to die for love

To Die For Love 20 September 2021. Roma says how is my daughter? Deep says save my child and baby. The doctor comes and says I will save the child and mother just coordinate with me.
Vedika says she taunted me for being orphan. prithvi syas if Roma finds out she will kill you. She says ma should be all mine now. He says you dont’ know roma she will kill you. Go from here before anyone finds out. He drags her and takes her out.

Virat syas how did all this happen? Deep says I am focusing on Tara’s health right now. Virat says I will find out who did this. Roma says shut up. If you know then bring that person here. He says in heart Arohi is alive she did all this.
Deep comes to temple.

His conscience says why are you so worried? You couldn’t save Tara. You don’t care about tara you care about the promises you made. Tara is your responsibility. Deep says no I love her. His conscience says you can’t fool yourself. Your love is Arohi. Deep says shut up. sge
Doctor says Tara is out of danger now. Roma says to deep give sweets in whole hospital.

Prithvi asks vedika to pack herr stuff. She runs from her room.
Vedika comes to hospital. She sneaks in the room and says if Roma finds out that I gave you poison she will kill me. But i have to kill. She takes off Aroho’s inhaler. Arohi holds her hand and says you gave me poison.

She takes her mask off. Arohi struggles to breathe. Arohi says stop it please listen to me. I know that you are roma’s daughter. She stops. Arohi says i know everything. I was the one who texted you. I gave all this so you get your mom’s love. I knew you would recognize me so I texted you with that number. I know what you suffered. Vedika says you re lying. You are roma’s daughter.

She says I am not. i am Arohi. Vedika says who? She says the one roma destroyed life of. You can’t imagine what they did with me. She tells her everything. Vedika says I can’t believe I am part of such a family. I am ashamed to be their blood. Arohi says I am sorry. Vedika says I am sorry. I will help you in everything. tell me what to do. Deep comes in. Vedika hides under bed. He kisses Arohi’s head and goes out. Vedika says thank God he didn’t see me.

Roma comes to hospital. She says how is Tara. she asks nurse. She says Tara is better. Deep says how is the child? Nurse says what child? She isn’t pregnant. Roma is dazed. Roma says are you crazy. She says her report says she isn’t pregnant. Virat says wake her up. I want to know the truth.

He gets in the room. Doctor comes and says what is happening here? Nurse says I told them she isn’t pregnant and they came in. Doctor checks the report and says she is pregnant this isn’t her report stupid. Roma says thank God. They go out.

Arohi says thank you doctor. You saved my home and life. Doctor says he will find out one day or other. Arohi syas I will tell them on right time. THanks for everything.
Deep says to Virat what were you trying to say? Virat says you have kept Arohi alive. Deep says she is dead.

Roma says enough. We are in hospital. Virat leaves. Deep recalls killing Arohi. She syas Arohi actually alive?

Roma says I was so scared. I thought Arohi is back. Roma says Virat thinks Arohi is alive. Deep comes in and says we can take tara home. Roma says my daughter is this way I don’t know what to do.

pritvi says to Vedika please go. Tara will kill you. She says Tara doesn’t know anything.
Deep brings Tara home. He sits with her. Deep says I was so scared. My baby was in danger too. I will play with him.

I will give him all the happiness he deseves. Whoever did this, I will kill him. Arohi says don’t do this. Everyone thinks Arohi is alive. Deep says I killed her. arohi says then prove it to everyone.

Vedika says to Virat has called Tara. He is taking Arohi’s name. Arohi comes downstairs. Deep says what happened now? Virat says do you wanna prove that Arohi is dead? Where is her dead body? After investigating for two days I found out she is alive. Roma says deep killed her.

Virat says yes deep killed her. i found her dead body too. Arohi syas what to do with her dead body? Virat says why should we care? Arohi says deep will do her funeral. He has to show that he doesn’t caare about her anymore.

Everyone goes to Arohi’s funeral. They burn her body. Arohi says to chawani look at them laughing. They don’t know they killed their own daughter. I feel bad though. I can’t be like them. Deep burns the body.

Deep hits punching bag. He says I killed her and burned her body. Why can’t I believe that she is dead. I killed her. Arohi sees him. she says is he upset for killing Arohi? deep hits punching bag. Arohi says whats in his mind. I have to find out. Arohi comes. She slips.

Deep holds her. Arohi says you fulfilled the promise. You gave me proof as well. But there is one problem. You look upset ever since. You loved her? Deep says i killed her for you. Arohi says mom was with me and you were here crying for Arohi. You still love her right? Deep says yes you are right. I loved Arohi. Arohi is dazed.

Precap-Pankti and Ahaan are running. Police with their dog look for them. Deep says you have been a responsibility to me. I never loved you. Virat is there too.


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