Tumhari Paakhi Update On Monday, 26th April 2021 On Atinka Tv- Episode 31-32

Tumhari Pakhi On Atinka Tv: Monday, 19th July 2021

The Tumhari Paakhi Update On Monday, 26th April 2021 On Atinka Tv Episode started with Lavanya and Pakhi getting into an argument. Lavanya taunted Pakhi saying you accepted Anshuman but not his child. Pakhi was hurt by Lavanya’s words. Girish felt bad for Pakhi. Anshuman asked his secretary to give him the list of boarding schools.

Lavanya came to him and asked him about his decision. Anshuman responded, Ayaan is getting so indisciplined, it is necessary to send him to a boarding school. Pakhi was restless at home and prayed to the Lord to show her the new way. Anshuman said, let me send Ayaan away, then I can think of how to get rid of Pakhi.

It was night, Anshuman came home and was thinking about Ayaan. Pakhi came to him and said, I have been trying to speak with you since morning. Anshuman said, I don’t want to talk about Ayaan, I have already made my decision. Pakhi said, Ayaan won’t go anywhere and Anshuman looked at him.

She said, he will be with us in our home, please I will take care of him and make sure that he becomes the one you want him to be. You asked me about my wish, I wish I can become Ayaan’s mother, you told me in Chittor that you need your child’s mum more than your wife, I did not become a mum, but a step mum.

She said, give me a chance, I will try my best. He replied, Ayaan is very smart, but he is very destructive, if he uses his mind at the right place, he can change the world, but it can be destructive if uses it negatively, he won’t accept you as his mum. Pakhi said, if I make a space in his heart and make him call me mum, then will you not send him to boarding school?

Ayaan was talking to his friend on phone and said Pakhi was his step mum. His friend suggested that he threw Pakhi out from his house. Anshuman told Pakhi it was impossible. Pakhi said yes, I know Ayaan is very intelligent, but it’s not late, I can mend him in the way we want, but if we make him go away from us, it will be late.

She said, I will take care of him, I will make everything fine, give me 15 days and Anshuman smiled. Pakhi said, if I fail, you can send Ayaan anywhere you want, and I will also leave this house forever. Anshuman was shocked but happy and looked at Pakhi. Pakhi said, I came here as a wife and a mum.

what would it be if I become a step mum, I will also leave forever, so tell me will you give me 15 days? She gave him her hand to hold. He looked at her hand and she asked him to promise her. Anshuman thought and held her hand agreeing to her wish. He said fine, I have given you 15 days only and Pakhi smiled.

Anshuman started leaving and made an item fall, she held it with him and said, by this way we both will take care of Ayaan and Anshuman left. Pakhi wiped her tears. It was morning, Lavanya was reading the horoscope. Bua brought Naina to her and smiled seeing Lavanya. Lavanya saw Naina crying and went to her. She said, don’t sit on the ground Naina and taunted Bua.

Bua read the horoscope and laughed reading it to Lavanya. Lavanya lifted Naina in her arms and made her eat the breakfast by her hands. Bua smiled seeing this. Lavanya said, now Naina will be with us, we need Naina’s parent’s death certificate, without it, I can’t adopt Naina. Bua said, no one knows this in the village, I will ask them to make it.

Lavanya said give me the address, I will make it. Bua replied, don’t worry, I will manage. Lavanya and Bua talked via the maid. Lavanya said, I need the phone number and address as soon as possible, I want to adopt her soon. Bua thought about Lavanya’s wish to adopt Naina, but she thought she can’t give the address of the village else everything will be ruined. Pakhi brought the sindoor box and asked Anshuman to fill her Maang, he did it and Pakhi smiled.

She stopped Anshuman and said, I brought something, I didn’t tell you, wait. She showed a remote car and asked how is it, I brought this as a gift for Ayaan. He said it fine. She said, I thought of starting the day with a gift, I will go, I am excited and he said go. Pakhi went to Ayaan’s room and asked Ayaan to open the door. Anshuman was watching this. Ayaan threw a bucket of water on Pakhi. She became shocked and looked at Ayaan.

Pakhi went into the washroom and cried. She saw her sindoor has spreaded and made it fine. She thought about Ayaan’s words and felt hurt by them. Pakhi changed and came out of the washroom. Anshuman said, I am very sure Ayaan did this, I told you we have to send him to a hostel.

Pakhi stopped Anshuman and gave him the sindoor box. She looked at him stiffly and he filled her Maang once again. She held his hand and said, I have waited for 18 years, you married me again to make me Ayaan’s mum, but I became a bad step mum, a woman becomes a mum when she gives birth to a child after nine months.

but I have only 15 days to prove my love for Ayaan, to become his mum from a step mum. She said, I will be keeping this relation only for 15 days, I am freeing you from every promise, if I fail in these 15 days, then I will not even be your wife, I won’t have any right to stay in this house and Anshuman looked on.

Still On Tumhari Paakhi Update On Monday, 26th April 2021 On Atinka Tv

The Episode continues with Pakhi talking to Anshuman about her decision to change Ayaan in 15 days. She asked him to mark sindoor to the calender dates too so that she can know how much time she has and he did so. Anshuman thought, these 15 days are your last days, Pakhi also thought, 14 days left now.

Ayaan saw Pakhi coming with coffee and bumped into her to make it fall but he rather failed. Pakhi looked at him and smiled. Ayaan wasn’t ready to accept Pakhi and Anshuman smiled. Pakhi looked at Ayaan and Anshuman asked Maa ji to take care of the teacher who was coming to teach Ayaan.

Pakhi came to know about this and said, I used to love history. Anshuman said to Pakhi, my phone is not charged, it has important data, can you charge it for me?. She replied yes and left. Ayaan thought of an idea. He played with Ashok while Pakhi was taking care of the plants. Ayaan pushed Pakhi and said sorry.

He told Maa ji that it was time for his mission. Anshuman came home and asked Pakhi will you tell me by reading this email? She said, how can I read, its chinese. He said, someone has changed its language by changing its settings, I had an important presentation on it.

Pakhi said, I wasn’t the one who did it. Ayaan asked him, what happened?. Anshuman said, even I don’t know how to do this, can you do it? Ayaan took the phone and did it. Anshuman was shocked and checked his phone. He said thanks to Ayaan and came to know that it was Ayaan who did it.

Pakhi said, I will scold him as I was scolded by you. She cutely scolded Ayaan and asked Ayaan to say sorry but Ayaan left without saying it. Anshuman said, I will punish him. Pakhi said no, I will punish him myself, you see how I do it. She run after him and Anshuman left.

Ayaan’s history teacher came and Pakhi greeted him. Ayaan’s teacher asked him about Pakhi. Ayaan listened to her words about what he has to do to get freedon. Pakhi came to them with tea. She said I am Ayaan’s mum, Mrs. Pakhi Rathore. Pakhi asked Ayaan to study well. Ayaan said fine and smiled.

Pakhi said carry on and she left. Ayaan acted as if he was hungry since morning and told his teacher that Pakhi was very good that she gave him food three times, but not in between, he said, I feel hungry most of the times, but she punished me but she is good, but she beats me sometimes.

The teacher said, you have these cookies. She said, I won’t tell her, have it and Ayaan ate it. She felt bad for him. Ayaan thanked her. She said now study. She taught him, the time passed by and she started leaving. Ayaan showed her the scale saying Pakhi beats me with this. The teacher felt strange and he stopped her and said, don’t tell this to my step mum. She said fine, I won’t say anything bye, She left and Ayaan smiled.

Pakhi was making milkshake for Ayaan. Maa ji said, Ayaan likes cold drinks. Pakhi said, cold drinks are not good for our health. Maa ji said, Ayaan does not like milk, you know him. Ayaan came and saw the cold drink and milkshake. He took the milkshake saying milk is good for our health, my science teacher said it and Maa ji was shocked. Pakhi became happy. She saw Ayaan throwing the milk in soil and said, milk is not good for plants. Maa ji asked, why did you take the milk if you didn’t wish to have it?

Maa ji was stealing something and Ayaan took a photo of her. Ayaan said I will tell this to dad. Maa ji stopped Ayaan and pampered him. She said, don’t tell this to anyone. Ayaan said, on one condition, you should help me. Maa ji asked, what do you want me to do and He told her in her ears.

Lavanya asked Bua about Naina’s relative’s address and number to make the death certificate of Naina’s parents, Bua said I am not getting my diary. Lavanya said I have to think about it. Bua came to her room and saw her diary. Pakhi came to Anshuman with the food she served him.

End Of Tumhari Paakhi Update On Monday, 26th April 2021 On Atinka Tv

Anshuman was looking at her as she went. He thought of where she went and she teased him. She said, sometimes we look for our support and it depends on how the person views it. She said I mean you want me to leave in 15 days and he replied yes. She asked yes? and Anshuman was tensed.

Anshuman looked at her and said, I don’t want you to leave my home, why are you asking this? She said, because I know. He asked what? She said, because you are not helping me with Ayaan. She said wait here and made him taste the dish. He said, I don’t like this dish.

She said exactly, I was telling you this, as you know about your likes and dislikes, you might know what Ayaan likes, his fav food, his friends, his fav game. She said, if I don’t know anything about this, how will I make a space in his heart, then I am bound to fail. Anshuman said, it depends on his mood, he is such a naughty kid.

Ayaan was planning with Maa ji. He said, we should call ourselves by code names, our mission is on now and hits Pakhi’s photo in the dart board.

Ayaan and Maa ji were planning against Pakhi. Anshuman was happy to see Pakhi upset.

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