To Die For Love 23 September 2021. Thursday. Deep Kills Vedika

to die for love

To Die For Love 23 September 2021. Thursday. Inspector says to Sehni looked for Ahan and Pankti everywhere. They are nowhere. Let’s look for them again. We will find them. Ahna says pankti where is everyone? Pankti is playing with the kids. Ahan says here is your stuff. He sits down and gives her a chocolate. He says can’t find anything better;. She says there are so many kids and one chocolate.

Lets divide. She divides it in everyone. Ahan makes her eat. A car comes. Ahan sees them he says let hides. Everyone hides.
Police sehna and their men look everywhere. They see a kid crying. Sehna says come out or we will shoot him. We know you are here. Ahan and Pankti are worried. pankti says we have to go. I can’t see him in trouble.

He says I can’t let you go. I am going. You stay here. Ahan goes downstairs She says we will go downstairs together and face the together. A woman comes and says leave my son in law. All neighborhood comes. She says I will cut you into pieces if you harm my son. Ahan and Pankti smile. The woman hugs the kid.

Woman says to inspector wont you do anything? Isn’t it your job to protect us? All people start protesting against them. HE says we have search warrant. Inspector says come out Ahan and Pankti we wont harm anyone.

Vedika says I am sorry. Roma says forget it. I found my first daughter. I am so happy. Thank you God. She says I compromise hundred seats for you. Viraat says what is going on here? I have interest in this drama. Roma says she is your sister. He leaves. Roma says don’t get worried. Arohi says in heart if I say anything Vedika’s life would be in trouble. He says let me call JD.

He takes out his phone and says there’s no network. A woman says to the girl write whats written on the paper. She says don’t worry just have to talk to Jd. Jd sees Pankti’s photo and says where are you? Senha calls JD. He says we are in village. Talk to this woman’s daughter and tell us if you heard her. The girl is scared. He says sir you are on speaker.

The girl says hello. Ahan and Pankti are in people with their faces. The girl says I am Zulekha. The one you are looking for never came here. the girl is just lipsing and pankti speaks. He says Sehna this is Pankti. He says no sir this is a village girl. He says I want to talk on video call. He dials video call. The girl speaks. JD says okay.When is your wedding. She says when is your wedding? she says tomorrow. How happy? She says much. Pankti says very much. JD says what di you say.. Her mom says enough.

Deep says now you are here. I will kill you. He takes out his gun and shoots. Arohi stops him. He says why are you saving her? Arohi says shut up. We can’t ruin mummy ji’s image more. Media already knows about her. virat says mom if she isn’t your daughter kill her. Kill her even if she ‘s your daughter. She is illegitimate. Prithvi says she isn’t illegitimate. After complete inquiry I got her here. He says ma’am she was the girl who ws stolen from you. Roma pretends too..

She says my daughter.. I finally found you. Arohi says I can’t risk her life. Roma says Tara will you own her. She is your daughter. Arohi says my foot. Roma says she was stole from hospital. Deep says I have no interest in this drama. Arohi says get out of here. Roma says she is will live in this house. Arohi goes to her room. Roma says they will all calm down. Everyone is in shock. Don’t worry. she smirks at Dilip. Everyone leaves. Roma says to Prithvi thank you.

All the women ask them to leave. Inspector says calm down. He says we should leave now. They leave. Pankti and Ahan come out. All people dance and celebrate.

Deep says to Arohi how can you be so rude to mummy ji. How would you feel if your kids do the same. Deep says whatever happens I will always stand by mummy ji. Arohi says kick that vedika out. Deep says she will live here. Arohi says why are you so interested in her?
Arohi comes to Veidka and says why did you do all this. She says I had to. Papa asked me. Arohi says you should go from here. Vedika says I wont go from here. Can you forget about this? Arohi says they killed my whole family. I wont sit down unless I kill them all. I love romaning around in shimla. I knew I had a family. They loved me. Its all over because of them.

Deep hits the wall. He thinks of what Roma said to him. Roma comes to him. He says I am sorry mummy ji. You gave me a life. You educated me and I couldn’t do anything for you. This is all because of me. i couldn’t return anything. I failed. I should die. Roma says shut up. Don’t talk about dying. What will I do when you are not there. You don’t know what you mean to me. When this all happened I felt like I should die. I had no reason to live. Then God sent you to my life. You did so much for me when that my own kids couldn’t do. No one can stand with me in these hours.

Not even my own kids but you did. Deep sits down. He says I am sorry mummy ji for what I did. He says I don’t deserve your love. She says I know what you mean to me. You are my protector. She says I want you to take revenge from Vedika for howw she ruined my image. Deep says I will do anything you ask for. deep says but she is your daughter. She says you took her place. Now she can’t come back. Be practical. I can’t live with her now. You have to choose between her and me. You have to protect us.
Deep takes his gun.

Vedika says what will you do about this lie that you are pregnant? She shows her a fake tummy. And says I will wear this. Vedika says you are so brave. I want to help you too. Arohi says please go from here. Virat is very dangerous. These people will kill you. Run away.

Virat comes to Prithvi and says drinking much? He drinks with him. Virat says was the story true? Or were you just trying to save mummy ji?
Arohi says please go from here. I can’t risk your life. I don’t wanna lose more people. Vedika says I will leave. arohi hugs her. Arohi says thank you so much. After all this ends, we will have a goof time together. Arohio leaves.

Arohi says thank God vedika will leave. Deep is going towards Vedika’s room.
Arohi says where is he? Vedika packs her bag and calls Prithvi. he doesn’t pick. Arohi says where is deep?
Deep comes to Vedika’s room. He throttles her. Niku sees it. He runs towards Arohi’s room and tries telling her. Arohi say where are you taking me? They come to Vedika’s room. Prithvi is also looking for Vedika. Niku takes Arohi to Vedika’s room. Arohi says sees that no one is there. She says vedika.. Prithvi is also looking for her. He reads her text I am leaving papa. He says thank God she left.

Virat comes to Prithvi and says I saw someone worried for Vedika. and it was you. Why? Prithvi says I was looking for you. Arohi says to go to your room. I have to follow Deep. He is scared. He says I wont go. Arohi takes him with her. She sees Deep’s car and follows it. Deep isn’t in car.
Prithvi says we have to keep and eye on vedika. she shouldn’t run from herre.

Arohi says to niku stay here in the car. I am coming back. Niku is scared. Arohi looks for deep everywhere. Deep digs a grave. Arohi sees him. Arohi sees Vedika’s dead body. She cries. Deep says who is here? He looks for the noise. Arohi hits on his head with a snow but it doesn’t hurt him. Deep runs in her direction. Arohi runs.

Virat comes to Roma. Her eyes are closed and she thinks its deep. she says is it done? Virat says what? Roma says what are you doing here? Deep runs after Arohi.
Roma says I don’t wanna talk to you. He says I want to. You have answer me. Why don’t you get your DNA done? Roma says I don’t want anything go fromm here. Virat says why are you giving up on your dreams. Who is her father? Roma is about to slap him. Virat holds her hand and says you can’t run away from truth. She has fled.

Arohi sits in the car. She asks Niku to hide. Deep comes there. She drives the car. deep shoots the tire and the car stops. arohi is scared. Deep sees her face in the mirror. Deep shoots but Arohi runs the car. Deep says I have bury Devika. Arohi cries.. Vedika. Another person died because of me. she cries madly. Arohi says I can’t forgive myself.
Deep buries vedika. He says how can Arohi know all this?

Roma says go and do some job. Virat says your allegations will turn into murder too. Roma says I don’t want to kill him. I got her back. I thought you all would be happy and you are calling me murderer. Deep comes home. He nods at Roma. Virat says why are you silent? DEep says nothing. He says why is there sand on your clothes? Deep says went to meet contractor. He says we are being fooled. When I went to do mummy’s work. I saw Arohi there and she was in Tara’s car? Roma says what.. Deep says Arohi is living in this house as tara.
Precap-Virat says I had been saying this for so many days. They look for Arohi everywhere. Deep says her game is over now.