Tumhari Pakhi On Atinka Tv: Monday, 19th July 2021

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Tumhari Paakhi 7th April 2021 Pt1 On Atinka Tv episode started with Anshuman being shocked at the fact that everyone agreed to him and asking him to take Pakhi with him. The dhol played and everyone danced to the beat. Anshuman was being treated like a groom and he got tilak done and wore a pagdi. He still didn’t understand what was happening all of a sudden. He said, stop all this.

Everyone looked at him and the dhol stopped. Raghu asked what happened. Anshuman asked I want to know, whats all this, you all did not agree sending Pakhi with me, then what happened now, how can you send Pakhi with me? Raghu apologized to him for mistreating him yesterday. Raghu said, we forgot about your relation with Pakhi, if Pakhi is ready then what can we say.

Bhabhisa said Pakhi explained to us about you, after you spoke to her at night, your trueness has touched her. He asked, so is it because of what I told her yesterday? Raghu answered yes, we also wanted you to take Pakhi with you, but we refused because of our ego.

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Pakhi was right, the Lord made this relations, after 18 years of waiting, how can she marry someone else forgetting about all this. Raghu said the Lord has sent us, we will forget about everything now, we are happy and want to give Pakhi back to you happily. Anshuman asked, when did you do all this, my family is not here, you can do it when they are here.

Tausa said, the marriage is already done, this is the vidaai, the next good time will be after six months. Anshuman said we can do this after six months. Bhabhisa said, you have waited for 18 years, now we won’t let you wait any longer. Everyone made him sit with Pakhi in the mandap. He looked at the divorce papers and thought of the promise he made to everyone.

Pakhi gave her hand to him and thought of their marriage done in when they were children. The marriage was being done again.

Anshuman filled Pakhi’s hand with sindoor and she smiled. He made her wear the mangalsutra. Everyone cracked joke and laughed and they clapped for them. Pakhi stood up and everyone asked Anshuman too to stand up. Tausa asked them to take rounds as they did not take seven rounds during the ceremony in childhood.

Raghu explained to him the marriage was done in their childhood and the Gauna what was happening right now. He explained him the promises that the groom made to his bride.

They then took the rounds. Pakhi thought about the promise Anshuman made to her during thier childhood. Pakhi said, the promises now, as the pandit asked her to say. The pandit said, the Gauna is now completed. Everyone said, now Pakhi is all yours. Everyone congratulated each other and laughed. Raghu called a marriage registrar and asked Anshuman to sign. Anshuman became shocked and was thinking. Tausa said, don’t be shy, sign it. Anshuman signed on it and Pakhi also signed after him.

Everyone was happy saying, Pakhi’s marriage is now completed. Pakhi smiled while Anshuman was very upset. Some women started dancing on the traditional music and Anshuman and Pakhi were also brought there. Anshuman asked, where are we going? Tausa said, it’s our Kuldeva mandir. Anshuman said, I don’t want to go there. Raghu asked, why? Anshuman said, I don’t believe in the Lord and Pakhi became shocked.

Bhabhisa asked, why don’t you believe in the lord? and Anshuman answered, I am like this, you can’t ask me to pray, we are not religious, we don’t believe in this things.

He continued, your daughter will be like we are. Tausa said, see, if you don’t believe in Lord, I think and was interrupted by Pakhi. She said, we think you are right and everyone was shocked. Anshuman looked at her. Pakhi supported him saying the puja must be done if its done by heart, you can’t force anyone to pray, it’s fine if you don’t want to come in the mandir.

She then told him about a fountain, and asked him to come there and walked away. Anshuman looked at her. Pakhi wished that she will come to the mandir, but not alone, with Anshuman. She said I am Anshuman’s wife now, my journey has started from here. Anshuman saw her praying near the fountain.

He asked her, do you believe in Lord? I don’t want you to feel bad, why did you agree to come with me knowing my reality, why? She answered why, I shouldn’t have agreed? He said no, be careful. She said, you have the answer yourself, you are true so I agreed. She continued, you say what is in your heart, and whose heart is true, the Lord lives in their hearts, whatever you told me, I decided seeing you were true, and whatever happened in the mandir, I am sure of my decision.

End Of Tumhari Paakhi 7th April 2021 Pt1 On Atinka Tv

He said, let us go now. Pakhi looked at him and smiled. Pakhi cried with everyone as she performed some rituals of vidaai and hugged everyone crying. Bhabhisa asked Anshuman to give the gifts they have given for his family and asked him to invite his family there to meet them. Chutki talked to Pakhi and said, people say girls forget about their family when they go to their in-laws house, will you also forget us? Taisa talked to Anshuman and asked him take care of her.

Tausa apologized to him if they did anything wrong to him. Bhabhisa asked him to keep their trust intact by taking care of Pakhi. Raghu told Anshuman that we thought you won’t come, but you came, don’t break this trust else we will kill you and Anshuman was shocked.

Anshuman came in a party and Pakhi was happy with him. He introduced Pakhi to everyone, but Dipti’s mum taunted Pakhi and Pakhi replied her well.

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