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Tumhari Pakhi episode 39 starts with the history teacher telling Pakhi that she won’t meet her. Pakhi became puzzled. Pakhi saw Ayaan’s play costumes in his cupboard. She said it mean and immediately checked his bag and saw his diary. She called the school and tried to find out about Ayaan.

She asked about the play competition and came to know there is was no such function. She was shocked to know that the school was closed today. Anshuman came to know that Ayaan was with Maa ji and didn’t come home till now from school. Anshuman welcomed the police and asked them to have a seat.

Pakhi came there and was shocked to see the police. Anshuman introduced Pakhi to them. He said, she is my wife and she is my friend, we won’t have any problem anytime. The inspector said we have an arrest warrant. The servants heard this and wondered for whom. Anshuman asked on whose name?

The inspector said, on Mrs. Rathore’s name. Anshuman and Pakhi were shocked. Anshuman checked the papers and Pakhi looked on. The inspector said on domestic violence charges and torture to Ayaan.

Anshuman thought about Ayaan’s plan and said, it means Ayaan meant this. The inspector said, I am sorry Mrs. Rathore, but you have to come with us. Pakhi asked who complained. He said, your son and his history teacher. Pakhi thought about Ayaan’s lies. He said, Ayaan is at the police station and is not ready to come home.

Anshuman said, it is Ayaan’s prank, we will handle this. The inspector said, I am sorry. Anshuman said I know my son, I will talk to the Commissioner. The inspector refused to listen to him and asked Pakhi to come with him. Anshuman got angry.

The police arrested Pakhi. Girish and Lavanya came and heared this and were shocked. Girish said, she is a good mum, she can’t do this. Lavanya said, our family’s name will be ruined with this. Anshuman shouted at the inspector and argued with him. Pakhi silently went with them. Anshuman asked Pakhi not to worry and that he will get her out.

Anshuman talked to the Commissioner but he said the teacher gave her statement. Anshuman was worried as he didn’t get any help. Girish said, you and Lavanya did this. Lavanya said, we did not plan this, Ayaan lied to us, I did not understand his plan. Girish said, he got encouragement from both of you, he did what he saw, be happy now.

you won over Pakhi. Lavanya said, we did not wish to get Pakhi arrested. Girish talked in Pakhi’s favor. Anshuman said, we did not know anything, and admits everything true, how could you think I will do this, I did not know Ayaan’s plan.

He said, I wanted her to be out of my house, but did not wish to ruin her life. He said, I am not a bad human being and called the lawyer asking him to meet him at the police station. Pakhi was brought to the police station. She saw Ayaan and the history teacher. Pakhi asked Ayaan, why did you do this? The teacher said, what did you do with him and told everything which Ayaan told her.

Pakhi became shocked. The teacher said, now you can’t scare him,you look like an angel, but you are a devil, a stain on mum’s name. She called Pakhi a step mum and Ayaan smiled. Pakhi looked at Ayaan. The servants were having fun in Pakhi’s absence. They praised Maa ji and she was very happy with what Ayaan did. Pakhi was taken to the cell. The teacher gave her statement to the police. Ayaan came to Pakhi to laugh at her and to show her, her place. He said, you were trying to send me to a hostel, now stay in jail. Pakhi was very much hurt.

He said,i don’t know till when you will be here. She was shocked seeing his true side as he has broken her trust and had hurt her badly. He left. Pakhi thought about the teacher’s words. She cried and said Ayaan hates me, how can I make him call me mum, I have only 11 days.

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The Episode continues with Pakhi being questioned at the police station. They scolded Pakhi and talk to her rudely. They asked her personal questions too about her childhood and past life. Pakhi answered them well and said Ayaan is my son. Pakhi was brought back to her cell. Anshuman came to meet Pakhi.

Pakhi held his hand and cried, Anshuman felt bad. She said, I wanted to make a place in Ayaan’s heart but could not, I can fight with the whole world, but not Ayaan. Ayaan hates me. Anshuman said Pakhi, I have hired the best lawyer, I will free you from here, you will be bailed out, don’t worry.

He held her hand, turned and felt her touch. She looked at him and he left. He scolded Ayaan for doing this. Lavanya said, I will talk to Ayaan. Anshuman left angrily out of the police station. He asked everyone to go home as he is going to the court to get a bail.

Ayaan came home and was angry. Lavanya and Girish came to him. Lavanya said, this was not right, why did you do it, this is not done, you got her arrested without any reason, why did you do thqt? Ayaan didn’t answer her. Lavanya asked again and he replied, don’t ask me, you know eveything, I hate her, she was sending me to a hostel, so I planned to send her jail, everyone is scolding me, no one loves me, I hate her. Lavanya looked at Girish and Ayaan run outside.

Anshuman talked to the lawyer and asked him to get the bail. The lawyer said, I will try my best. Girish talked to Ayaan brought him to Pakhi’s room. Girish explained to him to think about Pakhi. He said, she was trying not to send you to hostel and you think she is your enemy. He said, Pakhi has stopped Anshuman, you can tell the truth to everyone.

He said no, I hate her and will always hate her and he left. Girish called Anshuman. Anshuman said, I am waiting for the bail. He asked the lawyer, did you get the bail? The lawyer replied no, it’s a child’s case, he won’t allow bail.

Anshuman said, we will try with some other judge. Mr. Rana came and took the phone from Anshuman. Anshuman said, you don’t know, Pakhi is in jail. Mr. Rana said, even you wanted this right, Ayaan did what you could not do, let her be in jail.

Anshuman said, she is Mrs. Anshuman Rathore, my image is also at stake. Mr. Rana said, you wanted this and it’s happening, it a prove that Pakhi is not your type and everyone will find her wrong as she tortured your son, everyone will hate her, so let her be in jail.

Mr. Rana said, her relatives will come and take her with them. Anshuman said, I want her out of my life, but I don’t want to ruin her life, I can’t fall so much. Mr. Rana said, I have another plan, to bring her out of jail and send her out of your life. He told Anshuman silently. Mr. Rana said, the court is closing now, today nothing can happen, I advice you to change your perspective. Anshuman looked on and Mr. Rana left.

Pakhi was in the cell and she thought about Chutki and cried 1. Anshuman was also restless at home. Girish came and said, I am sorry Anshuman, I tried to talk to Ayaan but he hates Pakhi a lot. Anshuman broke a painting and Girish looked on.

Anshuman said, so I wanted her to go from here, she does not understand she won’t get a family, nothing will change here. She will get only insult here, I have become what I was not, I hate to see my reflection. Girish said, you ask Pakhi to go from here, she will understand, she respects you, she is a nice girl, she will go. This place is like Mr. Rana’s place. She hopes from me, she is my responsibility, I will do what Mr. Rana said. He said, I am having a big burden on my heart. Girish said, you proved me wrong today.

End Of Tumhari Paakhi Update On Friday, 30th April 2021

Girish said, I thought you want Pakhi to go from here as you will be happy, but I now know that you want her to go so that she can stay happy, I am seeing a soft hearted Anshuman Rathore for the first time, is this change because of Pakhi?Pakhi is not one of those girls, who breaks relations, Pakhi’s heart has you in it, even if you break it as a mirror, you will see only yourself and Girish smiled.

Girish said, how much you try, you won’t be able to take yourself out of her heart. Anshuman said, I don’t love her, I can’t give her any love which she expects from me, I know she is good, beautiful and brought good changes in my house, but I care for her, there is no love. Girish said love and care are similar, there is no much difference between them and Girish left. Anshuman thought about Girish’s words and Pakhi’s tears.

Anshuman talked to Pakhi and said, I have one way, if we say someone died at your home, they will let you go. Pakhi said, I won’t go, Ayaan is my responsibility. Mr. Rana said, let her be in jail. Anshuman replied no, I will get her bail and bring her out.

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