells him that up until that point, she had felt sympathy for him rather than love and tells him not to feel bad. She claims that you are the worst cook and that I want to tell you the truth. She brings him out and forces him to observe Dev’s home decor. She says just Dev knows everybody’s likings.

The ring must be placed in the ring box by Vidhi’s father’s wife. He requests that Vidhi take the ring securely and tells that it is worth 40 lakhs rs, on the off chance that it is lost then we can’t return the cash to him in this birth. He asks her not to neglect to take the cash from him. Chacha ji hears and tells that assuming they are discussing their familial adornments. The mother of Vidhi says no. Seema comes up with a rationalization that he was discussing toe ring. Vidhi’s mother promises to serve sev poha and asks him to get ready. He leaves without eating. According to Vidhi’s father, he may have heard everything and may tell his wife.

Dev sprinkles blossoms on the way as Amy strolls inside the house. She says I didn’t realize that you was sitting tight for me. Dev claims that I assumed Chitra arrived. She says it is just for Chitra. Dev’s mom requests that she come inside.

In the bus, Vidhi is. A woman asks, “Where are you going?” Home, Vidhi says. She tells lies about the men in her family serving in the military. She moves to a different seat. Amy states that she is unable to consume the oily halwa. I can’t have it, Chitra claims. She agrees to show Dev. He tastes the halwa and says whoever made it, he made it with affection. Abhimanyu grins. Ria informs us that Dev enjoys the chef’s prepared food and that we enjoy watching him consume it.

Really, says Amy. Amy is questioned by Dev’s mother regarding the reason she believes you and Dev are acquainted. Dev hacks and says I really want to go to office. Chitra instructs you to show Amy your house. Amy requests that he stay back and says I’m interested to see your room, as your character will be known seeing the room. He claims that Abhimanyu will take you around the room. Abhimanyu approves. Dev reports to work. Vidhi thinks of my tiffin when she sees someone holding the tiffin. She then, at that point, tracks down her tiffin with herself. She envisions everybody is after her tiffin and reviews her dad’s words.

She yells no. She is asked to take the ticket or to run behind the bus by the conductor. She purchases the ticket. Chitra, Amy and Ria come to Dev’s room. Ria gets a call from Dev’s mom. Ria leaves after asking Chitra to show Amy the room. Chitra is requested by Amy to remove her phone from the table. Chitra leaves She says the room of my Dev. She takes a gander at Dev’s pic and figures her letter will uncover her sentiments to him. She says you will know that your Amba, your future Amba, how is she? The letter is hidden behind his pillow by her.

Dev converses with his dad’s pic and says you may be blissful today. I’ve completed the previous obligation, so it’s possible that you’re praying for Chitra. He says that I did what was in my control and that if anything remains, he will forgive me because I did my best. Dev’s companion and his better half comes there. Dev says I have come here, as there was a lot of work forthcoming. The wife of a friend remarks, “I can’t believe you have given 40 lakhs Rs for ten thousand Rs.” His companion tells that they will go to Police before it is past the point of no return. Dev says I want to see if I’ve made a mistake by trying to identify him.

Since Dev has her ring, Vidhi goes to the office and asks the watchman to let her go. She is asked if she is joking by the guard. She shows the visitor’s card and claims to be telling the truth.

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