Tumhari Pakhi On Atinka Tv: Monday, 19th July 2021

The Tumhari Paakhi Update 19th April 2021 episode started with Anshuman tearing a page from the form and hid it from Pakhi. He asked Pakhi to filled the form and submitted it as it was necessary for participation. He asked Pakhi to keep practicing, as he wanted to win like always with her. Pakhi came to the kitchen and did some work.

Maa ji and the servants looked at her. They thought, what happened to Pakhi. They discussed about Pakhi. Maa ji and the servants were shocked to hear some noise from Pakhi’s room. Maa ji said, she is beating the clothes and washing, what does that mean? Maa ji said, I know she does everything for a reason. Maa ji thought of informing Lavanya.

Lavanya talked to Anshuman and told what Maa ji told, that Pakhi has gone mad and doing silly things. Anshuman said, she is doing this as she can’t balance. Anshuman and Lavanya came home and saw Pakhi playing tennis with Girish and they were shocked to see Pakhi playing well. Lavanya asked Girish, when did you come here? Pakhi said, I asked him to come over as the competition is tomorrow.

Anshuman said, that is really nice, play with me. Girish wished her good luck. Anshuman started playing and Pakhi thought of concentrating on the game rather than Anshuman.Anshuman stopped and said, you serve. Pakhi said fine and served the ball. Lavanya looked on. Anshuman was unable to hit the ball. Girish said, come on Pakhi, yes, you are doing great. Pakhi played really well and the ball stroke Anshuman’s head. Everyone rushed to Anshuman.

Anshuman was shocked to see Pakhi play so well. Pakhi laughed saying, you said right about life and game being similar. She said, sorry to him and thanked Girish. Girish said, you have talent in you, from where did you learn how to play tennis. Pakhi said, i used to play since childhood, I wish we win tomorrow.

I learnt this from household work. Anshuman couldn’t believe it. Anshuman said, good, I am proud of you, I see you are very serious about the game. Girish thought, what has Anshuman planned against Pakhi this time. Lavanya talked to Anshuman about Pakhi and said, she is being more confident now. Anshuman said, she will definitely fail in my game, she will lose everything, trust me. I have removed the pages from the form, which has the rules and regulations which she did not read and Lavanya smiled.

It was night and Pakhi talked to Anshuman about her family. She said, I am thinking to call my Bhaisa, but it is late now. She said, the form you gave me, it doesn’t have a page and Anshuman was tensed. Pakhi said, the third page is missing. Anshuman Said, I will see it. Anshuman thought of what to do, else Pakhi will be after him. He played Temple run on his phone and said, I am reading an important email that came from the office.

A spoon fell and they bent to take it, their heads stroke and they said sorry to each other. Pakhi laughed and said, I have to talk to you about something important and he said I have to make an important call and he left.

He hid seeing Pakhi and thought, he should be away from her till 10. Pakhi saw him and asked, what are you looking for. He answered, am looking for my lighter. She said, we will find it together. She said, I am trying to talk to you about….. and he left making an excuse. He said, I can’t show you the third page Pakhi. Pakhi said, what happened to him, he is behaving strange. Pakhi came to the room and Anshuman pretended to be sleeping. She catched him and said, you are hiding from me, why so?

She said, I am trying to talk to you and you are avoiding me. He replied no, I am not avoiding you. He said, I will sleep now. He said, it is 5mins to 10 now. She said, listen to me. He got up and said tell me. She started talking and went closer to him. He said, what are you doing. She strokes her head to him again said, it is bad luck after one strike, so you had to do another. She said, now you sleep, good night. Anshuman said, I was hiding from her and she was talking about this.

He said, I forgot to talk about the missing page. She said, maybe it is not necessary. Anshuman said, you are right, it wasn’t necessary for me but it was necessary for you. He said, this time you will lose. It was morning, everyone got ready for the tournament. Anshuman came with Pakhi. Girish asked Pakhi about her practice. Pakhi replied, I am nervous. Anshuman showed the winning trophy to Pakhi and said, we will get it, will we win. Pakhi said, I am playing for you, your smile is the trophy for me.

Girish thought, what might Anshuman plan. Dipti’s mum came and taunted Anshuman. She said, so Mrs. Rathore came along, does she know this is professional tennis tournament? Pakhi replied her well. She said, come to our village once, you will know how much the village has advanced. Dipti’s mum said, we will know it after the tournament and she left.

The announcement began and the participants were asked to change their dress. Lavanya asked Pakhi to go and change. Pakhi asked clothes? Anshuman said, you will get them in the changing room. Pakhi said fine and went with Anshuman. Anshuman smiled. Pakhi went and saw the dress.

She was shocked to see it was a top and a short skirt. Pakhi said, I can’t wear this. Girish understood what Anshuman and Lavanya planned. He thought so this was the plan. Pakhi came to know that the rules were written in the form, she had to wear this else she can’t play. Pakhi said please help me, I haven’t worn such clothes till now. Pakhi was tensed.

Still On Tumhari Paakhi Update 19th April 2021

The Episode started with Pakhi being shocked that she can’t participate in the game, if she doesn’t wear western clothes. Anshuman was ready. Girish came and thought of what to do, how to help Pakhi. Pakhi was trying to find out how she could help herself. Pakhi called Anshuman into the changing room. Anshuman smiled and went to her. Girish met Pakhi and before he could talk, Anshuman came there and asked Pakhi to hurry up.

Pakhi said, I can’t wear this clothes they gave me. Anshuman said, you have to wear it, it was written in the form. Pakhi replied, I didn’t know, maybe it was written on third page and it was torn. She told Girish that she hasn’t worn such clothes before, it is too short. The announcement was made for Anshuman and Pakhi to come.

Anshuman said, tell me what to do now. Girish asked Pakhi to give it a try. Pakhi said, I am not used them, I am not comfortable wearing it, I can’t wear such a short skirt. Lavanya came and asked what is going on. Anshuman said, we are not playing, I will take my name back. Lavanya said what! Girish looked at Anshuman.

Anshuman said, we can’t do anything. Dipti’s mum made the announcement about Pakhi’s problem in public and created a laugh to insult Anshuman. Pakhi was upset listening to all of that. The people gossiped about Pakhi. Dipti’s mum said, what you were saying before about pride and respect, what happened today, were your words not true? explain to us. She taunted Pakhi in public.

Lavanya smiled. Anshuman saw his victory in this. Dipti’s mum said, your small mentality is wrong. Lavanya said, this is the first time Dipti’s mum was supporting us. Dipti’s mum said, Anshuman needed someone like my daughter Dipti, but he went for a village girl. Anshuman said, mind your language Mrs. Jaisingh, when you are speaking about my wife. He held Pakhi’s hand and took her towards her.

He took the mic from her hand and said, what if she is from a village, if she cannot mingle in our society, if she is not comfortable with wearing mini skirt, she is with small mentality, but you can’t insult her, I don’t care about this. He said, I have always won here, but what if I can’t participate today, I can’t see her getting insulted, I take my name back.

It doesn’t matter to me if I don’t play today. Lavanya was happy. Dipti’s mum said, you don’t have any other option, I understand you are speaking to defend your wife. She said, she is not so classy and is not fit for our society. Anshuman said, it is my choice, I wish all the best to all the participants. He started leaving and Pakhi felt bad for this. Anshuman smiled seeing Lavanya.

The servants saw Maa ji’s relatives come. Maa ji said, she will gift them Anshuman’s wife’s saree. Maa ji went to receive her guests. It is actually Pakhi’s Bhaisa and Bhabhisa who came to see Pakhi. They were amazed to see the big house and thought Pakhi was lucky. Maa ji thought, they were her daughter’s relatives as she has not seen them before. Maa ji treated them well.

The servants kept an eye on her. Maa ji talked to them very sweetly. Bhaisa said, this house is very beautiful. Bhabhisa asked where is Anshuman? Maa ji said, they went to play tennis, they will be back soon. Anshuman and Pakhi left while Lavanya and Girish looked on. Pakhi was upset as Anshuman could not play because of her.

Anshuman smiled happily seeing her upset. He asked, are you still thinking about the tournament? even I am thinking, it takes time, what can we do. He talked about his ex wife and said, we always won, I thought we will also win, but we did not. Pakhi said, I am sorry, this happened because of me. He said, it’s ok.

He said, I think I should not be that club’s member, I know people might be talking about us. He said, I don’t care about anyone, I feel there are many things which I can’t do now. Pakhi said, you spoke a lot for me, thanks. She said, I am missing my Bhaisa and Bhabhisa a lot today. Maa ji called the servants.

They brought them snacks. Bhaisa said, we won’t have anything. Maa ji said, have something, you have to eat. She insisted. Bhaisa agreed and had some food thanking her. Bhaisa said, is she Maa ji? Bhabhisa said yes, she did Anshuman’s upbringing. Maa ji gave a gift to Bhabhisa but she didn’t accept it. Maa ji insisted and Bhabhisa accepted it.

End Of Tumhari Paakhi Update 19th April 2021 On Atinka Tv

Bhaisa said, I thought we respect our guests very well, but even you are not less. Pakhi came and was happy to see her Bhaisa and Bhabhisa. She hugged them. Maa ji was puzzled. Anshuman looked on. Pakhi cried. Pakhi said, I was missing you both a lot, and now I am happy to see you. The servants gossiped about Maa ji being fooled. They laughed at Maa ji. Anshuman greeted Bhaisa and Bhabhisa. Lavanya met them and looked at Anshuman. Pakhi introduced Lavanya and Girish.

Bhaisa said, Maa ji has treated us so well, we are happy. Bhabhisa asked about the tennis game. Pakhi said, I will prepare food for you. She asked Maa ji to take them to the guests room. Lavanya said, another problem on our head now, do something and send Pakhi with them.

Lavanya insulted Pakhi infront of Bhaisa and Bhabhisa. Bhaisa got angry and shouted Lavanya. He said, I won’t let Pakhi stay here and asked Pakhi to come with him. Anshuman smiled.

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