Tumhari Paakhi 9th April 2021 Pt1 On Atinka Tv – Episode 9

Tumhari Pakhi On Atinka Tv: Monday, 19th July 2021

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Tumhari Paakhi 9th April 2021 Pt1 On Atinka Tv episode started with Lavanya taunting Pakhi. Anshuman asked her to trust him, if she won’t trust Pakhi. He said I am sure she will take care of the house. Lavanya argued with Anshuman while he took Pakhi’s side. Girish looked on the drama between the brother and sister. Anshuman said Pakhi will take charge now. He asked Maa ji to give the master key to Pakhi. Even Maa ji doesn’t like Pakhi. Anshuman handed over the keys to Pakhi.

Pakhi was shocked and asked what is this. Lavanya said, brilliant, she doesn’t know this is the master key and you are giving her the responsibility of the house. Lavanya told Pakhi that was the master key. Anshuman told Pakhi about the electronic keys of the locks.

He asked Maa ji to support Pakhi and left for his meeting. Maa ji was annoyed and left. Pakhi asked Girish how they used the key and Girish laughed. Maa ji was making a plan against Pakhi as she was not the one to rule over the house. Pakhi said, Anshuman trusts me a lot, I have to keep up his trust. She said, it is a big responsibility. Lavanya talked to Anshuman and said, it is easy to give someone power and but it is difficult to take it back from her. Anshuman said, it is a challenge from her. He said, it would be tough for her, I am a businessman, I know how to burden someone.

Girish said, Anshuman gave you a burden, i hope you accept this challenge. Pakhi replied,no, this isn’t a challenge, it is easy as I have to work in this house. Lavanya said, Pakhi would be win in this easily. Anshuman said, Pakhi doesn’t know our budget is more than what I gave her, when she knows she will fail, she will understand that she does deserve to be my wife. Pakhi was expecting that Lavanya liked her. She said, I want Lavanya and Anshuman’s love and trust and I can do anything for it. Girish said, we won’t get a better bahu than you, all the best.

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Lavanya and Anshuman were making plans against Pakhi and Lavanya told Maa ji about Anshuman’s plan and said, do what you want, it is a game of seven days, I want this girl out of this house and I want you to take care of the house. Pakhi came to her room and opened the locker and kept the money in it. She was happy and said, it is like a promise made in the marriage, I will keep up with every decision you make to win your trust, I will fulfill this challenge anyhow. She prayed to the Lord that He should support her. Maa ji told the servants that Pakhi should not succeed in it and everyone agreed with her.

Pakhi came and they got shocked. Pakhi asked Maa ji, what should I do? Maa ji made excuses and asked the servants to do their works. Maa ji acted sweetly infront of Pakhi. Pakhi said, i need your help Maa ji. Maa ji said, we all are with you. Pakhi brought a white board and told Maa ji, we are going to make the list of the things to get the idea of the weekly budget. She asked the servants about the expenses.

Maa ji asked Sukhi, she was one of the servants, what are you doing? Pakhi asked Maa ji about the house expenses. Maa ji answered her and was annoyed. Maa ji didn’t disclose everything to Pakhi, she did that so that Pakhi can’t do her work properly.

Pakhi came to her room and saw Anshuman’s clothes and accessories. She saw the price of them. Maa ji laughed seeing Pakhi. She saw the master key kept there on the table. Pakhi forget about the keys. Pakhi asked Maa ji, will Anshuman come for lunch? and Maa ji responded no. Anshuman scolded his employees and said, we have much competition, you are not doing good work. He said, this is my fort, this is what I do. He saw Pakhi in his office and became shocked. He saw that she brought a tiffin with her.

Anshuman asked the employees to go away from his cabin. Pakhi said, I am sorry, I didn’t know you were busy with your staff. He said, it was not needed for you to come here. She said, I brought food for you, I am your wife. He said, I have meetings. She replied, I know you are free for 40 mins, so you can eat now. He said fine. She said, wash your hands, I will serve your food. Maa ji told the servants, I don’t want Pakhi to be here after seven days, she is trying hard but we have to think of how to fail her and they all gave Maa ji their suggestions.

End Of Tumhari Paakhi 9th April 2021 Pt1 On Atinka Tv

Maa ji said, now I got it, you all don’t have to do anything. She said, I have to do something big for getting rid of her, we have to give her a shock that she starts doing mistakes. She thought of Anshuman’s words about the locker and got an idea. She said, lets get the keys first. She told Ashok and Sukhi to get the keys from Pakhi.
Pakhi served food to Anshuman.

He held her hand and they looked at each other and Pakhi smiled. She asked, will you scold me if I fail in taking care of the house and the budget? He answered no, you are not my employee. She then asked again, then who I am to you. Anshuman looked at her and she smiled.

Pakhi told Anshuman that she has misplaced the master key. Anshuman said, you should have been careful.

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