Tumhari Paakhi 9th April 2021 Pt2 On Atinka Tv- Episode 10

Tumhari Pakhi On Atinka Tv: Monday, 19th July 2021

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Tumhari Paakhi 9th April 2021 Pt2 On Atinka Tv episode started with Pakhi asking Anshuman what am I to you. He answered, I won’t scold you for anything, it is your exam, Lavanya will decide about you, I have lots of work, thank you for the nice food. He resumed his work and Pakhi was still there. Lavanya came to Anshuman and said, tell Girish that I won’t attend his Bua. Anshuman asked, is she coming? Lavanya responded yes, she always comes and taunts me.

She said, she should not taunt me, do I taunt anyone? They saw Pakhi and was shocked. Pakhi greeted them. Anshuman said, she brought food for me. Girish said great, he said, some shayari lines and Pakhi laughed. Girish said, it is great of you to bring food for him, but you would have brought for us too if you knew we were coming here.

He said, we will come to your home even if you don’t like. Pakhi answered, you are always welcome. Lavanya said yes, you can come. Pakhi said, I will leave now and she left. Lavanya asked Anshuman what is this, will she be coming to the office to give you food? She said, you won’t be quiet Girish, about your Bua, keep a servant for her and you won’t go anywhere till she is with me, and if she taunts me saying about the child, I will not spare her. Girish responded, as you say.

Maa ji and the servants were searching for the master key while Pakhi was on the way to home. Maa ji called the driver and asked him where they were. The driver said, we will reach home within 15mins. Pakhi came home and someone came and said, I need some money for pesticides as I am the caretaker of the garden. Pakhi agreed and asked him to stay till she comes. The man was doing this as Maa j has asked him to do.

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Maa ji made some plan and the servant saw that Pakhi kept the master key in her saree. The servants told this to Maa ji. Pakhi gave the man the money he asked for pesticides.

Lavanya was working in the office and She came to know that her employee is pregnant and did not come to the office. Maa ji talked to Pakhi and said, I feel pains in my knee. She asked Pakhi to open a shelf and she saw the master key in her saree. The master key fell while Pakhi tried to reach the shelf. Maa ji got the key. Pakhi said, my key fell.

Maa ji said, I didn’t see anything fall. Pakhi looked out for the key but Maa ji hid it under her foot. Pakhi said, move your foot, maybe its under it. Maa ji was worried as Pakhi got the key back.

Maa ji said, take it, it has to come back to me. Lavanya talked to Girish and came to know that his Bua is coming so he is doing some arrangements for it. Maa ji came to Pakhi and looked at the keys. She said, Anshuman has sent you a designer and a tailor to get some designer sarees for public appearances. Pakhi made Maa ji spell out Rathod and Pakhi smiled. She went and met the designer and checked some sarees.

Pakhi tried some sarees and liked them. Maa ji cunningly stole the key from her. Pakhi said, I am confuse on which to select,took her photos and sent it to Anshuman while he was doing work in office.

Anshuman checked her photos with different sarees. He came home and asked where is Maa ji. He asked the servant to call Maa ji. He asked Maa ji who called the designer and the tailor. He scolded Maa ji for doing all this. Maa ji said, I got this key from her. Anshuman said, I gave it to her, what is this. Pakhi was trying to find out the key. Pakhi said, maybe it fell when I was trying the sarees. Maa ji told Anshuman that she was faithful to him.

She said, I know you have given less money to Pakhi for troubling her, I was making it more difficult as Lavanya asked me to do this. She said, I called the designer and tailor to get this key from Pakhi.

Pakhi was coming downstairs. Maa ji saw Pakhi will get a bolt when she lost this key. She said, you decide, whether you want to return her the key or continue this game. Pakhi came to them. She told Anshuman that she has lost the master key. Anshuman wasn’t shocked but acted infront of her. Pakhi asked Maa ji did anyone get the key. Maa ji looked at Anshuman and said, it might be somewhere.

Anshuman asked, Maa ji did you see the key? Maa ji hid the key. Anshuman told Pakhi you should have been careful about it. Pakhi asked, I took care of it, but when I tried some clothes, I lost it. Anshuman said, Maa ji, call the company people, they will come and make the new key.

Anshuman sat for dinner and Pakhi came to him. She sat next to him and joked. She said, this is the time when I can spend some time with her. She served him food which annoyed Maa ji. Anshuman tasted the food and said, it is a very nice soup. He liked the food. Pakhi asked, shall I make food tomorrow? I will try so that you like it. He said, you can’t make such food, you won’t be able to, as you don’t know my taste.

End Of Tumhari Paakhi 9th April 2021 Pt2 On Atinka Tv

The cook said, Pakhi made the food today and Anshuman was shocked. Pakhi smiled and asked how is it? Anshuman said nice and good. Pakhi laughed and said you praised the cook so much, but not your wife, are you shocked to know that I know your taste. He said, it is very nice. She said, fine and asked him to try the halwa. He tasted it and said, it is nice and Pakhi smiled.

Precap: Pakhi got the new key and the bill for it was Rs. 10000. Pakhi said I will be more careful now. Pakhi was confident about it. Anshuman and Lavanya though Pakhi will lose it again.

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