Tumhari Paakhi 6th April 2021 Pt1 On Atinka Tv- Episode 3

Tumhari Pakhi On Atinka Tv: Monday, 19th July 2021

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Tumhari Paakhi 6th April 2021 Pt1 On Atinka Tv Episode started with an eyelock between Pakhi and Anshuman. She felt his touch while giving him the tea and sensed something. She turned back and looked at him. Raghu saw Pakhi leave. Pakhi run inside. Raghu told the guy and his family that maybe Pakhi was shy,that why she left. Pakhi came into her room and thought about Anshuman.

She looked at her hand and felt it was Anshuman’s touch. Raghu came and asked her, do you like the groom?. Pakhi asked who is he and pointed Anshuman. Raghu replied, he came with the guy’s family. Pakhi said, he is Anshuman. Raghu asked who is Anshuman. She answered, Anshuman Rathore, he is the one. Raghu said, how can you be so sure, who told you.

Pakhi replied, I can’t forget his touch when I was six years old, I have hold his hand for two years, I know his touch. Raghu responded it can’t be. Pakhi said, I am very sure it’s him. Tausa called Raghu and said the guy and his family are leaving. Anshuman stayed in the house while everyone left. Raghu came and talked to Anshuman. Raghu talked about an 18 years old marriage. Raghu asked am I saying right Mr. Anshuman Rathore. Anshuman was standing infront of everyone and Pakhi looked at him.

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Raghu scolded him and said, you have hurt our feelings and you sat with us today in the midst of the guy’s family. He asked why did you come now, what do you want. They thought that the relation broke. Anshuman responded, I came to …Pakhi…. and quickly They thought he came to take Pakhi with him. They said Pakhi is happy without you and Raghu taunted Anshuman. Anshuman said hear me once. Tausa interrupted you are not related to Pakhi anymore.

Anshuman became quiet and said, you are all right, its true I came here to take Pakhi. He said, I came to know that I was wrong, I did not tell anything infront of your guests, but I felt you all are right, you all know whats better for Pakhi. He said, you are right, Pakhi is alright without me, she needs someone who respects her, not me who left her. Its my mistake, forgive me please. Everyone looked at him. Anshuman was now relieved and he stepped out of the house happily.

Pakhi was standing at the terrace when Anshuman walked away. Chutki came and told Pakhi that Anshuman had left. Pakhi was upset and hugged Chutki. Anshuman tried to start his jeep when Lavanya called him and asked him if he was able to get the papers signed. He replied no. Lavanya asked him what was going on. Mr. Rana will be annoyed if he knows about this. He said, this is not the right time, they have come to know who I am but the situation is, they have refused to send the girl with me, I will go to them in the morning and get the papers signed and he ended the call.

Raghu came to him and said come inside. Anshuman replied I am fine here. Raghu said, Tausa wants you to stay with us as its very cold here,we treat our guests well. Anshuman then took the divorce papers and went with Raghu. He saw everyone having dinner. Tausa asked him to come for dinner. Anshuman went to wash his hands and met Pakhi. Anshuman washed his hands. Pakhi saw her earrings in his pocket. Raghu came and asked Pakhi to leave. She looked at Anshuman and then at the earrings.

Anshuman looked at the papers and went inside the house. Pakhi was with chutki and Raghu looked serious. Everyone looked at Anshuman. Anshuman sat for dinner. Anshuman was unable to sit like them. He tried and finally was able to sit. Taisa served him food and they treated him well. Anshuman started eating and saw the other men doing puja before eating food and he tried to copy them. Tausa praised Pakhi and said, she is the pride of Chittorgarh.

They said she is the best guide of our city. She is beautiful and peaceful, we won’t give Pakhi even if you ask. Raghu said, Pakhi and we have waited for many years. Raghu brought Anshuman to the guest room and left. Anshuman was trying to charge his phone when Pakhi saw him and came to help him and Anshuman was shocked to see her.

End Tumhari Paakhi 6th April 2021 Pt1 On Atinka Tv

Anshuman looked at her and she asked for the mobile and charger. Anshuman stared at her holding the divorce papers. She looked at him and kept the phone on the table. He turned and left for smoking seeing her in the room. She saw the papers on the bed and his bag. She looked out for her earring. Anshuman saw her with his bag and came to her. She took her earring and kept the bag back. He came in and looked at her.

Anshuman told Pakhi that he is now married and has a seven year old child but Pakhi did not believe him.

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