Timeless Love 30 May 2023 Update On Tuesday

On the Starlife Tuesday, 30 May 2023 update, Timeless Love, Dev tells Yogesh that he understands and asks him to reconsider. Yogesh gets a call from the security guard who informs him that a girl came to meet Dev Sir and also has the ID. Dev watches her in the CCTV film and tells Yogesh and his better half. He requests that watchman send her inside. She comes inside and gets some information about Dev’s lodge. The assistant brings her inside. She is asked to enter by Dev. She comes inside and expresses due to your thing, Maa Dad. She asks will I take the name infront of them.

Dev gets up and asks ring. She says OK, and says they couldn’t rest the entire evening, and inquires as to whether anybody gives such an exorbitant ring to anybody. She requests that he take the ring and give her cash. She removes tiffin. They observe tape on the lunchbox. She claims it is for protection.

He provides her with a saw. She says it’s fine, but you broke the bowl, which caused tension in our home. She takes out another box after opening the first one. She removes the ring box and cuts the tape. She requests that he give 9568 Rs and says 80 Rs for the voyaging costs. She says she didn’t add 20 rs water bottle with it. Dev tells Yogesh in a whisper that he has won. He opens the ring box and asks him to record the video. Yogesh smiles because the ring is missing. In shock, Vidhi opens her mouth.

Despite her assurances that everything will be fine, Vidhi’s mother is concerned for her. When she sees the ring in her hand, Seema asks her to believe in her mother’s power. She says in the event that ring is in your grasp, what did Vidhi didi take? Her mother claims that she has taken the empty box and that I considered wearing it for its safety.

Vidhi claims that the ring was in the box. Yogesh’s wife claims that we want to know because there is enough drama. Vidhi claims that there was a ring. Yogesh inquires about her drama practice. His wife claims that she wanted to inform him that she is unable to return the ring. Vidhi asks, “Why will we take it?” and thinks back to what her father said. She says 40 lakhs, which is quite a sum.

She is sorry to Dev and says my Daddy won’t pardon me. She is asked to calm down, stop crying, and take a deep breath by Dev. He requests that she sit and requests that Yogesh hydrate. She hydrates. He asks her to consider a possible location. He demands that she tell him right away. Vidhi’s mom and Seema are coming. Vidhi, according to Seema, has lost the ring. We will go there and give this ring to her. Vidhi’s mom says we will give the ring to her daddy. Seema claims that if we tell him, he will reprimand you. A woman inquires about attending the sadsang. Seema replies no. In the vehicle, they sit.

Vidhi tells that Maa continued to ring in the case, gave tiffin to me. She educates then concerning Seema. He requests that she express out loud whatever occurred? Vidhi says we have taped the case, we stayed put, yet don’t have the foggiest idea where did it go? Yogesh says we won’t allow you to take the ring. Vidhi asks, “Why should I pay 15 rupees to come here?” She says with the goal that we trust you. She is asked to wipe her tears and stop crying by Dev. He requests that she ask Mummy and requests that she affirm assuming she has kept the ring. Vidhi claims I can commit the error, but my mother cannot. He asserts that even I can make a mistake.

Yogesh says that you can trust her, just like you do now. She is asked to call her Mummy by Dev. Vidhi says you are generally excellent, Un… Sir. Yogesh says he satisfies his commitment as well. Vidhi calls her mom. She says she is on the entryway. Dev advises calling her here. Vidhi leaves. Vidhi’s mother explains that she had misplaced the ring. She is asked to give the ring by Vidhi. According to Vidhi’s mom, it is stuck. We’ll show him the ring in your hand, Vidhi says. What will he say if she speaks? Vidhi’s mother claims that it emerged and asks her to deliver it to the appropriate location. Vidhi enters the room and requests that dev take his ring. He is forced to wear the ring while she holds his hand.

The title track plays. I’ll wear it, according to Dev. She claims that Maa instructed me to direct it in the right direction. Dev says its alright. Vidhi says now I will go. She asserts that now Maa, Seema, and everyone else will sleep soundly here. When she sees his picture with Chitra, she remarks, “Your daughter is beautiful like my Chitra.” She says now I will return home by transport.

The vehicle contains Vidhi, Seema, and her mother. Vidhi’s mom requests that driver drive quick. She claims that her heart will be empty all day if she does not participate in sadsang. She gets a call from Peeli, who tells that there is a partnership for Vidhi.

Dev asks yogesh what was the wagered, that he needs to stroll kneeling down in the workplace. Yogesh enters the workplace on his knees. Dev halts him. Vidhi is Yogesh’s wife’s belief that she will not leave. Vidhi hears about the alliance from her mother. Dev tells Yogesh and his better half that they will get gifted businesses, yet all the same not legitimate.

He claims that we will hire her. Yogesh asserts that we have no knowledge of her. She has everything, and Dev says what I needed. Vidhi’s mom requests that she concur.

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