Tumhari Pakhi 27th August 2021 Episode started with Vaswani telling Pakhi that he is giving the blueprints to someone else for Rs 3 crores. Pakhi reminded him of Anshuman and tried to convince him. He said you made me emotional, ok fine, you give me Rs 3 crores and I will give the blueprint to you.

Ayaan heard this. Pakhi said this is blackmailing. He said I am giving you two days time. She said you believe in the Lord and saying this. He said Lord gave me this offer. Pakhi said you will get the money, but the blueprints should not go to anyone. He said fine and left.

Veer argued with Anuja and said we have crossed the limit, we have created a problem for Pakhi and the company. Anuja tried to justify and stated about Anshuman. Veer felt bad. Pakhi talked to Anshuman and said she will find some way, she can fail but can’t let his dreams fail. She thinks about Vaswani’s words.

Veer came to talk to her and asked her to think again about the left option. He explained to her that lying is required in business, but he liked it that she left it for the end. She said she did not lie.

He asked from where will it come, as she can’t touch the account till 10 days, what is she doing. He asked her to take help from Aryaman, you are complicating matters, if Aryaman comes out, your problem may end, I know you don’t want to take his help, but whats bad in it.

He said the storm will come after two days then there won’t be anything left, this dream project will just come in dreams. She said she will fulfill Anshuman’s dream and said you explained me two things to manage business. Aryaman is not a part of my family and I don’t lie.

She said I will get the blueprints in two days by giving Rs 3 crores to Vaswani. Ayaan thinks to help Pakhi but how. He saw the pamphlet in the bin and said sorry Maa, I am doing this without telling you. He talked to Anshuman’s pic and said I will get much money for Maa, I love you dad. He called on the number to take part in the kids show. He said he wants to come for audition, he is 10 years. They called him with parents and the audition will be till 2pm, come tomorrow.

Ayaan said fine and thanks him smiling. Veer said Pakhi is she hiding anything. She said I belief that Anshuman wrote the password somewhere and she will find it. Veer said two attempts are gone. She said I believed Anshuman will come to take me and he came, Ayaan gave me his mum’s place, she believed she can manage everything and now she is sure she will find the password. Veer said the easy way which is infront of you, you are not taking it. She said easy ways are often wrong. He said often, not always.

He said it means you are afraid that if Aryaman comes back, he can harm you again. She smiled and said you are saying this as you did not understand Pakhi till now, about trust, I have allowed you to stay you, knowing you did not come to help me in business, but to convince me to forgive Aryaman and bring him back home.

Veer was shocked and smiled. He said you keep telling me, can’t I understand Maa called you for this work, it’s fine, she is a mum and has pain in her heart for her son, maybe I would have done the same if I was in her place, I respect her a lot, so won’t tell anyone, you try your best to shake my trust and I will be on my trust with honesty, lets see who wins, a smart lawyer, or a housewife.

She said you are over confident, you have shown his motive himself. Anuja came and heard this. Pakhi solved the Rubik cube and gave it to him. He said well done. They saw Anuja standing. Veer showed Anuja the cube and he left.

Pakhi told about Raksha bandhan and her Bhaisa. Anuja told about Aryaman who was unlucky. Pakhi said brother has to protect, but ruin happiness of the house, we can’t expect this promise from him.

Girish and Lavanya came back home. He said now you have to manage everything. She said she decided I will be just a housewife. He said they can take care of kids when they are at home. Lavanya said he is with her to support her, but Pakhi is alone.

She said she can’t believe why Aryaman did this, it’s good Veer came to help them. Girish said I can understand, it’s Raksha bandhan and you can tie rakhi to,She cried. He consoled her. She said Anshuman left us and hugged him crying. Anuja came and saw Veer packing his bag. She asked where is he going.

Veer said Pakhi told me so much, she would have been successful if she was a lawyer, she speaks very well. Anuja said sorry. He said I was fighting this case for you, motivation changed, now I will fight this for myself. Pakhi feels I think she is not capable, but I know what can she do, she knows why I came here. He said its all filmi, its fine it’s an open challenge. He said it’s tough, but he will do it. He smiled.

Pakhi thinks about the password and Ayaan told about her maths problem. Vaswani asked for money and Pakhi said she has to do anything.


The Episode started with Pakhi thinking about the password and talked to Anshuman’s pic asking him to help her. Ayaan came and said he spoke to the new baby. He showed rakhi cards which he made for Naina and the new baby girl of Lavanya. She laughed. He said he will go after raksha bandhan and then he has maths project.

He lied to her as he has to go for the audition. She allowed him to go. He said he has to do maths homework. She asked him to do and looked on. She asked what is he writing, and taught him profit and loss. She changed the SP and CP positions to get the loss.

Girish and Lavanya were happy seeing the baby sleeping. He said lets have dinner. She said but the maid left, it means you made it, why. He said I like it, it’s too romantic and we get a chance to spend time. She said sorry, I got tired with kids. He said I gave an ad for your assistant and very soon we can hire.

She asked is this needed. He said Pakhi has Veer, but I am talking about your assistant. He joked. She smiled and they went for diner. It’s morning, Pakhi made Naina tie rakhi to Ayaan. Veer recorded everything. Everyone smiled. Lavanya made the small baby tie the rakhi to Ayaan. She tied it on her behalf.

Ayaan said he had cards and gifts for them and showed it to Lavanya. Lavanya thanked him. Ayaan promised her that he will take care of both his sisters, and share his toys and chocs, and will always protect them.

Anuja came and was happy seeing her family so happy. Lavanya told about Anshuman, Pakhi heard them and both of them got upset missing Anshuman. Girish took Ayaan with him to show him presents. Veer left. Lavanya talked to Pakhi and said my brother forgot his promise to protect me, but I did not.

She said I brought rakhi for him. They went to Anshuman’s pic and cried. Lavanya thinks about Anshuman. She did tilak to his pic and kept rakhi near his pic. She did the aarti. Lavanya said happy Raksha bandhan bhai.

Pakhi hugged her and they cried. Anuja looked on. Veer came and gave his hand to Lavanya asking her to tie him the rakhi. He said I got your rakhis in envelops all these years, now when I am here, tie it. Lavanya did the tilak and aarti, tying the rakhi to him.

He said about the gift, I am a lawyer, if you need me, I will fight the case for free. Lavanya laughed. Veer said now I have a job, when I get money, I will give you gift. Anuja said he is joking. Pakhi went to bring sweets.

Veer gave some money to Lavanya. Girish came to Pakhi and asked can he help. She said no. She asked Maha ji to help. Maha ji said she was keeping rat traps and her hands are not good. Girish helped her. Girish said you are doing everything alone. She said it’s her duty.

He said Anuja told us what happened after we went, we know you can’t be wrong, the decision you are taking for Aryaman, Lavanya and I are always with you. Anuja talked to Lavanya and tried to convince her about Aryaman.

Lavanya said Pakhi is very angry with him. Anuja said only Aryaman can fill Anshuman’s place. Lavanya said Pakhi will never forgive him. Anuja said Veer will convince her. Veer played with the baby and whistled.

Anuja and Lavanya smiled seeing him. Maha ji said it doesn’t look like you are unmarried, you take care of kids so well. She said the girl who marries you will be very lucky. She said yes, see I know cooking, stitching, find someone good, she will be happy with me. Anuja said I will find, tell me how do you want. He said he will adjust. Pakhi brought sweets. Veer joked and saw Pakhi upset reminding her about Vaswani.

Pakhi got a call from Vaswani’s and asked for the money of Rs 3 crore. She said yes, I remember. He reminded her of Anshuman’s dream project and her meeting with the investors and he ended the call. Pakhi thinks of what to do now, as she had just one day now, she has to send Rs 3 crore to Vaswani anyhow, else the happy township project will end.

Pakhi asked the servants to stop Vaswani’s bahu in the market. Ayaan was not suitable for the audition as he was underaged.


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