Tumhari Pakhi On Atinka Tv: Monday, 19th July 2021

ETH STUDIOS has started with the written updates of Tumhari Paakhi new telenovela on Atinka tv. This update is the first episode of Tumhari Paakhi and we will bring to you all the updates everyday even before Atinka tv begin to telecast the tumhari paakhi show.

Tumhari Paakhi 5th April 2021 Pt1 On Atinka Tv episode started with a scene in Shimla where the climbing event was cancelled. It was the introduction scene of Anshuman (the male lead) Everyone discussed about Anshuman, that he will be sad knowing the event was cancelled. On the other hand, Anshuman has already started climbing the mountain. People said him and started asking how can he do that, because it is very dangerous.

Lavanya responded I will stop him. Her husband said he won’t stop, he wants praise and claps from everyone, he is addicted to getting praises. Anshuman slipped and Lavanya said I can’t wait to see it, thus closing her eyes. Anshuman tried again and this time round, he climbed up. Some girl asked her mum to do something as she loved Anshuman. Everyone was there watching Anshuman.

He climbed up to the peak of the mountain and everyone clapped and praised for him saying Anshuman did it. Anshuman took of his shirt and showed the flag. Lavanya’s husband uttered Anshuman is adamant but he has proven himself. Mr. Rana came in a car. Dipti’s mother talked to Lavanya about Anshuman and Dipti’s marriage proposal. While they were talking Someone came in and praised Anshuman Rathod.

He said, my daughter Tanya will be arriving from London, and we are going to announce their proposal in the press conference. Lavanya responded, great. They are actually made for each other. Dipti and her mother upon hearing this, they both got upset. Dipti’s mother angrily said Lavanya has insulted us, its our turn to do something now.

Tumhari Paakhi 5th April 2021 Pt1 On Atinka Tv

Anshuman came and he met with the reporters. They asked him questions about his likeness for the advemture sports. Anshuman replied, he would equate business with it as there are always some moments when they get nervous, but victory makes them forget that. The reporters asked him why he takes so much risk. He replied, I am a courageous person and it makes risk fade away.

He continued, commitment is a commitment. Dipti’s mother clapped for him. She said you always win and she taunted him. She also added that anshuman had many wives and this made all the reporters shocked. She told everyone that he got married at the age of 11 when his dad and granddad used to sell things on the road in the village, then his fate changed and they came to settle in Shimla. He then married a rich girl and she passed away, now he wants to marry again for the third time with Tanya.

She asked, why don’t you go and bring your first wife from the village. She continued, bring her out infront of everyone as you talk about commitments. Anshuman interrupted, I don’t remember what happened when I was 11, I only knew that my father established a crore’s empire, and I knew we made our commitments true and we don’t need Mr. Rana’s money.

We have worked hard to maintain the company’s reputation which people tried to ruin, am not going to let that happen. Lavanya came in and talked to Dipti’s mother that she is being called down market. Lavanya continued,if you are talking about marriage in the 21st century, child marriage is illegal. Dipti’s mother cuts in, maybe that girl is still waiting for him to show up one day and he is also here having fun with other girls.

The reporters then asked Anshuman about his first wife. Dipti’s mother dared, I challenge you, if you have guts, then fulfill your biggest commitment, fulfill your promise, go and bring your first wife and she asked him, Do you have guts? But Anshuman ignored him and the reporters took his photos. Anshuman accepted the challenge thrown to him by Dipti’s mother and smiled. He said, if truly my first wife is waiting for me, I promise to bring her here if only she wants to come with me, its Anshuman Rathore’s commitment.

It was night and Anshuman was talking to Lavanya. Lavanya asked, what was the need to say that, Dipti’s mother is mad. She said I will talk to Mr. Rana and explain everything to him. Anshuman asked the name of the girl whom they claim was his wife. Anshuman then got angry and said, everyone was praising me,then all of a sudden, everyone is against me now. I have to know by whom I got so much insulted as it could tarnish my image, I won’t tolerate it. Lavanya’s husband Girish cuts in, it’s a lifetime’s risk you will take if you go and meet that girl.

Anshuman responded, I am not mad to bring her here, I am clear that I won’t bring her, I even don’t care about her. He continued, I want her to tell everyone that she won’t come with me. Lavanya said, why will she refuse to come with you. Anshuman said I always prepare each day what I want from others. Anshuman laughed on the girl. Lavanya said I really don’t know her name,but I know she is from Shekhawat’s family. Anshuman said Chittorgarh and Shekhawat’s family, hmm…

The next morning, Anshuman drived to Chittorgarh and asked some people about Shekhawat’s. The people asked him to ask others. Anshuman asked the kids where the Shekhawat’s lived ,whose daughter got married in her childhood. The kids asked him, are you the groom, who came to take your bride? The kids asked him to go to the Chittorgarh Fort and he drived on further.

Anshuman reached the fort and He opens the door and walked in. Anshuman came in the midst of the dancers and saw Pakhi. He didn’t know her and Pakhi also saw him. She stopped dancing as well as everyone also stopped and clapped for her. She turned and smiled, and till then he was gone. Anshuman asked someone about the marriage records. Pakhi was a tourist guide and took the tourists to the Sunhera Khila (Golden Fort). He gave the information about the Fort and spoke in english too.

Tumhari Paakhi 5th April 2021 Pt1 On Atinka Tv

Anshuman said, one’s I get that girl, I will be done by this place. Pakhi is doing her work and sharing info about the Fort. She says if anyone stands under the fountain, their love will be forever. The couples stood and she took their photos. She says I know using computer as every kid in India knows it. She talked with the foreigners well. Anshuman came and stood by her side under the golden light of the fountain. Keh de piya, plays, and Her dupatta fell on him. She turned and took her dupatta and Anshuman left.

Pakhi got to know that someone came to see her. Anshuman came and they knew he was the one who came to see her. Pakhi meets Anshuman again.

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