Tumhari Pakhi 29 July 2021: Thursday Update Episode started with Anshuman taking a couple’s pic. The man asked shall we take yours too. Anshuman said yes and posed with Pakhi. Rohan came there and looked at them. He called Pakhi, Pakhi looked at him. Rohan walked to her and reminded her of the contract.

She said I remember well. Rohan said great, so come. Anshuman walked with them. Rohan said where? Anshuman said I am also in this now. Lavanya said I will show you the 15 years journey and showed her the photos of her and Girish’s marriage, she showed Anshuman and Pakhi’s pics.

Anuja said where is Deepak in this. Lavanya said why will he be in this albums. How are we related to them. Anuja asked is he not a family member. Girish said what relation will we have with him. Anuja said Deepak is related to me as you are. Lavanya became shocked.

Tumhari Pakhi 29 July 2021: Thursday Update. Anuja said Deepak is my son, your younger brother. Lavanya couldn’t believe it. Anuja said he is my son. Lavanya said he is Anshuman’s employee, you have only two kids. Anuja said I had three kids, Deepak is my son. Girish said I understood, you are fooling us. Anuja said I am not joking, I was pregnant when I went from here, I delivered Deepak and my husband took him.

Lavanya said but dad did not tell us about him. Anuja asked where is my Deepak. Rohan, Anshuman, Pakhi and Sarah were at the sea side. Anshuman said easy way is not valued, it’s fun when you give tests for someone. He smiled seeing Pakhi.

Sarah said I am tensed. Anshuman said I have the solution, remove the shoes. He asked Sarah to put her foot in water and feel it. Pakhi looked on. Anshuman said someone told me to do this when I am stressed, water takes away all our worries.

Tumhari Pakhi 29 July 2021: Thursday Update. Rohan said we did not order anything. Pakhi saw it and found some ribbons and read cross country competition. We have to find out using this ribbons. Rohan understood what it signified. They thought of what to do and Anshuman and Pakhi suggested Rangoli.

Rohan liked the idea and said it’s good, we will make Rangoli, Pakhi and I will go and buy the colors. He took Pakhi with him. He came back to Anshuman and said don’t think your fate is linked to Pakhi’s. Anshuman smiled and said I have a hope, this is what fate is trying to show us, I have some desires which will be fulfilled.

Still On Tumhari Pakhi 29 July 2021: Thursday Update

Tumhari Pakhi 29 July 2021: Thursday Update. Rohan said you ruined her life once, I loved Pakhi but I moved away from her as she loved you and waited for you, but what did she get, you called her characterless, fate won’t support you as you have hurt her. Anshuman said you are right, but when anyone doubts on my faith, I become stubborn to prove myself. He said the fate will decide about the competition result. Pakhi came to them and said lets go. Anshuman held her hand.

Tumhari Pakhi 29 July 2021: Thursday Update. Rohan looked on. Anshuman said I know Pakhi, you love me and will always love me, I know what I did with you, you can’t decide you should come with me or not, it’s not easy for you. He said you used to say that we should leave everything to the Lord, I will leave everything to the Lord, you signed the contract, play this competition and win, I will win in your failure, if you win, then I promise I will wait for you for 18 years.

Pakhi said 18 years is a very long time. He said I know, maybe I won’t be this handsome, but you can still hold my hand. You have waited for me for 18 years to get a yes, my wait is easy, to get forgiveness from you.

Tumhari Pakhi 29 July 2021: Thursday Update. She smiled looking at him and said fine, I promise that if I win, then I will give you the right of 18 years wait, I will also wait for you, if I lose, then I will go back home with you. Anshuman said I want to fill sindoor in your maang all 8 days and live my whole life. He took out the sindoor box and filled the indoor.

He held her hand and took her. Ayaan talked to Anshuman and cried telling his problem. Anshuman asked him not to cry and said lets analyze the problem. Pakhi came and heard them.

Pakhi smiled hearing the talk. Anshuman asked him not to cry and find the solution. Ayaan said it’s Pakhi’s dialogue. Anshuman ended the call. He turned and looked at Pakhi. He said Ayaan called and he has a skit tomorrow. She said I heard and you have solved his problem with love, you have really changed. He said yes.

Tumhari Pakhi 29 July 2021: Thursday Update. She asked for his signs on the apartment rules form. He did it. She asked about Lavanya and Girish. He said they are happy, Lavanya is pregnant. Pakhi smiled and said I heard you. He asked have you forgiven me. She looked at him.

Rohan said some chemicals are mixed in this powder. Anshuman said I will bring the colors. Rohan fills Pakhi’s ears and said he is doing this to make you lose.


The Episode started with Anshuman applying sindoor to Pakhi while Rohan looked on. Anshuman brought the Lord’s idol and showed it her. She thinks, she faced it to Anuja for her son. She asked how did it come to you. He said it’s yours, you always did his puja, he gave me strength, I prayed to him that I can get you, I got you today so I am giving this back to you.

He thinks sorry Pakhi, I can’t tell you I am Anuja’s son. I don’t want to come for any other reason, I want you to come for us. Rohan said get ready Pakhi, we have to go for the competition. He said I know you won’t go out without the puja, but I should get a gift in return.

Tumhari Pakhi 29 July 2021: Thursday Update. She said but, He said if you don’t value this gesture of mine, then leave it, I am asking for a gift, it will be between us, are you afraid, thinking what will I ask. She said no. He said then trust me. He said 20mins left now. She said fine, what do you want. He smiled. She said tell me. He said I have to think and I will tell you later. She thinks of her words and smiled. He gave her the Lord’s idol.They prayed together.

Anuja missed Anshuman and Pakhi. Lavanya and Girish came to her. Girish said I promise I will bring Anshuman, don’t worry. Anuja said I am not worried, I want you to take care of Lavanya and they laughed. Girish said you can ask her. Lavanya said yes, he takes much care of me.

Tumhari Pakhi 29 July 2021: Thursday Update. Anuja said then what are you doing here, you have to go to the party. Girish said she said she wanted to meet you, so I brought her here. Anuja asked them to go to the party. Girish gifted Lavanya a dress. Anuja asked her to wear a loose fitting dress as she was pregnant.

The first round started. They were given 45 mins to show their art. Anshuman wished Pakhi all the best. She held his hand and wished him too. Pakhi said the buzzer played, lets start. They started making the Rangoli. Rohan got a call and said what?

He told everyone that there was harmful chemicals in these colors. He asked her not to touch any color, as the powder is very dangerous. Pakhi asked which color, how do i know it. Pakhi said we have to start making the rangoli.

Tumhari Pakhi 29 July 2021: Thursday Update. She is about to touch the color and Anshuman stopped her. She said but we have to make it. Anshuman said I will check the colors. He opened all the packets. Pakhi stopped him from checking. He said we don’t have any choice. She said if anything happens. He said don’t worry and placed his hand in the packets. 10 mins passed.

Rohan looked on. He found the chemical as his hand burnsl touching the blue color. She said but we need this color as we are making a peacock. He said I will bring the blue color you start, I will get it. She said we have only 30mins. He said we will win and left.

End Of Tumhari Pakhi 29 July 2021: Thursday Update

Tumhari Pakhi 29 July 2021: Thursday Update. Rohan said he won’t come back in 30mins with the right color, he came here to take you, if you lose, you will have to go back, he won’t leave this chance. She said no, I saw truth in his eyes, we promised each other that we will play this competition honestly, I am sure he will come. Rohan said his truth will come out soon.

Pakhi started making the design. Rohan said I don’t trust Anshuman and sent Sarah to bring the color. Anshuman looked for the colors everywhere. Rohan said I can’t lose this competition.

Tumhari Pakhi 29 July 2021: Thursday Update. Pakhi waited for Anshuman. Rohan said just 5mins left, he did not come till now. He said I told you he cheated you. Pakhi said no, see there. Anshuman came running and gave her the color. She said just 1 min left and they made the rangoli. The time ended. Anshuman and Pakhi did it well. She hugged him happily. Everyone clapped. Rohan looked on.

Anshuman and Pakhi bought. Anshuman said I want a thing and will give you a clue. He said don’t ask anything what I want. He said it’s in your hands, just decide you want to give me this right or not.

Source Of Tumhari Pakhi 29 July 2021: Eth Studios

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