to die for love

To Die For Love 22 September 2021 Wednesday. Arohi say don’t scare me. I have been dead for so many times. You have only 24 hours your game will end. Deep says Vedika will be killed for your sins, arohi says you are a coward like before. Arohi says don’t do anything. If you wanna meet me come where I ask you. Bring Vedika too. Deep says okay.

Roma calls Minister and says all big people are defamed by media. Calm down nothing will happen. Deep comes in. Arohi says deep went for your work. Deep says Tara go and rest. Tara says can’t you talk in front of me? Deep says have to set agenda for press conference. Arohi hugs Roma. she goes to her room. Deep says to Roma Arohi is alive. Roma says what..

Arohi says deep is such a fool. Don’t worry I will ruin their lives.
Virat says I saw the dead body. It was Arohi. Deep says she is alive. I spoke to her. Virat says someone else was talking to you. Deep says that body could be fake too. roma says if Arohi is alive my life would be ruined.

My dream would be gone. Deep says I am sorry it is my mistake. Roma says you have 24 hours and I want Arohi dead in that. He says okay. Deep says she asked me to bring Vedika. she wants to get Vedika free. We will kill her before that. Virat says we have to make a solid plan.

Deep texts Arohi and asks her to come somewhere. Arohi says he will be trapped in his own plan.

Scene 2
Deep and Virat leave. Roma says Tara what happened. She says I am not feeling well. I don’t want to come to press conference. Roma says you rest there. I can face the whole world alone.
Deep and Virat are at different spots. Virat says she must be coming. DEep says yes be careful. Arohi calls deep and says where are you? He says where are you? Arohi saays is vedika with you? If she isn’t I wont come to see you. Deep looks around. He opens the back. There is a girl with tied hand. Chawani calls arohi and says vedika is there. Deep says come and save her. Come or I will kill her. Arohi says I know you wont dob this. Come to this game. Virat says I will keep an eye on the car.

Deep comes in. Arohi comes in a red dress. Deep recalls his moments with Arohi. He recalls promising Roma that he will kill her. Deep points gun. Arohi runs. Virat sees a girl. Virat says Arohi is going towards the car. Deep says no she is in front of my eyes on the other side. Deep says stop. Virat says stop to another girl.

Virat saays turn back. He sees another girl with same clothes. Deep asks someone to turn. He sees another girl too. All of them run. Deep calls Virat and says I saw two girls. Deep says so did I. Deep says turn back. Virat says turn back. Both are different girls. Deep and virat meet.
Virat says she fooled us here to get Vedika out. Rush home.

Arohi comes to house. She recalls Deep talking to Roma. Arohi gave Roma sticks microphone when she hugged her. Arohi said good night. She came t her room and heard Deep and Virat talking. Deep said lets go to kill Arohi. We can’t take Vedika out. We should keep vedika here. Its the safest. Arohi hears.

Deep and Virat are on their way. Arohi tries to unlock the door. Deep says Virat lets go home. Arohi must have gone there.

Arohi says I am sorry for all this Vedika. We have to run from here. She takes her out but Vedika is fainting. She says we have to go they will kill us. You have to go away from here. Your ma will be after you. Vedikaa says don’t call her ma. She is a monster. Whats my fault? I asked for a family only. You were so right about them. Take me to the press conference. Arohi says they will kill you. She says please take me. I have to expose them. Its very important.

Deep and Virat come home. Arohi says I wont let you go there. we have to be careful. Don’t risk your life. You have to stay alive and live. GO away from here. deep and virat are looking for Vedika. They come to the room and see Arohi tied to the chair. They are dazed. Arohi says its me Tara. Thank God you came deep. Deep says who are you? Arohi? Arohi says what do you think? The one you left alive or the one who has your child in womb. Deep says if you are Arohi get ready to die.

If you are tara tell me how you got here. Arohi says I am tara. I saw that arohi and vedika were running. I tried catching them. They tied me here. open me I am suffocating. Virat says you went to hospital and then had to go to hospital. Arohi says doctor asked me to rest so I stayed home. If you are done then open me.

Deep says stop Virat. He checks her neck to see if the tattor is there. Deep opens her ropes. arohi says done? deep says sorry. You know what the situation is. Can’t trust anymore. Arohi says I am an idiot that I trusted you. You both fooled me and didn’t tell me she is alive. Deep says we weren’t sure either. arohi says you kept her alive. You can’t kill someone you love. She leaves.

Scene 2
Virat says we have to find arohi. Arohi comes to store and says vedika I fooled them. They think you have ran. Please go away from here. They must be looking for you. Leave this city. Vedika says I have one chance to stand with truth and I will.Arohi says are you crazy do you know how dangerous it is. they might even kill your papa. Roma is very dangerous. She doesn’t care about anyone. Arohi says I will take your revenge too from here. Please go. Vedika says I will leave for papa but promise me you will ruin their lives. Arohi says promise.

The press conference starts. Roma says I am being defamed. If I have an illegal daughter I ask my enemies to bring her here. Chaawani says don’t worry. Arohi says I couldn’t risk Vedika’s life. I hope she is out of city by now. Roma says I knew no one would come. If I had a daughter she would have come. She would have asked for her rights. I only want to serve this country. Don’t stop me. Be with me. Thank you. Vedika comes and says why such a hurry Roma? Everyone is dazed. Arohi is shocked. Vedika comes with a covered face. She says first answer my questions.

Roma is worried. SShe says don’t you feel bad for leaving your daughter like this? Roma says who is she.. I am leaving. Vedika says answer first. Its your daughter asking you a question. She shows her face. Arohi is shocked. Virat says Vedika.. Is she mom’s daughter? He says we have to stop her. Deep says entire media is recording it live. we can’t do more damage. Virat says dammit. Roma says whats the proof? She says I am here standing in front of you.

I am the proof. Still if you think its a lie I have more proofs. Here is my birth certificate that has your name. She shows it to media. She says lets gget DNA done. Its my challenge. We will all know the truth. Roma is quite. Vedika says will accept the challenge?

All people should know your reality. Once we get the report all things will be support. This woman who pretends to be a leader is a stone hearted woman herself. she left her own daughter to die. She can’t love her daughter how can she love the nation. Roma leaves. Media asks her a lot of questions but she leaves.

Roma comes home and calls minister. He says we fire you from our party. Roma says please listen. he says don’t want to listen. she screams and cries. She breaks stuff. Deep says mummy ji please calm down. Roma shoves him and says you did all this. You couldn’t kill Arohi alive. My dream is shattered because of you. get out. Deep says mummy ji please.

Roma says I will never forgive you. Virat says we all know who is fooling who. He brings Dilip downstairs. Virat says we have seen your reality. Enough of your politics. Talk about family and reality. If vedika isn’t your daughter why aren’t your getting DNA done? You don’t have an answer. You fooled dad. You have to answer us. Roma slaps him.

Roma says if you say a word I will cut you into pieces. Got it? Don’t you have any shame. Is that how you talk to your mom? Virat says slapping me wont change your reality. You fooled and cheated on dad. You fooled me all my life. We want an answer. Arohi says mom we are your kids. even if we trust you what about the world? How will they trust you? why didn’t you accept her challenge.

Roma says voices down. Do you doubt my character too like Virat? Arohi says what else should I do? Whatever happened outside you saw. We are all defamed because of you. That girl can’t be my sister. Deep says mummy ji better not answer these ugly questions. Deep says its about our family.

You orphan can’t understand what family respect is. Deep says I only know mummy ji can’t be wrong. Arohi says that wont change the reality. Don’t close your eyes.
Prithvi comes and says we are here to tell the actual truth. arohi is dazed. Vedika is with him. Arohi is scared. She says I thought she left why Prithvi brought her here?


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