Tumhari Paakhi 8th April 2021 Pt1 On Atinka Tv- Episode 7

Tumhari Pakhi On Atinka Tv: Monday, 19th July 2021

Tumhari Paakhi 8th April 2021 Pt1 On Atinka Tv episode started with Girish asking Pakhi to go onto the stage and accept the award with Anshuman. Pakhi went onto the stage and stood beside Anshuman holding the award. Everyone clapped for them. Anshuman left with Pakhi and came home. Pakhi was shocked to see so many servants at the house. Anshuman introduced the head maid Maa ji to Pakhi, he said, she took care of me since I was a child. Pakhi greeted them and went inside the house.

She was amazed by the house. She stopped at the entrance and wished the Lord that she kept the respect of the family always and did her duty well. She entered the house and it was huge and beautiful.

Lavanya wasn’t happy seeing Pakhi. Pakhi looked at the house and sat with Lavanya. Girish saw Anshuman on phone busy talking and asked Pakhi, will you have anything? He said, we stay nearby and offered some shayari. Pakhi laughed hearing him. Anshuman came and sat with them. Pakhi asked about Girish’s family. Lavanya asked, what do you mean? we don’t have any kids and Pakhi laughed. Lavanya asked Pakhi, what do you want, tea, coffee or green tea? and she said, I will have tea.

Still On Tumhari Paakhi 8th April 2021 Pt1 On Atinka Tv

Lavanya asked the maid to show Pakhi the house and said, we have 12 rooms in this house. Lavanya asked Pakhi how many rooms you have in your house, we have nine cars.

Girish said, she is telling you about the house. Pakhi spoke well and asked Maa ji to show her around the house . Pakhi went with Maa ji. Girish laughed hearing Pakhi’s words. Lavanya said, so this is your foolish villager wife. Pakhi saw the house and the decorative pieces. Anshuman discussed with Lavanya and said, I can’t give her divorce so soon, my image has become well now, if she tell anything to the press, the situation will change.

He said, we have to do something that would make her want to go from here, that will make her ask for a divorce. Pakhi saw the family photos and asked, where is Anshuman’s mum’s photo?

Lavanya told Anshuman that Pakhi was clever, she won’t leave you seeing so much money and power. She said, she will not go. She said Tanya will leave you if she see her. She said, Mr. Rana will become our enemy then. Anshuman said let me think. Lavanya said Tanya is coming with Ayaan. Pakhi saw Ayaan’s room. Ayaan is Anshuman’s son. Maa ji said, Ayaan went on a trip. Pakhi saw Ayaan’s photo and smiled. Girish said, let go now.

He said it’s Anshuman’s suhaagraat. Anshuman asked her to skip it. Girish said, its important for that girl. Lavanya asked Anshuman to be careful and avoid Pakhi. Else everything will be hers then.

Maa ji came back and said Pakhi is in Anshuman’s room. Lavanya left, wishing Anshuman all the best. Anshuman thought about suhaagraat. Pakhi saw Anshuman’s room and was happy. She opened her bag and prayed to an idol. She kept it on a table and smiled. She prayed and then got Bhabhisa’s call. Bhabhisa and Raghu talked to her. Pakhi told her that Anshuman got an award. Raghu said, it means you are very lucky for him.

Raghu asked, are you happy there? Pakhi responded, a lot, the house is so big that its like a fort. Raghu said, keep Anshuman happy and shower him with your love. Pakhi asked how is Chutki, does she miss me? Raghu left. Bhabhisa said, Pakhi its your suhaagraat today. She says, it’s your first night, start it by making your marriage stronger.

Pakhi smiled and was shy. She ended the call. Pakhi looked at Anshuman’s photo and smiled. She played the radio by mistake and went to freshen up. Anshuman was thinking about how to get rid of Pakhi. Pakhi saw the big bathroom. Anshuman said, how can I tell her that I don’t have any feelings for her. Pakhi got under the tap and got all drenched and She closed the tap. Anshuman came to his room and heard the song.

Pakhi came out of the bathroom and Anshuman looked at her wet clothes and her state. Pakhi walked towards him.

Anshuman looked at Pakhi and thought about Lavanya’s words. Anshuman was worried and moved away from Pakhi. Her saree got stucked and she became nervous. She thought Anshuman has held it., she turned and saw it was rather stucked somewhere and She was relieved. The power went out. Anshuman said, I will check the power, don’t move. He lighted a candle and saw Pakhi standing.

End Of Tumhari Paakhi 8th April 2021 Pt1 On Atinka Tv

Anshuman said, go and change, else you will be ill. They got closer while trying to hold the candle and flowers fall on them.

Pakhi held Anshuman’s hands and they had an eyelock. They hold the candle together. The power came back and Pakhi left the candle. Anshuman was worried by their closeness.

Precap: Anshuman made some space from Pakhi. Pakhi understood him and said our hearts should meet first before getting physical and Anshuman looked at her.

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