Tumhari Paakhi 13th April 2021 On Atinka Tv- Episode 13-14

Tumhari Pakhi On Atinka Tv: Monday, 19th July 2021

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The Tumhari Paakhi 13th April 2021 On Atinka Tv Episode started with Pakhi hugging Anshuman. Anshuman left while she looked at him. Bua told Girish that she wants to meet Pakhi as she has seen her on tv and she found her to be smart. Lavanya argued with Bua. Bua said, I can tell at once who is smart.

Lavanya taunts Bua and they brought Girish in between. Girish smiled listening to both of them. Bua said, what gift shall I take when we meet Pakhi in the evening. Lavanya said Girish has a meeting. Bua said cancel the meeting. Anshuman asked the men to bring on the power. Pakhi said I am feeling hungry, even you might be hungry.

Anshuman didn’t answer her. She smiled and went to the tiffin. She said fine, I will have some food and started eating and Anshuman looked at her. He was about to come to her but turned when she looked at him. Pakhi laughed and said, I told you, you always hide what is in your heart but i understand you.

Come and eat if you are hungry. She convinced him and gave him a roti roll, He said I don’t need this but she insisted. He accepted it and said, now you are forcing me to take this. She said thank you. He also said thanks. She also ate sitting at the terrace. Anshuman tasted it and liked the food. Pakhi smiled seeing him.

He asked, what? She said nothing and turned. She gave him another roti roll. He ate it and then said, I don’t want it. She said, I thought we might late here, so and He did not give it back to her and but ate it. Maa ji gave the updates to Lavanya. She said, I don’t know what to do. Lavanya said, I am coming there.

Pakhi and Anshuman saw the view of the city of Shimla from the terrace. Anshuman asked, what is new in this?. She said nothing new, but we are seeing the view together, so it is special. They had an eyelock.

Pakhi smiled looking at him and he walked away. Maa ji told Lavanya that Pakhi hasn’t come till now. Bua said, she is a smart and educated girl, she will be back soon, don’t worry. Lavanya said, let us go now. Bua said, we will meet Pakhi and then go. Lavanya played with Naina and Girish saw her happy as never before.

Anshuman told Pakhi to come as they got a stair. He held her hand and they both came down through the stairs. Anshuman said, the power should never go again. Pakhi said yes, and if it goes, it should not come so early and Anshuman looked at her.

Lavanya said, I think we should leave now, I tried calling Anshuman but it looks like he was busy. Everyone was shocked to see Anshuman bringing Pakhi in his arms. Bua and Girish smiled. Girish said great. Bua said, they are looking so good together. Anshuman said she got hurt.

Lavanya looked at Anshuman and he said, actually we went to construction site and she got hurt. Lavanya asked, what was she doing there?. Girish said Bua came to meet Pakhi, she has been waiting for a long time. Bua was happy to see Pakhi and said, she is very beautiful Anshuman. Pakhi respected her and Bua was impressed and taunts Lavanya.

Bua asked Anshuman to take care of Pakhi’s foot giving it a jerk. Girish asked, how can he hold her foot?, he is her husband. Bua said, he can, if he can lift her then he can do this too. Girish said, yes, you are right. Pakhi said no, I am fine. Bua said come and sit. Anshuman sat by Pakhi’s side and said, I am not going to do this. Bua said, it will be fine, come on, a husband can to take care of his wife as a wife can only trust her husband. Anshuman looked at Pakhi and held her foot and gave it a jerk so that her strain goes away.

Pakhi shouted and Bua said enough. Now hold her hand and make her stand up, she is fine now. Anshuman gave his hand forward and Pakhi looked at him holding his hand. She got up and stood, by his support. Lavanya was annoyed. Pakhi said, I am fine now. Bua said, I told you that it will be fine.

Pakhi greeted Bua by touching her feet and Bua blessed her. Pakhi asked who is this baby. Girish said, she is Naina. Pakhi played with Naina and laughed. Pakhi said, Naina is cute like my niece Chutki. She said I am waiting for Ayaan.

She asked where is Naina’s parents. Girish said, her parents died in a road accident. Bua said, I am worried about her. Pakhi said, we are for her, she can stay with us. Bua praised Pakhi and says I brought something for you, this is your Mu Dikhaai, keep it. Bua blessed her. She said, let go Girish.

Pakhi asked Naina to come again and they left. Pakhi was happy and talked to Anshuman. She said, I am laughing and thinking about Bua’s words. She said, if you knew Bua would tell this, you would have not brought me in your arms. He said no, I would have still done that. Pakhi smiled.

Pakhi thanked Anshuman. He said it fine. She said thank you. He responded, you are welcome. She said it is for something else, actually I have a good news. Anshuman was shocked and asked what it was. She said sit, see, I was tensed seeing the big bills, but it is looking fine after seeing you.

She said I heard you talking to your employees and I learnt from it. She said, I have thought of avoiding extra expenses and maybe I through that I will win Lavanya’s heart. She asked are you happy and he replied yes of course. She said thank you. Anshuman got Mr. Rana’s message which said, he hopes that Pakhi leaves before he comes back and Anshuman became worried.

Still On Tumhari Paakhi 13th April 2021 On Atinka Tv

The Episode started with Lavanya getting irritated by Bua and Naina. Girish said it is not Bua and Naina’s fault. He said, any kid would cry at night, even if we had a kid. She said don’t taunt me, I know very well that I can’t give you a child and she got upset and said, I understand everything, if you talk to some girl on phone. He said, it is nothing like that, I don’t think there is something in you. She said, I know you love kids, I told you that we could get a child through surrogacy, but you don’t agree with me.

Girish held her hand and supported her. He said, I got married to you because I loved you but I don’t want a child through surrogacy, we will get a child if the Lord wants to give us to. She said, let me handle this girl first who is my life and Lavanya smiled. He asked her to sleep. Lavanya held his hand and asked, is there no one in your life? He responded no one, Lavanya smiled ad hugged him. Naina cried and they both laughed.

Maa ji came to Anshuman with the newspapers. He asked what is this?. Maa ji said, Pakhi is cutting the budget, so we only have this much newspapers. Anshuman got angry and called Pakhi. Pakhi came and asked what happened? He said, I can’t compromise without newspapers.

He said, I need them for my business, how dare you cut down my newspapers. Pakhi said, tell me what newspapers you read. He named a few and she gave him those. He was stunned. She gave him the newspapers and said, I only cut down those which you don’t read which are hindi newspapers and Anshuman found her move smart.

He looked at Maa ji and said I am getting late and left. Pakhi laughed and Maa j was annoyed seeing Pakhi’s smartness. The servants talked about Maa ji. Pakhi came to Maa ji in the kitchen and said, i want some tea, I will make it myself. Pakhi saw Elaichi less in the jar and asked Maa ji about it. It is Maa ji who took the elaichis for her family. Maa ji said no, I did not take it.

Pakhi said, I filled it just yesterday, it is 50gm less now. Maa ji said I don’t know. Pakhi asked the servants about it. She said, I filled the ration yesterday and I knew where it were. Maa ji became tensed. Maa ji always steals ration from the house. Pakhi said, I know everyone are helpless sometimes, you can ask me the things, and I can give you it to you, but it is not good to steal things like this.

Pakhi said, I am going out for ten mins, before I come back it should be there, I don’t want to know who took it and the reason why the person took it. Pakhi gave them a speech and left. Maa ji got angry and looked on. Pakhi came back to the kitchen after ten mins and found the elaichis back in the jar and she smiled. She asked, who will have the elaichi tea? Some of the servants said, we will.

Pakhi made tea for everyone. Pakhi instructed the servants to make food for Anshuman. Anshuman called Pakhi and asked, did you make the food? He said, I have a lunch meeting today, ask me with whom am I going with. She asked who. He answered with you and Pakhi was shocked. She told him I am not use to hear this news, so I am shocked.

Anshuman asked, will you come and have lunch with me? Pakhi asked, are you serious? and he replied yes. She said fine, I will come to your office in an hour and he ok,I will be waiting. Pakhi told the cook not to prepare anything as she is going out with him. The servants were shocked to hear it.

Pakhi gave the tea to Maa ji and left to get dressed. She got ready and smiled seeing Anshuman’s photo. She called Girish and told him that she was going out with Anshuman on lunch and needed his advice. She asked what flowers does Anshuman like the most? He replied red roses, but why are you asking?

Pakhi said, this is the first time he is taking me out. Girish said, Pakhi I was you nothing,but all the best. Pakhi said thank you and ended the call. Girish thought, today again it might be Anshuman’s plan to let Pakhi down. Pakhi came to meet Anshuman and gave him the red roses.

End Of Tumhari Paakhi 13th April 2021 On Atinka Tv

She asked, this are your fav flowers right? He thanked her. She said, tell me who is more beautiful, these flowers or me,with this question, they have an eyelock. Pakhi smiled looking at him. Anshuman said, actually and she interrupted with a laugh. She said, let it be, lets go and Anshuman said yes. She asked? how am I looking? He answered, you are looking fine.

She said, you can tell more of it. He said, shall we order now and she says yes, you order as your choice is good and he ordered the food. Anshuman and Pakhi smiled looking at each other. He thought, no one can save Pakhi from losing, as he wasn’t going to let her win.

Precap: Anshuman told Pakhi about the dinner he wanted to keep for his business associates. Lavanya said Pakhi can’t manage.

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