Tumhari Paakhi Update 20th April 2021 On Atinka Tv: Episode 23-24

Tumhari Pakhi On Atinka Tv: Monday, 19th July 2021

The Tumhari Paakhi Update 20th April 2021 episode started with Anshuman thinking why Pakhi’s relatives came there. Pakhi was happy that her brother and bhabhi came and said, I liked the surprise which they gave me, it is good to see someone you love like this. She said sorry to Anshuman as he couldn’t win because of her.

She praised Anshuman for supporting her and said we shouldn’t look upset else Bhaisa and Bhabhisa will feel bad and noticed us. Bhaisa called Pakhi. Pakhi said let us go, they are calling us. Anshuman is upto something again. Everyone was shocked to see Bhaisa doing puja before starting food and Girish smiled.

Bhaisa asked the servant to give some food to the cow. Lavanya asked cow? Bhaisa was happy seeing the food. Bhabhisa said yes, it is great to see them. She asked Lavanya has Pakhi given you any reason to complain? Girish replied never. Bhaisa said, we came to visit Mata mandir so as we were close to this place, we thought it would be good to visit Pakhi also.

Maa ji and the servant were discussing about the saree she gave to Bhabhisa. Bhabhisa told them about an auspicious day which Pakhi and her sister in law can celebrate. Lavanya changed the topic and said, I will be back. She brought a wine glass and kept it infront of Pakhi.

Anshuman and everyone was shocked. Anshuman looked at Lavanya and Lavanya poured the wine in it and Pakhi looked stunned. Lavanya said, we have a ritual where we make our Bhabhi drink wine and everyone became shocked. She asked Pakhi and her Bhabhisa to have wine like they had a ritual to tie thread. She asked Pakhi, will you do this ritual? Pakhi waa speechless and looked at the wine glass.

Pakhi got up from the seat and said Lavanya, you know I don’t drink. Lavanya answered yes, this is what you learnt. Pakhi said, it is about our values and trust. Lavanya said, my foot, stop all this. She scolded Pakhi and this made Bhaisa angry. Lavanya told Bhaisa did you not tell Pakhi whats wine actually? it is made of grapes. Bhaisa said, we don’t teach our kids to drink wine, we teach them only what is good. Lavanya asked, so this is bad according to you?

Lavanya said, they didn’t teach you to follow the rules of your husband’s house. Bhaisa said sorry, it is not a ritual to make anyone drink wine. Lavanya said, we have such, as we live in a society where your sister misfits. Bhaisa said, Pakhi is part of this house and if anyone forces her to do something wrong, it is bad. Lavanya insulted Pakhi and said, Pakhi has let Anshuman down infront of everyone and Bhaisa argued with Lavanya.

Lavanya said, ask your sister why she wore a cheap slipper in my kitty party, I got insulted infront of my friends, and today she insulted Anshuman by not wearing a short dress, everyone might be laughing at us, Anshuman couldn’t play today because of his villager wife and Pakhi started crying. Anshuman smiled. Bhaisa got angry and took Pakhi’s side. The servants were there looking at them. Bhaisa said, my sister is one in a million, she knows everything and is smart, she has all the qualities, she can’t do anything wrong.

Lavanya argued equally. Bhaisa said great, how much more will you fall down, the women who did yours and your brother’s upbringing, you are calling her a servant. Lavanya said, right, I will, Pakhi does everything like a servant. She taunted Pakhi and said, she is not equal to us in any way, she does not deserve to be here, the servants are more cultured than her. Bhaisa said enough, not any more words against my sister.

He said your brother begged us and brought Pakhi here. He asked Anshuman to tell Lavanya the truth, that he apologized and regretted infronf of us so we gave Pakhi to him.Bhaisa asked Anshuman, did you forget what I said, I won’t bear if you hurt Pakhi. He said, it is good we came here and came to know the truth, we won’t let Pakhi be here and get insulted like this.

He said, your society does not deserve Pakhi. He said, I would have killed people who speak against Pakhi. Bhabhisa calmed Bhaisa down. Bhaisa said, I won’t let Pakhi be here. He asked Anshuman why are you quiet, she is telling a lot, it means you are with your sister. He said come Pakhi. Pakhi stopped Bhaisa and talked to him and Bhabhisa.

Bhaisa said, why did Anshuman not say anything. Pakhi took Anshuman’s side and said don’t feel bad, Lavanya doesn’t like me. Bhaisa said Anshuman should have told his sister anything. Pakhi said, I will talk to him. Girish said, Lavanya you were too much today, Lavanya said, I had to insult her so that she leaves this house. Girish talked in Pakhi’s favor. Lavanya said, she is still stuck with us.

Girish said, she doesn’t know that you want to get rid of her. He said, stop all this. Lavanya said, mind your own business. Girish said fine, you do whatever you want, but I will do anything it takes to help Pakhi. Lavanya got angry and said, I can’t be in this car with you. Girish scolded Lavanya. He said, you can’t see anything, that this is not our fight, but about right and wrong.

He said, I have always supported you, but not now, I will do what I feel is right. Lavanya looked on. Pakhi talked to Anshuman. He said, even I want to talk to you. She said, not here, somewhere out. She asked him to stop the car near the river. She got down and walked towards the river. Anshuman thought that, is she committing suicide by drowning in the river. He said, Pakhi and ran to her. She stepped in the water and stood still.

Still On Tumhari Paakhi Update 20th April 2021

The Episode started with Anshuman stopping Pakhi from going into the water thinking she was going to end her life. She said, I am not so weak, I feel good to keep my feet in water. She gave him her hand and he held it. She said, whatever happened because of me, I am sorry and they had an eyelock. Anshuman said, it is not like that, actually I was feeling sad seeing you, you might be thinking why I was silent, the truth is, we have our differences, we are completely opposite, look Pakhi.

when we got married in our childhood, we were from the same background, but when we shifted to Shimla, everything changed. He said, things have changed for us. Dance, parties, wine, this all are a part of our life, which I can’t change, I am sure you can’t change yourself, you should not, as a person is known by his culture and trust. I know you are hurt.

He said, I don’t want you to change yourself. Since I have known you, I am seeing you like this for the first time, I didn’t bring you here to make you upset, but I had fear that your identity would be tarnished by coming here. He Said, how can a person change for others, there is still time, it is better to live your life than this life, I want you to go back into your life, because once time runs out, you will regret and I don’t want you to regret. Here nothing is going to change, I care for you genuinely, you are free from my side, no pressure from my side.

Pakhi was upset and Anshuman left and walked towards his car. It was night, Anshuman and Pakhi came home. Bhaisa and Bhabhisa were waiting for them. Pakhi told Bhabhisa that she went with Anshuman. Bhaisa stopped Anshuman and came to him. He looked at Anshuman folding his hands saying we are going back tomorrow, we will not meet you and your sister again. He said, don’t try to make a relation with us again. Bhabhisa and Pakhi looked at him. Anshuman came to know that Mr. Rana has come.

Mr. Rana came and Anshuman welcomed him. Pakhi greeted Mr. Rana. Mr. Rana became angry seeing her still in the house. Anshuman introduced Pakhi’s Bhaisa and Bhabhisa to Mr. Rana. Mr. Rana invited Anshuman for the club’s function. He said, it is your type of party, I am sure you will like it. He asked everyone to come and said, it will have good food and wine, it will be fun. He taunted Bhaisa and Bhabhisa. Mr. Rana said, I will make a move now and left.

Anshuman talked to Mr. Rana outside the house. Mr. Rana said, I am doing this for you, to save your image, so that Pakhi should leave you. He said, bring her to the party and make her get insulted, so that everyone knows that your fulfilled your commitment by bringing her but she does not deserve you. Anshuman told Mr. Rana how Lavanya insulted Pakhi today at home and Bhaisa’s argument. He said, Pakhi’s brother told me that we don’t have to see their faces again.

Pakhi called Girish. Girish said, I was thinking about you. Pakhi said, I want to talk to you and they had a talk. Girish asked what? Pakhi asked, tell me what not doing right? Girish said yes, whatever happened with you today, this is right. Pakhi said, I won’t be able to tell Anshuman. Girish said, leave it on me. Mr. Rana wished Anshuman and Tanya’s new start and Anshuman was happy.

Anshuman came to Pakhi and said I understand what happened in the club in morning, and we have a party tomorrow, we have to go, as we can’t say no to Mr. Rana, will you come with me? Pakhi said, I won’t be able to come. Anshuman said it is ok, if you don’t want to come. He said, I understood what you wanted to say, don’t worry. She asked, what is this? He said, these are the train tickets for your Bhaisa, Bhabhisa and you and Pakhi was shocked.

He gave it to her. He said, I can understand that you have handled a lot here, but nothing will change here, no one can change Lavanya and I can’t go against her. I know yourself, respect won’t allow this to happen again, that is not possible. I brought you here, it was my fault, your family sent you with me, it was a great thing, but now it is enough, stop living like this, this place is not for you, go from here, just go, you are free from every relation from my side, go Pakhi, live your life, as you want, by your wish and Pakhi was stunned by his words.

End Of Tumhari Paakhi Update 20th April 2021

Bhaisa told Bhabhisa to keep the saree and he won’t take it with him, he will take only Pakhi with them. He said, they have hurt my sister, it was my mistake, I didn’t think about her. He cried for making such a mistake of trusting Anshuman. Anshuman saw Pakhi upset and became happy. He smiled, he got hurt as he bumped into the wall. Pakhi run to him and cared for him. Anshuman said, I don’t want this and left. Pakhi looked on with tears in her eyes.

Anshuman thought, this is the last day today, everyone will be going and then I will be a free man. Pakhi came to him with tea. He said, why are you doing this, you are going tomorrow. Pakhi gave him the tea and he looked at her. Pakhi smiled. She saw Bhaisa and Bhabhisa coming.

Anshuman said, come and sit Bhaisa. Anshuman talked to Bhaisa and asked him to have tea. He asked, have you finish packing? Bhaisa looked at him angrily. Anshuman said, you didn’t see Shimla, it is fine, you can see her next time. He said, I will go, I have to get ready for work and Anshuman left.

Pakhi asked Anshuman, does my wish matter to you whats your happiness in, in my staying here or going back? All the servants greeted Pakhi as she was about to leave from Anshuman’s house.

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