Tumhari Paakhi Update 22nd April 2021 On Atinka Tv: Episode 27-28

Tumhari Pakhi On Atinka Tv: Monday, 19th July 2021

The Tumhari Paakhi Update 22nd April 2021 On Atinka Tv Episode started with Pakhi telling Anshuman that even touch conveys a message. Anshuman laughed hearing this. He said, it is a gesture, I didn’t feel it till now. Pakhi said, maybe you felt it but didn’t notice. She said it’s just a feeling. He said ok, then hold my hand and tell me what your language of touch says. She held his hand and they had an eye lock and he smiled. Pakhi looked at him and felt his touch.

He asked what happened, did you not get any feeling? He left her hands and laughed. Pakhi was serious and looked at him. She said, I felt always from your touch that you are troubled, I felt you want to do something but you are unable to do it and Anshuman became shocked.

Anshuman looked at his hands and said, how can anyone tell this by only a touch, this is nonsense. He took out his files and they fell. Pakhi asked what happened and came to him. He replied, I will pick it up myself. She said, I will help you. He was shocked to see divorce papers. He stopped Pakhi from seeing it and hid it.

He got sprained and Pakhi asked now what? He said nothing, I will pick them up, I told you. He kept the files in the drawer and said, it’s just a sprain. She cared for him and massaged his neck. Anshuman felt good and closed his eyes. He smiled. He then thought about her words and said I don’t want this. He got up and said I am ok.

He said I mean you might be tired, sleep now. Pakhi got upset seeing his rudeness. He said Pakhi, what you were talking about touch, did you feel like this before for anyone? She said yes, remember when you came to my house, and my hand touched yours, I understood it was you. Anshuman wad shocked. Pakhi went to sleep. He thought about her and said, why don’t I feel the language of touch.

It was morning and Anshuman was in the garden. He talked to Lavanya. She said congratulations, you became a Page 3 husband. He asked what?. She asked him to read the newspaper, everyone is praising Pakhi. He ended the call and checked the newspapers. Pakhi came to him with Maa ji.

He said join me, it is you everywhere in the newspaper. Pakhi was happy to see her photos. he said, it is great, you became a Page 3 celebrity. Pakhi said yes, it is true, I got the media attention, it is not fun to get media attention, I want my husband to praise me but Anshuman left and Pakhi laughed.

Lavanya was angry and saw Naina playing. She smiled seeing Naina and came to sit beside her. Girish saw Lavanya with Naina and was happy. Bua saw them and smiled. She told Girish, I know what you are thinking seeing Lavanya like this, before Lavanya hides this love, talk to her about adoption. Girish said I know Lavanya very well, if anyone tells her, it would be wrong, but if she says it herself, it will be right. She has a big heart, I have to wait till she talks about adoption herself.

Pakhi came to Anshuman and said the media made me a celebrity but I am not like this. She said, I mean what they are thinking I am, I have to become like them. She asked, where would I get modern clothes, now I will have to be like this? Anshuman said no need. Pakhi said, what will people say about me. He said you are far better than them, you look beautiful in sarees. Pakhi smiled and was happy. She asked, what did you say, how do I look in sarees?, it is tough to get a praise from husband.

His file fell again and the papers spreaded out, he picked them up and saw the divorce papers under the bed. He got hurt going under the bed. She said, I will help you and she also got under the bed. She tried to read the papers but he said they were confidential, give it to me. She said, I am your wife, I have the right to know everything about you, including your pay. He asked her to give him the papers, saying it is very important.

Pakhi picked up the divorce papers. She didn’t give him the papers and asked him to come out of the bed. She said, come out and take it. He got hurt again. he got out from the bed and asked her to give him the papers. She teased him and runs away asking him to come and take the papers and she laughed. He said, this is serious, give it to me. She said, you have to do something to take these papers.

He asked what? She said, like you were saying about me and my saree, you can continue. He said alright, you are very beautiful. She laughed and said, say in a good way and something new, like praising my hair. He said fine, your hair is really beautiful. She asked, what more? He said, your eyes are nice too.

He said, now can I have my papers back? Pakhi said, hair, eyes, and what? He said, your cheeks are like Shimla apples. She said, not Shimla, Kashmir apples, you have to do something else. He asked what, bring stars for you? She replied no, a gift. He agreed and promised her. She teased him and gave him the papers back. She said, remember my gift. He asked, what do you want? She responded, I need 24 hours to think about it, it has to be something special and she smiled looking at him.

Lavanya met Anshuman at his office and was shocked to know that Anshuman promised Pakhi a gift. He said, what could I do, she was having the divorce papers. She said, let me think, what will she ask if her husband is a millionaire. She named expensive gifts. He said, she is not materialistic, I am sure it is something different. Lavanya scared Anshuman saying do something, else you will regret being trapped and Anshuman became tensed. Lavanya said, she will ask for a child, that you be with her always, don’t agree to this, buy anything for her but not this.

Still On Tumhari Paakhi Update 22nd April 2021 On Atinka Tv

The Episode started with Lavanya telling Anshuman that she will be asking for a child. She asked her to call Pakhi and meet her. He met her at the mall road. He got hiccups and Pakhi asked him to bend. he bent and she held his nose and asked him to breath. His hiccups was gone. Anshuman said are you crazy?, the hiccups stopped. He brought her to a shop. He said, we get the best shawls here, so I thought to buy one for you. He asked her to select a shawl for herself. Pakhi smiled seeing Anshuman doesn’t know anything about women shopping.

Anshuman made her try a shawl and covered her. She felt happy and smiled. She said shall I say something, she said, I like shawls a lot and I have many, I want to take something else. He said, I know what will you like, come with me, you are right, you won’t have enough diamonds, diamonds are girl’s best friend, tell me what you don’t have. She said, it is nothing like that. He asked, then what will you ask me in the next 24 hours. She laughed saying, oh so this is the reason why you are taking me to expensive shops?

She said, I will give you two hints, then you can guess what I will ask you for. Anshuman called Lavanya and said Pakhi is going to give me hints, I am looking like a fool walking with her on the road. Lavanya said, keep me updated and he ended the call. Pakhi ate tamarind and said this is my first hint. She said, it is a small thing but makes husband and wife relation more strong and increases happiness and if they don’t have it, people makes news. Anshuman thought about it.

Anshuman said she is talking about a child, I am very sure. She said my second hint, she showed him baby socks. He said baby socks! OMG. She tied his hand by a wool and someone met Anshuman and said you are here. Anshuman said, lets talk in office tomorrow. Pakhi said, your last hint, it is that thing that completes a married woman. He thought about her words and said it means a child. The wool got tangled and their hands get stuck in it and they had an eye lock.

She removed the wool from his hands and they came home. Anshuman was worried looking out for her in the room. He looked at her combing her hair and standing in her night gown. She also looked at him and he ran. She stopped him and asked, what are you doing here? He said, I was seeing the polish of the wood. Pakhi said, you can see that in morning, come lets sleep. He said, I will be in office in the morning, I will see this now. She said fine, come soon. He left making an excuse.

Anshuman said, I am living in my house like a thief, I can’t sleep in my bedroom. He sat on the sofa but couldn’t sleep on it. He came to his room seeing Pakhi sleep. He came and lie in the bed happily. She kept her hand on him and he got worried. He moved her hand slowly and she turned. He got relieved and kept a big pillow between them.

It was morning, Anshuman was sleeping and woke up. He saw Pakhi staring at him. He asked, what are you looking at. She said, you look very cute while sleeping like a baby. She asked, did you see the polish of the pillars at night? He replied yes and she smiled. She said, give me my gift and Anshuman was tensed. She gifted him something and asked him to open the gift. He said what is this. He opened it and she smiled happily. It was a nested box and he opened it.

He got angry and she said, don’t be angry, you will be happy when you see the gift. Anshuman thought about Lavanya’s words and waa worried. Pakhi said, I think this is the last box. He saw a Krishna’s box. He looked at Pakhi. He said look Pakhi, I am not ready yet, I think we should talk.

End Of Tumhari Paakhi Update 22nd April 2021 On Atinka Tv

She said what, but you haven’t seen the gift yet. He opened the box and waa shocked to see sindoor. He said it is sindoor. She said yes, what did you think? He laughed saying you wanted this, awesome, it is nice. She said, I want you to start my each day by this sindoor. He said, it is not a problem at all.

He was happy and said, it is really nice. She said, so fill my Maang by it and he did it. Pakhi closed her yes. Pakhi smiled seeing him. He said, it fell on your nose and she tried to clean it. She said, you clean it and he cleaned it touching her. She asked, will you fill my maang daily and fulfill your promise? he replied yes. She said thank you for this gift. he responded you are welcome and left.

Pakhi talked to Anshuman and said are we going to bring Ayaan? Anshuman said, I don’t want you to go, but Pakhi went to take him. She met Ayaan and was happy.

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